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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 23


Good afternoon my name is Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce. Kariwase is Mohawk for a new way of doing things. I will defend my thesis Hydrogen Plasma Creation and Control for Production of Electrical Power. I will start off with a theory of a new method to create Hydrogen Plasma. We cool the Hydrogen to 25 Kelvin under 50 atmospheres to achieve the state of H2 needed to create our Hydrogen Plasma, then subject it to .1Kh of electricity in Ten shocks 5 nano seconds apart this will create plasma. In our series of Six experiments we had these results:

experiment One; 14 grams Hydrogen Plasma created, and it survived 1 minute 3 seconds.
experiment Two; 33 grams Hydrogen Plasma created, and it survived 2 minute 12 seconds.
experiment Three; 39 grams Hydrogen Plasma created, and it survived 2 minute 53 seconds.
experiment Four; 51 grams Hydrogen Plasma created, and it survived 4 minute 11 seconds.
experiment Five; 86 grams Hydrogen Plasma created, and it survived 7 minute 39 seconds.
experiment Six; 104 grams Hydrogen Plasma created, and it survived I1 minute 27 seconds.
Here is the Mathematics to prove our results and I went down the calculations for each experiment and the mass spectrometer analysis of the samples that I evaluated thru the viewing window of our test sphere.

We have laboratory proof of Hydrogen Plasma in quantities that make testing of an electricity producing system possible. Do I have any questions about my theory and results of my experiments? No,

We will take a fifteen-minute break for refreshments and facilities use. When we return, we will go over the Physics of growing the Hydrogen Plasma pile after creation.

Robert gave me a hug and a bottle of water and said this is the way to attack them, leaving them no room for a question that they could twist the answers to. Now keep applying the pressure on them.

Dr. Tallman called Five minutes everyone Five minutes.

I returned to the stage and prepared for my next session. It would be tougher because we have not accomplished the growth of a Plasma pile after creation.

This next stage involves the Physics of growing the Hydrogen Plasma pile after creation and a byproduct of hydrogen created from that growth. We have not accomplished this step due to the lack of Hydrogen gas to compress when we achieved the what I believed to be the necessary 100 plus grams of created Plasma.

Here is the Mathematics to support this theory and I wrote the calculation on the white board provided. I then asked Dr. Tyrell to check my calculations, which he did, and received the same results.

I then asked if there were any questions. Dr. Teller stated my math was based on assumptions about Plasma reactions to the addition of additional hydrogen. I replied I used the figures from a paper you published Five years ago about Plasma reactions to the addition of additional hydrogen and received compatible results, and then using his figures did the calculations and received results with a slightly higher, about 2%, plasma growth rate.

Another questions? Good we will take another break but Ten minutes this time.

Robert came to me, handed me a small bottle of water and said there is a low murmur in the theater that Senator Jackson during the first brake misplaced his classified thesis binder and his people are quietly trying to find it. You are doing a superb job of keeping them off balance. Using the figures from Dr. Teller s paper was a stroke of genius. I replied I could not find something Dr. Tyrell wrote so I asked him to check my work to put him of balance and stop him from asking a question. Now let me use the facilities. As I returned Dr. Tallman said Three minutes and I went on stage to prepare for the plant operation phase. To do this I uncovered the model and checked with Robert that the audience had an unobstructed view of the model and could distinguish its parts. This was to be the simplest but most demanding part of my presentation.

As we continue, I will discuss the control of the system. My theory of the Plasma Pile growing with the addition of compressed Hydrogen what would cause the pile to contract rapidly and shut down the reaction. If you look at our model of a 25Kh Hydrogen Plasma electrical power plant, you will see in the Plasma chamber Two input port lines, Two Export port lines, and a line that runs thru the Plasma chamber. We have a port line to allow us to draw off created Helium. Near the top of the plasma chamber. The line running thru the chamber is the steam line that the Plasma in the chamber heats to create high pressure steam. The top left port is for the injection of compressed Hydrogen. The Top Right Port is for the Injection of Compressed Oxygen that we use to slow down or shut off the Hydrogen Plasma. The port in the bottom of the chamber is to draw created water from the injected Oxygen reaction off.

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