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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 25

Robert continues.

Just as we were leaving dinner, I received a call from Colonel Baker. A Major General Danial Smith had orders from The J-2 Joint Chiefs Intelligence to collect all information and items on the Armory relating to the Plasma System and take them away. I am not releasing anything until I can verify the orders. Something does not smell right, could you come to the Armory as soon as possible? I replied that I and my lawyer were on our way.

Turing to Allen there is funny business afloat at the Armory. A Major General has orders from J- 2 to hall everything relating to the Plasma System away. Colonel Baker is stalling as he tries to verify the orders. We need to get there. You drive as I call LTG Schepen. Both Tim and Arthur jumped up and Tim said I will drive, Arthur up front like real security, you Two in the back where commanders should be. I though again proper training will always show thru.

I called Michael, he on answering the phone said she came to her senses and threw out did she, my dog does not share her house with anyone. No, Mike I just received a call from Charley, a Major General Danial Smith has orders from The J-2 Joint Chiefs Intelligence to collect all information and items on the Armory relating to the Plasma System and take everything away. Charley is stalling as he tries to verify the orders. I and my attorney, Allen are on our way there now and should arrive in less than Ten minutes. Is there any you can call at J-2 to verify the orders? Our model is still there, I would hate to lose it as the girls work so hard on it just to help Kariwase with her PhD defense. It also was possible to reverse engineer a working system from the model. We have a patten and copyright, but unscrupulous developers, designers, and manufacturers would just ignore those facts and then claim that they were working on the system before us and produce fraudulent paperwork to prove their point.

Lieutenant General Michael James Schepen

In Five minutes Charley will have orders from me not to release anything until I can verify who is giving the orders, where is the confiscated material destination, and who is to receive the confiscated material.


Thank-You Mike, I will call when we get there figure out what is going on. I hung up and since I had the phone on speaker phone everyone knew the conversation and I did not have to repeat anything. I saw we were approaching the gate. There were Two DOD Security Police in uniforms I did not recognize. As Tim rolled down the window the man said there is a security drill in progress and all gates to the Armory closed by the drill.

I handed the man my active Duty ID Card and said son if you do not open this gate and let me and my party thru the gate. The U S Army Master Sargent in the right seat will get out, brake you in half and proceed to stomp anyone in his way into the ground. Now open the gate, Now!

The kid did not expect me to challenge him. The speed that Art and Tim left the car stunned them. Tim took his service pistol out and told the guards to put down their weapons now, and they complied. As we started to enter the gate, we found the regular security people hand cuffed together and locked in the pass office.

Art freed them and they took control of the gate and secured the unknown people with handcuffs. We got back into our car and drove to the Armory Command Center where we found another of the questionable guards at the door. When he tried to stop us, Art knocked him out with a single blow. We walked to the Commanding Officers Office and heard a man’s voice yelling. I am a Major General you will comply with my orders and give me everything I ask for. Charley replied calmly but firmly, I have orders from my Commanding Officer Lieutenant General Michael James Schepen the U S Army Chief of Engineers not to give you anything until he verifies your orders. The “Major General” rose and said I guess we will just take want we came for, and yelled jones get in here. Tim with his wepon drawn entered the office and pointed it at the “Major General” and said Jones is in disposed and added General sit down.

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