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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 15

0700 Friday 22 June


Robert this is Naomie, we have a reprieve. The Secretary of Energy has decided that today is not enough time to get everyone who wants or needs to hear of ESSAY to get here. We have changed the schedule meeting to 1300 Monday 25 June. We will talk more specifics of the presentation when you arrive at the Arsenal. Good-By.

After Naomie hung up I spoke to everyone as all had gathered to eat breakfast. The SOE has moved the meeting to Monday at 1300 to allow more people to attend.

We will still follow the schedule set for the girls, so departure at 0715 is still going to happen. We will meet the rest of our group at 0800 at the Watervliet Arsenal and make Mondays presentation better.

Kariwase and I have a meeting at 1300 to talk about the girls future education at RPI. Are there any questions about where you need to go? Good lets go.

We dropped the girls and their shadows off at RPI and drove to the Arsenal. Sargent Major Lewis met us at the front gate, and I paid him his fee. He replied Nelson sends you his regards, actually Two of these are his in payment for the help he gave you so you would not screw up the ceremony.

As we talked, I saw Dr. Tallman and Dr. Chase drive up. They waved as they drove by. Sargent Major, my people have spotted me. I had better get going to our meeting, so have a good day.

I arrived at the theater to see security in force and everything inspection ready. Colonel Baker, my replacement, was talking with Dr. Tallman and Dr. Chase. On seeing Kariwase, Staff Sergeant Timothy Silver Fox, and me exit our van he said now that the woman who caused this leap-ex is here, we all can go inside and get started.

We sat in the front row, and I heard Sargent Major Lewis shout out the building is all secured Sir. Colonel Beaker said Dr. Tallman your show as he pointed to the podium.

Dr. Tallman

We will have Twenty-Four Official Guests and about Thirty-Six accomplices. We are planning on Twenty from various Universities and think tanks and an equal number from RPI. I would like to prepare for One-Hundred-Twenty-Five attendants. SOE, DARPA, Corps of Engineers, Assistant DOD for infrastructure, Deputy HLS, Deputy NASA, members of congress and others about which I do not know.

I will be the moderator for the conference. We are planning on Four, Forty-Five-minute sessions with Fifteen-minute break between them.

The presenters on each section will answer the questions of that section, but Mrs. Pierce may answer any questions at any time.

The first session is Dr Jinn and Dr Schafer on the theory and mathematics of what happens during the reaction and the energy and heat created.

The second sessions Dr. Yao, Dr. Trent, and Dr. Joseph the physical plant, material needed to construct the plant, and the plant output to include projected costs of a KWh.

The Third session Dr. Jackson and Dr. Gray on the program needed for the system of operation, control, and shut down.

The last session Mrs. and Dr. Pierce is ESSAY future. Who will own the rights to ESSAY, who will manage ESSAY plants, what would happen during a catastrophic failure and what is the environmental impact of catastrophic failure. What is the environmental impact of an ESSAY plant?

Watervliet Arsenal is responsible for all security issues, public relations, and overseeing any accommodation for the invited attendees. All assigned Military Persons will wear The Army Blue Service Uniform. All assigned government personal Men Coat and Tie, Woman Skirt and Blouse or Dress. All assigned non-government personal Men Coat and Tie, Woman Skirt and Blouse or Dress please.

Any questions or problems, I will be staying with Dr. Chase for the weekend. Do not call Dr. or Mrs. Pierce about anything without talking to me first.

Matthew and Ryan are the goffers and first point of contact for all problems, ideas, and suggestions, here are their numbers.

It is now 0945 hours, if there is nothing else, we will adjourn until Monday morning at 0900 to review our plans. Thank-You.


The trip back to RPI was quiet. I though cutting power costs by Half or even Two Thirds was revolutionary. What would the reaction of the current providers be? What is to be the Governments short- and long-term positions? We will see on Monday the answers to these and other questions. I hate politics and those who make a living from it.

Kariwase just leaned on me and napped. O to be young and not cynical of our government, those who make it work, and those who make it work for them.

We decided to go to my office and wait on the girls. I could get to Tim or someone else driving me again, no worries of parking, just stop near my office and get out. Tim dropped us off and I told him to meet the rest of our family for lunch at the Campus Pizza Place, which I was buying.

We left my office door open. Just after 1100 I heard hushed voices coming down the hall. Sandra Lee asked, do you think that we will surprise them, or we will find the door locked? April Joy replied, No Grandad is too smart for that. Elizabeth Anne added, they are married so they should enjoy each other s private company.

I said out loud maintenance must do something about the mice in this hallway. Aleshia Jasmin said we are too late to interrupt the party aren t we. Their Four shadows just stood back and smiled.


Looking at the Four shadows I could see that they saw the love Robert had for what is now our girls. Girls we are going to lunch at the Pizza Place so go wash up and be ready to leave in Ten minutes. We will talk about your morning over lunch. Ladies turning to the shadows there is soup and salad for those who eat light.

Janice asked were we ever going to let them spend their per diem, no I replied, it will be that little extra savings for you to have when you leave the military. The Four of them smiled and said Thank-You.

Consuela, Jr, Isabella, and the Third joined us and as we ate Robert and I talked with the shadows about their military careers, families and their plans for the future.

Johanna Warren

My parents live in Brooklyn, dad is a maintenance supervisor for the New York Transit Authority, Mom is a pay roll supervisor for the New York Transit Authority. I have an older brother who is a NYC Police Sargent, A younger sister who is premed at NYCU. I have 112 Credit Hours towards BS Computer Engineering from SUNY Albany with 4.0. My education trust funds my grandfather started, that and the G I Bill will fund my education without debt. I plan to get an MS before looking for a career in government service. I am not seeing anyone at this time and do not plan to get serious with anyone until after I get my MS and work at least a couple of years. My major hobbies are Martial Arts and Flying. I am a black belt in Four distinctive styles and working on my Fifth. I have my pilots license with Instrument and Multi-Engine endorsements. My trust fund is worth 8.6 Million and I am debt free.

Eloise Quayman

My parents live in Nebraska and farm 1280 acers that have been in the family 1910 when Four brothers all filed and were awarded joined claims. There are now Six families now working the land. I have Three brothers and Three sisters. I am the oldest. As a youngster I followed my great uncle around as he worked on the farms equipment. He taught me to fix anything, all types of welding, power lathe and CNC Machine, and keep good records about the work. I have certified as a Master Welder and Master Machinist.

He was never married nor had any children. He died young of cancer from asbestoses. He received a large court settlement from a class action lawsuit. He put into an education trust fund for me to become an Engineer and to learn to fly.

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