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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 28

I would like to recommend to the Board of directors that we offer 1.25% share to Dr Jinn Zhan, Dr Schafer, Dr Walberg, Dr Trent, Dr. Tallman, Dr Chase, Matthew Jenkins, and Ryan North for serves rendered.

We need to talk with Martin and Naomi about calling an ESSAY team meeting. Everyone is here. I know today was to celebrate, but everyone is here so now is the time to make it happen.


Mike’s, yes Mary came to my mind. I will get Allen and pull Art and Tim from their posts and find Martin and Naomi to gather the RPI people and their significant other. Kariwase you ask Mrs. Ruth to round up the Children and their shadows. We will meet in the Chancellors Dining room in Thirty Minutes.

Thirty Minutes Later Robert continues.

I need everyone to take a seat please. I call the Board of Directors of Wolverine Clan Industries LLC special business meeting to order. The Secretary will note that all Board Members are present.

I make a motion to allow Michael James Schepen and Mary Bird Song Schepen to purchase a Five Present share of stock in Wolverine Clan Industries LLC for Five Million Dollars. Second Kariwase. Discussion, none. All current Board Members in favor say, Yea, all opposed, Nay. Motion carried unanimously.

I make a motion to allow Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, Elizabeth Anne Pierce, Robert Hayowentha Pierce III, Jennifer May Silver Fox, and Wynette Lee Silver Fox to purchase a Two- and One-Half Present share of stock in Wolverine Clan Industries LLC for Two point Five Million Dollars each. Second Mary. Discussion, none. All current Board Members in favor say, Yea, all opposed, Nay. Motion carried unanimously.

I make a motion to award Dr. Jinn Zhan, Dr. Hekima Schafer, Dr Hedwig Richter, Dr Penelope Smith, Dr. Naomie Tallman, Dr. Martin Chase, Matthew Jenkins, and Ryan North a One and One Quarter Present share of stock in Wolverine Clan Industries LLC with a value of 1.25 Million each. Second Mary. Discussion, none. All current Board Members in favor say, Yea, all opposed, Nay. Motion carried unanimously.

Under the rules of incorporation Wolverine Clan Industries LLC is a private corporation. The only authorized purchaser of stock is Wolverine Clan Industries LLC who will set the stock value and Board Members by a Two Thirds majority of the voting members. All unissued shares votes are the proxy of the Chairman of the Board. Any questions? No Sandra Lee you may not buy more shares at this time. When you have control of your trust at age Twenty-One the Board will discuss it. Elizabeth Anne.

Elizabeth Anne

I would like to make a motion to award Dr. Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce an additional Five Present share of stock in Wolverine Clan Industries LLC with a value of Five Million Dollars for the value of ESSAY that she presented to the Board of Directors and received no compensation for. Second Mrs. Ruth. Discussion.


I am not now, have not in the past, and will not in the future seek compensation for ESSAY.

Mrs. Ruth

It was your idea you deserve to receive compensation.

Dr. Tallman

You deserve it for the way you stood up to that bunch and took them down.


Kariwase you do deserve it for what you had to go through. I call for a vote.

All current Board Members in favor say, Yea, all opposed, Nay, Kariwase the Motion on the floor is carried. Kariwase you are our major shareholder and without you none of this would be possible.

I make a motion to close the Special Business Meeting of Wolverine Clan Industries LLC. After closing I reviewed the stock owners and the percentages of stock owned. Wolverine Clan Industries LLC Stock Ownership list 10.00% Dr. Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce 10 Million 5.00% Dr. Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior 5 Million 5.00% Timothy Silver Fox and Consuela Leandra Tall Elk 5 Million 5.00% Johanna Warren 5 Million 5.00% Eloise Quayman 5 Million 5.00% Roseland Forest 5 Million 5.00% Janice Lincolnshire 5 Million 5.00% Ruth Ann Harper Jackson 5 Million 5.0% Michael James Schepen and Mary Bird Song Schepen 5 Million 2.5% Sandra Lee Pierce 2.5 Million 2.5% April Joy Pierce 2.5 Million 2.5% Aleshia Jasmin Pierce 2.5 Million 2.5% Elizabeth Anne Pierce 2.5 Million 2.5% Robert Hayowentha Pierce III 2.5 Million 2.5% Jennifer May Silver Fox 2.5 Million 2.5% Wynette Lee Silver Fox 2.5 Million 1.25% Allen and Cindy Lighting 1.25 Million 1.25% Arthur William Smith 1.25 Million 1.25% Dr. Jinn Zhan 1.25 Million 1.25% Dr. Hekima Schafer 1.25 Million 1.25% Dr Hedwig Richter 1.25 Million 1.25% Dr Penelope Smith 1.25 Million 1.25% Dr. Naomie Tallman 1.25 Million 1.25% Dr Martin Chase 1.25 Million 1.25% Matthew Jenkins 1.25 Million 1.25% Ryan North 1.25 Million 80.0% Issued

