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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 22

Monday 28 June


Kariwase and Our day of days is here, no more second guessing her work, no more what if I do this, and no more what classes will I take this semester. By 1600 there will be Two Dr. Pierces. The only question is will she continue working with ESSAY or go to Physics and theories of how this works.

We had an enjoyable night together last night and this morning it is now time to get up and take a shower with now where I hid the soap. I know that us military personal will face a CSM inspection as we get off our bus at the Watervliet Arsenal. SFC Timothy Silver Fox will inspect our people at 1100 hours. We will report to the Watervliet Arsenal Theater at 1130 hours. Kariwase will start her thesis defense at 1300. It will be in Five Twenty Minute Sessions, Fifteen minutes for presentation, Five minutes for questions, and Ten Minutes break between sessions: The theory, the physics, finical impact, plant operations, and control of the system. Questions will only come from those preauthorized, who have a special card they must raise for me to recognize them so they can ask their question. These people are not from the general audience nor press. They will come from academia, experts in one of the Five areas with Three in each field. I will allow them will each one question. The Sec of Energy, the DARPA representative, NASA representative, and the members of congress I will allow unlimited questions. Kariwase gave me a kiss and said the shower is yours, so I get up and moving.


This is my day to shine and show the world that ESSAY is real and ready to take on the world and any other system used to produce electricity in Cost, Environmental Impact, and Safety. I finished my shower and kissed my husband telling him to get in the shower.

I decided to wear a below-knee summer dress with low heal shoes, a string of turquoise and silver beads and matching earrings, a wedding present from Mrs. Ruth. It was her grandmothers Ruth Joyful Morning wedding gift from her husband, and Mrs. Ruth s wedding gift from her grandfather. Mrs. Ruth would pass them on to the person she concerned to be her oldest granddaughter at her wedding.

My mind wanders but it is good to think of other things than The ESSAY. The time to think and do will come at 1:00PM, for now anything but ESSAY. I went to the kitchen. Mrs. Ruth had fixed a breakfast of breakfast burritos. She had a large bib apron for me to put on over my dress so if I spilled anything from my breakfast, I would not get my dress dirty. Mrs. Ruth truly is our Clan Mother.

Robert joined me and also was handed a large bib apron to put on over his uniform. He gave me a kiss and Mrs. Ruth said later you will have time for that, now it is time to conquer the world of Academia and get your PhD in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. She added with all these people earning degrees I will finish my PhD on the Evolution of English from hybrid Anglo/Saxon to the worlds langue of Business, Science, and Entertainment.

Robert said I will get you registered at RPI and an advisor I trust to help you achieve that lofty goal of a PhD to show I have learned now; I will teach you to reach those heights. Mrs. Ruth said I will apply to RPI as a graduate student in their English Department to earn my PhD, Thank-You as she wiped a tear from her eye.

The Eight girls came bouncing into the room chattering away about everything under the sun. You would need a score card to keep up. Mrs. Ruth said sit and eat and provided large bib apron for all to put on over their clothes.

As we ate Tim and his group Six arrived and were handed their large bib apron to wear as they ate. JR, The Third, and Isabella all laughed at us wearing our bibs. We all laughed and thanked Mrs. Ruth for breakfast and the bibs.

As we were eating, Doctor s Chase and Tallman arrived with our goffers, Matthew and Ryan. They too were all handed a bib and a plate of food. As they ate, Matthew and Ryan reported.

Matthew said he had checked, and Campus Catering was setting up the pastries, finger foods, and drinks for service during each break. Also Armory Police had Three reserved spaces for us to park behind the theater. Our people had reserved seats in the third row as VIPs sat in the Two front rows. Also there was a play area set up for the little ones in one of the dressing rooms if needed.

Ryan reported that he had Thirty cards to pass out to the authorized question askers. Had Sixty numbered copies of the Thesis with the classified information in red binders that people receiving them sign for with the understanding the signee was responsible for its safe keeping. He also had Two hundred with non-classified information we would pass out to anyone who wanted one in Black binders. And last the model of the Hydrogen Plasma Electric Generating System was set up and running as the girls programed it to, with each part function as they designed to. The mirror did allow for all of the stage to view each evaluation of the ESSAY System

Look at his watch, Robert saw it was 1000 hours and time to finish dressing and get on the road. I helped Robert with his MOH as I always do when he wears it. We checked each other out ad Robert kissed me on the check saying no lipstick on me for the CSM to find.

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