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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 19

Reporter One

Dr. Pierce what about the legality of your marriage to Sixteen-year-old Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce? And a statement from both the New York Attorney General and the Albany County District Attorney of charging you with statutory rape and sexual misconduct with a minor.

From the front row, I will answer that.

U S Attorney for the Northern District of New York, Richard Far Runner Parker

Because my office is currently doing jury selection on One subject involved in forced marriages of underage girls on the Mohawk Ahkwes hsne Reservation and sense the wedding happened on the Mohawk Ahkwes hsne Reservation it was a Federal Jurisdiction matter they would turn it over to his office to handle.

After talking with Kariwase and Colonel Pierce separately, the Mohawk Chief and Mohawk Judge who performed the wedding I can say that Kariwase willing and freely entered into this marriage to Colonel Pierce and he willingly and freely excepted Kariwase as his bride. It is a marriage built on love, trust, and companionship. The Federal Government will file no charges at this time but may in the future if the circumstances change.

Dr. Dr. Chase, the floor is yours.

Dr. Chase

With that out of the way any other questions?

Reporter Two

You are telling us that a Sixteen-Year-old with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SUNY College of Technology at Canton has solved the Hydrogen Reactor problem that has perplexed the greatest minds in Physics for decades?

Dr. Tallman

I will answer this question not just one problem but problems:

How to create long living plasma.

How to get the plasma to grow.

How to control the growth.

How to shut down the growth.

How to contain the plasma.

And finally how to use the plasma to create electricity.

What she has produced is so simple, but dose solve the complicated issues of a Hydrogen Reactor. She has admitted to using Dr. Wheels and my Mathematical Calculations. She took our math to the next level and used it to theoretical create Hydrogen Plasma that would grow in the environment she created. When Dr. Wheels, Dr. Schafer, and I did her what she called rough math it worked to create Hydrogen Plasma in theory, She took the design of a closed plutonium reactor and modified it to Grow, Control, and Shut Down the Hydrogen Plasma. She then modified material that could contain the Hydrogen Plasma. Finally using the modified closed plutonium reactor and the Hydrogen Plasma contain material she was able to create electricity with a direct steam created from the heat given off from the Hydrogen Plasma. As there is no radiation or harmful rays or harmful byproducts from Hydrogen Plasma, you will not need a closed and open loop. There are Two byproducts of her system Water and Helium. After we subtracted construction costs, the cost to produce electricity will be 25-33% of all current costs. It verticalizes an endless cycle by the adding of Hydrogen to increase the reaction or Oxygen to decrease the reaction. She and her stepdaughters have a rough design of a plant to produce 25kh of electricity and a computer program to operate it.

Reporter Three

Do you mean that a Sixteen-year-old and Four Eleven-Year-olds have solved the worlds energy crises?

Dr. Chase

Yes, that is why we want them at RPI to learn, grow, and create the wonders of tomorrow.

Next Question

Reporter Three

When, Ware, and Who will the build first system?

Dr. Chase

That depends on the DOE, Congress, and Federal Government policy planners.

Next question

Reporter Four

Will Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, and Elizabeth Anne Pierce continue to work on the project? And how will OSHA rules affect the girls participation?


Our girls will continue to play an active part in what we refer to as the ESSAY. No one will knowingly violate any OSHA, EPA, or any other regulatory agencies rules. The girls own shares in Wolverine Clan Industries LLC, which is our incorporated name. As owners they will work to improve the company s bottom line and place in any field, we choose to work in.

Reporter Five

Colonel Roberts is it true that you have a human scalp hanging from a coup stick presented to you by your last combat command? And how did you get it,

No I do not have a human scalp hanging from my coup stick! I said the scalp was a fake, but, in an attack, I used an e-tool as a self-defense wepon. I swung it at an attacker who ducked, and I scraped off the scalp from the top of his head before I hit him a second time with the e-tool and killed him. I really do not know what happened to the alleged scalp. A SSGT Terrell Two Bears a member of the Nimiipuu people of the Nez Perce Nation told the story of the scalping and others repeated the story until the intentional scalping was fact.

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