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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 14

Dr. Tallman

I have been teleconferencing todays secessions with my boss, The Secretary of Energy. He would like to have a meeting tomorrow in person at 1500. This meeting will include DOE, DARPA, Other DOD organizations, HLS, and NASA. I said to him that we should abuse the hospitality of the Watervliet Arsenal to be the host of the meeting the meeting. Watervliet Arsenal will provide security and arrange for the quarters of government officials and politicians who attend.

Kariwase may I call you Kariwase, good, thank-you. Kariwase I would like you to have a power point on the ESSAY as you have designated it broken into Three parts. The theory, the physical plant, and the operation/control.


Yes Mam, Our team can make each section Twenty to Twenty-Five minutes long.

Dr Jinn and Dr Schafer could you clean up my rough guesstimated mathematics in the ESSAY this evening to the more refined mathematics we worked on this morning please and then prepare and present that portion of the ESSAY? Try to get a better handle on cost per KW please. Thank-You.

Dr. Yao, Dr. Trent, and Dr. Joseph Could you draw up a rough physical plant of how this system could produce power and what materials are needed to build the plant based on the ESSAY and our discussion this afternoon? Thank-You.

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Gray could you join us these evening at our home at 8:00PM to work on a flow chart for the backbone of a program that could control the operation of the ESSAY. We would do it earlier but family first and we promised the family a dinner and Two hours of games at Dave & Buster’s this evening to compensate for the abusee RPI has piled on them. We would welcome all of you to join us at 5:00PM. I will even let Dr. Tallman pick up the dinner bill. But it must be a non-business, non-discussion and a non-working dinner.

Dr. Tallman

I will pick up the dinner bill, keep it to family beverages only, individuals will pay for their game tokens. Beware I am a Skee-Ball master and will take on all comers. I see it is 3:30PM. I will see you all at 5:00PM and no crying by the losers when the gametime is over.

Dr. Chase

Kariwase I want to Thank-You for spreading around the opportunity for others to receive acknowledgement and credit for this ESSAY as you have designated it. I know too many academics who s own advancement and notary are their only concern. Let me publish the paper and have only my name on it, so I do not have to share anything with anybody no matter what work they did on the subject.

The Dave & Buster’s is a great idea. It will allow the ESSAY team to become a cohesive team and not individuals looking for their next look at how great I am at the moment. Everyone involved, I believe, is a team player and will acknowledge it was your work and they just helped with the window dressing.


Dr. Chase, as Robert told me this afternoon there are people that will welcome ESSAY and declare as mine then ask what they can do to help and welcome my success with ESSAY. These people we will embrace and share our success with them. We will acknowledge all work no matter how small a part it plays to including getting the refreshments and cleaning whiteboards. We will recognize all people for their work on ESSAY.

Dr. Tallman, if you give Matthew and Ryan the estimated numbers and Dr. Chase the finical means and guidance, they will provide some kind of nourishment for this soiree.

Dr. Chase

Matthew and Ryan admitted to me that their Doctoral works are irrelevant when compared to yours. My replied to that was do your Doctoral work as you planned and let others think of how great an importance it is.

The gathering of knowledge whether it is Einstein s special theory of relativity or 1+1=2 is a step on the growth of humanity, Matthew and Ryan will know by all for the work they did to make the project a success project.

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