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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 17

It was a happy crowd that left the Registrar s Office that early evening. They had stayed late to ensure all the paperwork was complete on all my now Nine University Girls then Consuela, Jennifer May Silver Fox, and Wynette Lee Silver Fox reminded me it was Twelve. Seven BS, Four MS/MA, and a PhD.

There were news crews and electronic media people waiting on the steps for us as we started to debate the building. Immediately Johanna, Eloise, and Roseland an outer line, Tim and Janice an inner line around us as Tim as he was the only one armed, handed his RPI Campus Police Radio to Janice for her to radio for assistance as we baked into the building. It arrived in minutes.

I waited for Campus Security to back the reporters up and went outside. I motioned for silence and said my name is Colonel Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA recently call backed to active duty I have a PhDs in Industrial Management Engineering, and Material Management how may I help you Ladies and Gentlemen? As they all started to shout, I yelled, Attention, it had the desired effect to quiet the crowd. I pointed to a slightly older reporter and asked Mam what is this about? She replied it is a matter of record that RPI this afternoon registered Four Eleven-year-old girls as students and they would graduate in May with bachelor s Degrees and a Sixteen-Year-old who would defend a PhD thesis on Monday.

Yes, I replied The Four Girls were my orphaned granddaughters and the Sixteen-Year-old is my wife. We were married this last June on the Mohawk Ahkwes hsne Reservation as we are both members of the tribe but of different clans in the tribe. Tribal Judge Native American Judge Fair Wind and Tribal Chief Ira Smith performed the wedding. This marriage was according to Tribal Law and recognized by U S Senate ratified treaties between the Mohawk Nation and the United States of America.

It has been a long day for all of us to get to this acceptance done. We will hold a news conference tomorrow morning at 1000 Hundred at the RPI Student Union Theater. At the news conference we will try to walk you thru the process we have done. Now me and my family wish to go home, have a nice meal and relax for the evening.

I was relieved to see Chancellor Chase, Dr. Tallman, and others show up and said Chancellor Chase, I wish to hand this gathering over to you.

Chancellor Chase

Colonel Pierce said RPI will hold a morning news conference at the RPI Student Union Theater to show off the extraordinary talent RPI has been lucky to have joined our institution of higher learning and the process of their joining. See you in the morning at 10:00AM.

I led Robert, Tim, and Janice, I am glad I remember names and faces, back into the building. I told Robert I would have their vehicles moved into the underground warehouse under the building where they could load in peace and drive home.


Why don t you not put us up in one of the dorm house tonight as I am sure the media will be surrounding our home by the time we get there. At Our house can put up with a siege but why press it? our house will still be there tomorrow.

Chancellor Chase

We will put you up in one of the houses we have set aside for important visitors arriving Sunday for Monday and have housing prepared a couple more as I can see this thing growing beyond control. Campus Catering will provide you with a meal within the hour. Housekeeping already has linens and towels available.


I will send Officer Silver Fox and Consuela to our home to pick up needed clothing. Turning to our shadows who spread out beyond my family look in as obvious security personal and keeping people at bay with their deminer. I said I will send out all uniforms to a dry cleaner that will for a price do really good Four-hour Service. I know you have PT Gear in the van, Consuela will bring it to you, change into it even thou it is dirty, and your uniforms cleaned. Consuela and Tim will bring clean under and sleeping clothes. Let s move people.

I took Kariwase hand and we started down the stairs led by Tim and Janice with the other three playing leapfrog at each corridor or major doorway. We arrived at the bottom just as the Campus Police arrived with our Vehicles.

We got on an activity bus as Campus Police Cars led our vehicles from the area by and the crowd followed them. We were able to get to our accommodations without incident, and we settled in. A person from Campus Housekeeping came and collected our uniforms and dress cloths promising to have them back to us by 7:00AM or a cleaner would lose a lucrative contract. RPI was pampering and treated like VIP s which my family is and always will be to me.

Our food arrived and it was good old fashioned pot roast and trimmings, salad, and fruit pies for dessert with Ice cream.

Tim and Consuela arrived with our clean clothes and there was something bubbling up between the Two of them. Tim came to me, handed me a dollar, and said I would like to buy Consuela, JR, and Isabella with all their goods for the price you told Consuela you would set.

Look at Tim and Consuela holding hands I could not say the price has gone up I need Seven horses also and, Kariwase slapped me and said we would walk rather than take things from them. Then Mrs. Ruth said as the Clam Mother, I speak, you will give them Four horses for being an ass. The laughter was an immense release of the stress energy that has been building up in us all.

We all ate supper, cleaned up, found a bed, and went to sleep.

Saturday 26 June My phone started to ring, I saw the time was 0645 and the I saw the person on the other end was my attorney, Allen Pierre Lighting. I answered it with what is a lawyer doing up at this hour of the morning.


I might have been in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, but I was still a soldier and real soldiers do morning runs, but retired command people forgot that, like the advice to keep their marriage to a Sixteen-year-old not so visible.

On my run I listen to the morning news buzz. And what do I hear, a certain recalled Colonel in the United States Army telling a reporter that his Sixteen-year-old wife is defending her thesis on Monday for a PhD. That is the way to keep something low key, tell a reporter as it is being video.

Why don t you just go buy the first-class tickets for my wife and I to go on our round world cruise. It would be cheaper than the billing hours it will cost you to clean up this mess. Cindy says thank-you for our future vacation. And we will be able to take our children with the Nanny and Tutor we can hire when you pay us.

Now what is going on?


To start with Cindy deserves the great vacation. I will pay for it as you are too cheap. This is an unsecured line, and I cannot discuss it over the phone. We have a news conference at 1000 hours at RPI Student Union Theater.

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