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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 18


Now if you please excuse us Dr. Tallman, Dr. Chase, we have private legal matters to discuss with our attorneys. We will meet you at the Student Center at 0930 to discuss todays and Mondays news conference.

They both rose and left the house agreeing to meet us at 8:30AM at the Student Center to discuss the news conferences with us.

Allen, I wish that you will bury in that agreement with DOE the authorization for us to build an ESSAY power system that could provide at a maximum 25kh with private funding and on private land to study the effectiveness of a full-size system, its environmental impact, and the operational safety of the system with DOE oversight but no DOE control. Add a clause that if they fight us in court and lose, they will pay our legal expenses at DC rates. Also an Aberration Pannal to review OSHA, EPA, and any other Alphabet State or Federal Agency that would review our construction and operation and file violation claims against us. With rulings to take no more than Two weeks from us reporting to the Pannal. The ability for us also to sue for harassment.

Allen replied, you do not trust Dr. Tallman. I replied to him Tallman I trust, the rest of the self- serving DOE beltway bureaucracy, No


Why are you talking about the finest government money can buy in this world today, like that, Shame on you, with a laugh. We can also do this and have other items that will protect the Wolverine Clan. I will bury them so deep that it will take a mine inspector to find them.


This is why, I thought to myself, is why you hire the verry best people to work in your interest, especially when dealing with any part of the United States Government bureaucracy.

With that settled I asked each of my now totaling Eleven young ladies. As I am old enough to be the father to you all. I am the Father of this Clan and will look out for you all. This excludes our Clan Mother Mrs. Ruth who will keep me on an even keel, Four horses poorer and got a laugh. Now starting with Elizabeth Anne, please bring the rough draft your of your RPI offers for Allen and company to review them.


We have Ninety Minutes before we have to leave for the news conference. I will start working on the memorandum of understanding between Wolverine Clan Industries and the United States Government. Joseph, Terrace, Mary, and Luke start with the little ones first as they are to be the most complicated. Cindy, you take care of Kariwase agreement, have Mary Rose review it as her attorney of record, and then join me in my endeavors.

Arthur, I need you to take messages to the District Attorney for Albany County s Chief of Staff, State Attorney General s Chief of Staff, and the U S attorney for the Northern District of New York Chief of Staff. I sat down and to the county and state attorneys I asked them to look at the Second Battle of Wounded Knee. If they disallowed the treaty right of the Mohawk to determine family value and relationships as concerned part of their historic right, did they have the budget to manage this type of protest on the streets of Albany? To the Federal Attorney this morning at 10:00AM the RPI Chancellor will hold a news conference at the RPI Student Union Theater. At the news conference there may be some questions of the forced marriages of under-age girls on the Ahkwes hsne Indian Reservation and as he had a case now waiting jury selection on that issue he may want to be at the news conference. Putting the notes on paper with our law office letterhead and in an envelope with our law office return address, I sealed them and sent Arthur on his way.

Now to the memorandum of understanding. After Thirty minutes Cindy joined me and said Kariwase agreement with RPI is finished and completely protects her and requires RPI to give her a MS and PhD in Physics and a MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at no cost to her and provide the lab, lab assistances, facility assistances, and the full funding to continue her research for Ten years and allowing her to own all new research.

Now how do we make it so that DOE does the same or at least stays out of the way. We were off and running with a full head of steam. We finished our first draft just before Robert called Fifteen Minutes remaining. I handed it to my lead Para-Legal who was a superb word smith and she said she would have it for me to review by 2:00PM this afternoon. Robert called Time.


At 0930 I called time is up, everyone will use the facilities, then finish dressing. I decided for us to take an RPI bus to the RPI Student Union Theater and let us in the back door. We loaded up with Tim checking uniforms as people climbed abord. Tim stopped me and said you re missing something Colonel as Kariwase Brought out my Medal of Honor box and told me to turn around as shy affixed the medal in place and then turned my color down. Tim replied Thank-You Colonel. I then boarded the bus. A SFC on his way to acting as a CSM. Sargent Majors Lewis and Nelson would be satisfied as I know both had talked to Tim about keeping an eye on me to ensure that I acted and presented myself as a Senior Officer and a Medal of Honor awardee.

We arrived at the RPI Student Union Theater and were able to enter thru the back door without the press corps bothering us even though the press spotted us. The RPI Campus Police kept the reporters away.

Inside we saw the U S attorney for the Northern District of New York, Richard Far Runner Parker. He informed Allen, Kariwase, and me that he had heard from the District Attorney for Albany County and the State Attorney General stating that sense our wedding was a Federal Jurisdiction matter they would turn it over to his office to oversee.

I heard Allen say government lackies no conviction of heart to a matter only getting elected is wat matters and nothing else. And we all laughed.

Dr. Tallman and Dr. Chase came up to and said Dr Chase said making politicians duck and run so early in the morning what will you do for an encore.

Kariwase replied, run with us, watch us run, just do not stand in our way as we are going no place but up and with a full head of steam.


As I handed Dr. Chase the letters of agreement between each of the Eleven young woman and RPI for their legal staff to review and he handed them to his assistant. I told him that each agreement was based on what RPI offered with education guarantees included. It did require each person to put forth a total efforts in all required tasks. All understood there was no free ride. The girls must do the assigned work with their complete effort to continue to receive an education from RPI. We would gladly sign these agreements now but were willing to wait until after their legal staff had reviewed them. Set a time and place for the signing and we be there.

Dr. Chase

Verry good tomorrow at 1:00PM my office. I trust Robert not to stick something in the agreements requiring something not agreed to but an attorney you never know until you check. Allen feigned hurt but laughed with the rest of us.

Now we have Ten minutes until let the animals, excuse me, reports in. I will introduce the panel, Dr. Pierce, Dr. Tallman, Mrs. Ruth, and all the girls. I will then make an opening statement about the process for each girl except Kariwase. Dr. Tallman will take the podium and go over Kariwase and the ESSAY, with general information only.

Dr. Tallman

My boss the Secretary of Energy has informed me that ESSAY will remain a DARPA project, but Mondays thesis defense will be open to reporters. Specific numbers, calculations, and operating data will not be part of the presentation. A numbered copy of the specific numbers, calculations, and operating data will be handed out to the judging panned and certain others who need the data and will keep it secure. Any Questions? None. Good. It is time.

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