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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 20


I turned to Allen and asked if I could hire Arthur for a couple of hours to accompany Tim on a mission. Yes, he replied, and he added he would not ask what the mission was about. For if questioned later he could say under oath he did not know what the trip was about. Allen went to Arthur and said the Colonel wishes to employ you for the day, I do not know what for and do not wish to know. The firm will bill him for your hours plus Twenty-Five Percent to cover additional costs, no receipts required or accepted. I waved for Tim to follow me. We went to a quiet coroner where I told hie to go pick up the Coup Stick from the house and use the Toy fly it to The Mohawk Nation Mother and suggest she may want to take it too the Canadian side of the Border. Arthur would accompany him to keep him company.

After I completed that task, I returned to our group and boarded the bus for our ride to the Chancery.


The Colonel came to me and quietly as me to have Arthur accompany me as I fly the Toy, to take the Colonel s Coup Stick to The Mohawk Nation Mother on the Ahkwes hsne Reservation. I was to suggest that she take the Coup Stick to the Canadian side of the border. Do not question a direct order but do your best to accomplish it.

Using Arthur s car, we drove to the Wolverine Compound and using the combination to the Colonel s private safe I opened it and removed the Coup Stick case. I opened the case to ensure the stick was inside, and it was.

Arthur drove us to the airport where the Toy is hangered. I did the preflight but did not turn in a flight plan as the FFA suggested for our aircraft but not required. I flew North and ducked down into the Lake Champlain Valley and advised air traffic control we were on a sightseeing and picture taking tour and would be below radar view at times. I kept below radar until I was to the Canadian border rose out of the valley and flew straight to the Ahkwes hsne Reservation. I called over the radio I was having oil pressure problems and would be making an emergency landing on the Ahkwes hsne Reservation. Landing on an abandoned road near the Mohawk Nations office building. Verry quickly Two Tribal Police cars arrived on seeing me one called something on the radio.

We stepped out of the aircraft, as Arthur stepped out holding the Coup Stick Bag the officer recognized it immediately. The officer on the radio excitedly said something else on the radio. We had to wait, as the Tribal Police Chief was on his way to us. After Five minutes Tribal Police Chief George lone Stag and Vice-Tribe Chief Herald Bryant arrived. Bryant said Officer Silver Fox I assume your unauthorized emergency landing involved the object this other gentlemen is holding. I replied to Vice-Tribe Chief Herald Bryant I wish to introduce Arthur William Smith Private Investigator/Bounty Hunter and a member of the Comanche Nation. He also is useful as a protector for life, from bodily harm, and for property protection. Arthur does not know what is in the case he is holding and does not want to know. My Clan Chief requests we hand the object over to the Mohawk Nations Mother and she take it to the Canadian side of the border.

Vice-Tribe Chief Herald Bryant

Do you need to personally hand it to the Nations Mother, or can I do it for you? Tim replied to me, the Colonel as me to hand it to the Nations Mother so I had better do it personally. Officer Silver Fox I will call her and ask her to meet us at the Nations Chief s Office. Now will you gentleman accompany me for a ride? I will leave an officer to watch your transportation and will have an aircraft mechanic I trust to look at your oil pressure problem.

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