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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 27

Mrs. Ruth

Robert asked me to arrange the cookout as he and Kariwase and the Four older girls were busy with security issues. I drafted the younger Four to help: Sandra ordered hamburgers, hot dogs, and cut up chicken for Two Thousand, April called every rental outlet to get One Hundred Propane grills and arranged for paper and eating ware, Aleshia Six large chain restaurants for coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, fixing for burgers, and Cookies. Elizabeth called beverage distributors for individual bottles of soda, tea, and water. She also arranges to have Two dozen bouncy houses. I arranged with RPI for volunteers to cook, clean up trash, and set up tables and chairs.

At 9:00AM we headed to RPI, and volunteers were already at work setting up Dr. Tallman was directing everything like a conductor, and she missed seeing, nothing. She acknowledged our arrival and turned her position over to Dr. Chase as she asked what we had done. The girls each presented there completed tasks as Naomie noted each completed task on her pad and checked it agonist tasks still needed doing. She was pleased with what the girls accomplished to include finding volunteers to Cook, Serve, and work the bouncy houses to include the water splash and spraying ones.

I noticed the Four older girls circling near each of these charges but giving them room to be free. By 10:00AM cooks had lit all the grills and chicken was on half of them, hamburgers on a quarter of the grill at 10:30, and Hot Dogs on the remaining 10:45. At 11:00am food was served.

Kariwase, Robert, and Tim arrived just as we started to serve the food. Dr. Chase called the crowed to Kariwase arrival and asked all the people present to say welcome to RPI Dr. Kariwase Pierce, and the crowed did. I saw Tim talking with the Allen’s man Arthur who spoke on a radio. Tim smiled and moved to be with Consuela, JR, and Isabella, they made such a beautiful family.

Looking around the aera I noticed men and ladies that were at the party but not part of the party. I asked Tim about them, and he said you have good eyes and people sense. Those Twelve people are security people Arthur hired for the day. With the Colonels blessing they will stay on at the house until I and Arthur are comfortable that everyone is safe. I though what a strange world I have put myself in that we would need people to watch us all the time to protect us from people who are associated with or own government. People like those would not push me away from what I now see as my family. I will take Robert up on the offer to train with a pistol and get a concealed carry permit. I too can protect the little ones placed in my charge and the way things are going, we will have more very soon.

I ate a hot dog and though of my family gone and my family here and was content with life today.


Mother and Grandfather faith in my education has matured into Two PhDs and a power system that could finally meet the promises of science; Safe, economical, and plentiful no matter where in the world you live.

I have a loving husband, Five adorable stepchildren, money in the bank, and now an education that no one can take away. What our future holds I do not know, but. Robert says today we celebrate, tomorrow we go to war to insure ASSES will not disappear, taken over by corporate greed, or used as a tool for power over other people.


At 1400 as a volleyball tournament was getting under way, I heard a familiar voice yell get that old guy of the court before he has a heart attack. I motioned for Kariwase to follow me and we met Lieutenant General and Mrs. Michael James Schepen aka Mary my deceased wife sister and Mike her husband. Shacking Mikes hand I said, jealous. I introduced Kariwase to them. Mary immediately took her hand and said let’s leave these old bulls to macho each other as we can have an intelligent womanly conversation and they walked off.

Michael Schepen

Ok Robert what do you plan as Senator Jackson will have every alphabet agency, he can prevent, you from building that system, by pressuring them to find or create violations of agency rules and codes and keep you shut down.


We have a killer of a clause in the Memorandum of understanding the Secretary of Energy signed, Two witnessed the signing of it, and the SOE then sealed it with the DOE seal. DOE and all other Government Agencies acknowledge ESSAY as the property of Wolverine Clan Industries. Wolverine Clan Industries has the authorization from DOE to build an ESSAY power system that could provide at a maximum 25Kh with private funding and on private land to study the effectiveness of a full-size system, its environmental impact, and the operational safety of the system with DOE oversight but no DOE control. and a clause that if DOE fights us in court and loses, they will pay the legal expenses at DC rates. Also an Aberration Pannal to review all OSHA, EPA, and any other alphabet State or Federal Agency that would review the construction and operation and filed violation claims against us. With rulings to take no more than Two weeks from us reporting to the Pannal. The ability for us also for us to sue them all for harassment.

Michael Schepen

You and that Indian, excuse me Native American Lawyer, do not fight fair. Do you not know that you are just supposed to bow down to a Senator and let him walk over you? We are not sure that using the children’s money is a good move though.


That is why I wanted you and Mary as the primary trust fund custodians. The girls brough the funds up. Mary, and you need to change their minds about the use of their trust funds for this.

Kariwase, I, Johanna Warren, Eloise Quayman, Roseland Forest, Janice Lincolnshire, Timothy Silver Fox, Consuela Leandra Tall Elk, and Ruth Ann Harper Jackson have formed an LLC corporation, Wolverine Clan Industries LLC, whose paperwork, the New York State Secretary of State Office received at 0803 this morning.

We have a Hundred shares of stock, and I went over the distribution and ownership share percentages. Arthur Smith, Allen and Cindy Lighting shares are for services rendered not cash invested.

I believe I can finance the Fifty to Sixty Million we need without the children’s money. If and that is a big If we received Five Million from each trust fund, we would issue them Five percent of the LLC stock, if we received 2.5 Million Two Point Five percent of the stock. The remaining shares of stock value are for future growth. Any income from them we will invest back into the company.

Kariwase present for ownership in perpetuity the scholarly work Hydrogen Plasma Creation and Control for Production of Electrical Power also known as ESSAY to the board of Wolverine Clan Industries LLC giving up all right there in to. This will include all research material, representations of both physical and electronic, and all journals pertaining to it.

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