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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 13


We went to our favorite family restaurant and had our Chili Dogs, Onion rings, and Root Beer Floats. On getting home Kariwase told the girls to take their showers and get ready for bed. We would watch One and One Only funny movie before bed. There would be no studying, looking online for information, or research of any kind, to include Her.

WE watched our movie which they all barely finished before falling asleep. We put the girls to bed, reminding them at 6:00AM everybody up. Leave the house at 7:00AM. kissed Robert III as he was asleep when we got home. We went to bed ourselves and just snuggled as Kariwase was asleep in Ten minutes.

Thursday 21 June Kariwase

Arriving on campus there was better Coffee, Pastry, And Drinks to include milk. Dr.

Chase met us all and introduced us to new people all on the Board of Governors. I noticed that the Two teaching assistances from yesterday were gone and Two faculty members had taken their place. I will do Mathematics this morning relating to my essay Hydrogen Plasma Creation and Control for Production of Electrical Power. I had not done calculations of the mathematics involved; I just used the general figures I found in a couple of Physics papers I had read. Then the Physics involved in the afternoon session. Ready or not Today was my day to learn.

The girls would continue with their arranged schedule. We would break for lunch and after Robert expressed his negative opinion on yesterday afternoons session running long Dr. Chase said session scheduled end times were firm and there would be no extensions. RPI expected the girls to finish on time with no extensions granted and they had a right for us to finish on time with no exceptions. Then informed us that lunch would be in the reserved dining room in this building to save time and a private rest area for us was set up in the Board of Governors Boardroom after lunch. Let the day begin.

Robert was at all my session. We will do Mathematics relating to my essay Hydrogen Plasma Creation and Control for Production of Electrical Power. Dr Jinn Zhan Mathematics and Dr Schafer Physics introduced Robert and I to a Dr. Oren Wheels of MIT and Dr. Naomie Tallman from Los Alamos and the Deputy Director Research and Development Depart of Energy (DOE) who were at RPI for a private matters and decisions but wished to sit in on our sessions. Robert nor I had no objections. After a kiss from Robert, I began.

I showed them where I got my rough figures from, it was from a piece of paper by Dr. Wheels and the second from a research paper by Dr. Tallman. Both were surprised I took their general figures and was able to extrapolate to the figures I needed. With their help I walked thru the mathematics to receive fine figures that an operating system thesis could be from with low yields, high yields, and probable yields. My calculations including construction, maintenance, and production were between Five-Hundred Thousand to Seven-Hundred-Fifty Thousand per Megawatt. A Third to Half of the current actual costs, not counting the cost to the environment of other production systems.

Robert asked questions of the system and helped me answer different ones.

There was a knock on the door by a Campus Police Officer, he entered and said Ladies and Gentlemen it is time.

Dr. Tallman

As of now, all notes taken during this meeting I have classified, As of this moment this thesis is to be determined to be of vital importance to national security of the United States of America. The afternoon session will still happen as I understand it will be on the practical engineering of building this system, but secure areas.

I understand that Two graduate students took notes of the thesis yesterday. I need to talk to both of them to explain to them they cannot talk about this thesis under all but the securest of conditions and then only those authorized to talk about it.

Mrs. Pierce, when you proceed with this thesis for your PhD, and you should. It will as a DARPA Project under National Security Procedures.

Colonel Pierce, we will need you to take care of the security of all documents and notes at your home please. I will recommend that the U S Army call you back to active duty to serve as the DARPA Project Officer well still retaining your position as a faculty member of RPI. This Thesis could be the Holy Grail of Inexpensive Clean Renewable Energy.

I understand lunch is ready for us and Colonel and Mrs. Pierce you have children to checkup on. I wish them good fortune in becoming RPI students. And yes, I know that you have and will continue to talk about the Thesis in front of your children. Please impress on them the importance of keeping this Thesis as secret as possible for the time being. I know Four Eleven-year-old that are applying for, and I am sure admission to RPI for them is forth coming know not too talk about things their asked not to talk about.

Dr. Chase

This dining room is a secure meeting place if I restrict entrance to only those on a clearance list. I will have the list in Fifteen minutes restricted it too only those who now know specifics of the thesis and others you approve Dr. Tallman.

A factor in our favor is that Dr. Schafer who does not normally do at the request of Dr. Pierce read Mrs. Pierces essay, at the time she was his ward not wife, and kept it from general distribution. Thus, all the people who have seen the essay is verry small. All of them who know of the essay will report to the secure dining room so all will hear of the current situation and the implications of talking about it.

To this Dr. Tallman said Thank-You Dr. Cole and Dr. Schafer for keeping this information close at hand.

She then looked at Kariwase and said young woman your brain may well have solved the problem of clean, inexpensive, and safe energy for all. For that you deserve a couple of PhDs and a Nobel Prize.


A couple of PhDs and Nobel Prize I was just looking for a MS. I looked at Robert and he was just smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. He leaned into me, gave me a quick peck on my check and said he knew I was brilliant the moment he heard me on the phone. It was his pleasure to help in his little way to bring my brilliants to the world. Then said do not get sidetracked or disturbed by what any person says or how they act towards you the next couple of days. There are people that will try to grab hold of your coattail to slow you down or speed their rise up, those we brush the off like a leaf on your coat. Others will try to suggest that part or parts of it is their idea that you took from them, those we squash like a bug. There will even be people that fear you or feal their position or status threatened and try to bring you down, those we will have except your brilliants, or they run and hide. The last will welcome your brilliants, ask what they can do to help, and welcome your success, these we will embrace and share your success with. We will acknowledge all past work no matter how small a part it played. Just keep your head high and continue as you have been doing, but not so high that you will drowned in the rain from water running in your nose because your nostrils are pointing straight up. Then Dr. Chase offered Robert the use his office to talk to the girls.

This was the longest serious conversation Robert has ever had with me and I could see the wisdom in each point. I gave him a good hard kiss and did not care who saw it or the comments they made. I promised him a memorial night, tomorrow would take care of itself. We left the room holding hands. When the girls saw us, Aleshia said do you need private time instead of lunch, and then all Four started to giggle.


Girls, we need to go to Dr. Roberts office for a short conversation, no questions let s just go. As our family entered the office Dr. Chase closed the door behind us standing guard on the outside.

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