We are going to arrange work groups. There are people that do not know but Wolverine Clan Industries LLC Attorneys from the firm of Lighting, Marcus, and Carbine Attorneys at Law place clauses in the Memorandum of understanding between Wolverine Clan Industries LLC and the Department of Energy United States Government that DOE and all other Government Agencies acknowledging ESSAY as the property of Wolverine Clan Industries. Wolverine Clan Industries has the authorization from DOE to build an ESSAY power system that could provide at a maximum 25Kh with private funding and on private land to study the effectiveness of a full-size system, its environmental impact, and the operational safety of the system with DOE oversight but no DOE control. With a further clause that if DOE fights us in court and loses, they will pay the legal expenses at DC rates. Also an Aberration Pannal to review all OSHA, EPA, and any other alphabet State or Federal Agency that would review the construction and operation and filed violation claims against us. With rulings to take no more than Two weeks from us reporting to the Pannal. The ability for us also for us to sue them all for harassment.

Wolverine Clan Industries LLC will build this system; Wolverine Clan Industries LLC has Sixty- Two and a half Million dollars available for this project. We need to take the model and scale it up to full size construction drawings. Apply for the permits to build in on our current workshop property already zoned for heavy industry. Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement that to get approved will be an uphill fight all the way. We need to find small American Companies that are under the radar of Consumer Electric Corporation and are currently not providing or have no wish to provide to material to Consumer Electric Corporation. I am sure Consumer Electric Corporation has blacklisted enough providers that we can use to get the material we need, especially if we pay cash. We do need to watch our spending, but do not go cheap just to save money. Balance cost of an item angst the job that item must do.

Dr Hedwig Richter

Sight Environment Impact Report firm A former graduate has a small firm in Saratoga Springs. Four years ago he prepared a report for a Consumer Electric Corporation project that found problems with the site. When he refused to alter the report, Consumer Electric Corporation fired and blackballed him. We have talked and he works enough small local project to stay in business, but it is a struggle. I think I could get him to do it for the cost plus 5%. Should I call him? Tim said an enemy of Consumer Electric Corporation is a friend to us, but we will do our interviews.


Kariwase, Dr. Tallman, Arthur to do background Checks, Cindy, and myself will do initial interview, if the pass us I may pass them unto others to review their work habits and honesty in fulfilling comments to a safe, no short cut, complete documentation of all work.

You all have Matthews and Ryans phone numbers they will still be doing the grunge work. I will ask that you put your PhD on hold for Three Years. As of 1 July Wolverine Clan Industries LLC will pay you a salary of Two Thousand bimonthly on the First and Third Friday every month with medical benefits and travel allowances at the government approved rate, we will pay your student loans, and Thirty days’ vacation a year. After ESSAY is running, we will continue you as an employee as you finish your PhD.

Ryan replied I have a One point Two Five million flunkey job. I replied welcome to the work world.

We need to hire an Office Manager, HR Manager, OSHA Compliance Officer, Account and Payroll Manager, And Two Office Assistances. Arthur, can we hire security people instead of renting to build loyalty to us. We will need 24/7 coverage on our property and our little ones. We need to find a shadow for Jennifer May and Wynette Lee Fifteen and Sixteen is still a little young to be moving around in a University environment with the male population as it is. I trust all our girls, it’s the rest of the population I do not trust.

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