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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 21

Sunday 27 June Kariwase

We had a wonderful dinner of take-out Chinese/American and Fried Ice Cream for dessert. The The older Four young ladies cleaned up, they are all older than me, as the younger Four prepared the recreation room. They asked Robert to light a fire in the fireplace to roast marshmallows. After Robert checked with the Older Four, he lit the fireplace and stocked the wood box to insure there was enough for the entire night.

Robert and I along with Tim and Consuela wished them goodnight as each couple went to their own rooms for private time.

In the morning Robert and I had some more of us time before rising, a half an hour later we rose and played as we showered. We then showered to get clean then we dressed.

As we came down towards the kitchen, we smelled breakfast. We could hear the laughter and conversation about breakfast, school, and the ESSAY. We stopped to listen, and Tim and Consuela joined us who Robert singled for them to be quiet and listen.

The Four younger were preparing breakfast under the guidance of the older Four. I heard make sure you brown the sausage and flour before you add the milk, it keeps the gravy from tasting pasty. After adding the milk add the Worcestershire Sauce, it is the key taste ingredient to a good sausage gravy. Also whip the eggs well before adding just a little milk to make real fluffy eggs, then cook them until all the clear liquid has evaporated. There were also conversations about Bacon, Fried Potatoes, Toast, and Coffee. Mrs. Ruth stopped and listened as well with a smile about how the Four younger girls had grown up into caring young ladies.

Robert singled we should proceed and said Kariwase darling who did you hire to deliver breakfast it smells so good.

We hear all eight Girls sigh as Aleshia Jasmin said don t you think we can cook. It is simple chemistry and our big sisters have taught us well.

I slapped Robert and said behave yourself or you will not eat. To which all the girls giggled at. We all sat down and started eating. I could see Isabella, JR, and the Third had finished their breakfast and wanted to leave the table. Mrs. Ruth said she would take her plate and watch the Three of them in the playroom as she ate.

The conversation started about my thesis defense on Monday.

April Joy

We talked last night about how to make your presentation more visual, and we propose, we make a cutaway view model of the system to show the Plasma Chamber, the Heat Exchange pipes to create steam, the Steam Generators, and the Steam Condenser for the return to the Plasma Chamber.

We could 3D print it in 1/18 scale and use JR and the Thirds Superior Soldiers as Six-Foot-tall workers to scale. A Hundred-foot-long system would only be Six foot long and a Sixty-foot-wide system under Four feet wide. A Four by Eight sheet of plywood would do for a base, and we could glue it down to turn it sidewise to get it thru a Three-foot door. If we place a mirror at a sixty-degree angle over it, others in the room could see it clearly.

Janice Said she would build the base and stand for the mirror. Sandra a program to show it operation with led light strings. April would print and assemble the pieces. Roseland would wire it. The four of us girls will design the pieces in a CAD program. Sandra Lee the Plasma Chamber, Aleshia Jasmin the generators, Elizabeth Anne the piping, and I will design the condenser. Us girls have already started to set up our parts in the CAD files for the 3D printer to read them. We all thing we can complete it in Five or Six hours. Our bottle neck is our 3D printing ability. RPI has Five industrial 3D printers in Four different buildings. If we could use them our printing would take less than Two hours. I turned to Robert and said it would improve my presentation.


Here I was, my wife and granddaughters were manipulating me at my own table. I said I will call Dr. Chase and ask him for permission to use the printers. Picking up my phone I called Dr. Chase and put it on the speaker phone and let him know we were on the speaker phone. He answered with what have they coned you into asking me to provide? We both laughed and I said the Matriarchal Mafia have decided a 1/18 scale model of a completed 25Kh plant is what Kariwase needs. They need to use the Five 3D printers RPI has in Four different building around campus. Their files will be CAD Files in DWG file format. Dr. chase replied that is Greek to me but give me Thirty minutes and I will get back to you with those who can help you, and I know the entire facility is excited about this thesis defense and will do all they can do to help.

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