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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 125


Yes, Robert, I am sure the girls cannot hear or see us, or other viewing parties. Danial assured me this was a one-way view and hear connection. Anything said in this room or other rooms tuning in will not know of our observation. I am sure the girls and others expect you to view the proceedings but sending it out to others to view they may not expect.


I called The President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon at his private home and said Mr. President we are on in Five minutes. POTUS was at Lawrence’s house because if we broadcast it to the White House, they would have to log it into official records, and this was something none of us want a record of. It would be great entertainment to see a Full General sweated by a half a dozen teen girls.

We were all surprised to see his Daughters and Granddaughters appear and how especially the Granddaughters saved his hide. Consuela, who was with us, said I bet his wife thought of it after he went home and told his wife of Mrs. Ruth’s conversation. I and Tim had to agree. I still would not underestimate him in any future negotiations.

After it was over Lawrence called me and said I hope you did not make a copy of that, it would not be beneficial to anyone to know that Two less than Four-year-old girls were the catalyst for Six less than Fifteen-year-old girls to negotiating a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar contract between The US Military, The Federal Government and The Wappinger Nation Inc. I replied the One Official copy will delete the Preamble and Post agreement remarks by Mrs. Ruth, it will just show the negotiations. There will be no other copies on this end. Lawerance replied POTUS and I Thank-You, thou it was fun to watch, and we all laughed, and I hung up.

Tim, you will go and personally threaten Danial that if a copy comes known and originates from Wolverine Field, I will personally feed him to Mrs. Ruth and after that, what remains, I will stand in front of the DRCS, and fry him with it.

Tim rushed from the room to take care of any evidence that would be fun to see released but for the good of all, the recording must be destroyed.

2230 That night Tim, Consuela, and I went to the airfield to welcome our DRCS team return from cleaning the E-3 AWACS all were in good spirits.

Jeff, it seemed, had pulled his service weapon, and pointed it at a Colonel who demanded to board the E-3 after we started. We found out later it was the Colonel who had falsified the reports. An Air Force Security Police tackled the Colonel before Jeff could shoot him and dragged him away. He left a Yellow puddle behind, and all the Air Force were referring to him as Yellow puddle after that we heard.

This day had brought Two verry laughable moments, though one I hope no one ever saw and the other a Colonel wishes it would go away; he would never live that moment down.

All small units withdrew from the Winter Assault Games leaving our team as the only small unit left. I heard all small units were putting money on our team. With no elimination needed our people would have a day off and not compete until the 2nd of February.

I passed the word was that non-competing members of Wolverine Field would be operating the DRCS to enforce the electronic free days to include shutting down cell tower reception and GPS Receivers with electrical interference. None tried to use them.

At 0800 on Wednesday the SEC DOD, HLS, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Service Chief started to arrive. I welcomed them all. Matthew put them into their arranged quarters. The CJCS decided that we would have a secure meeting in the Longhouse Theater after dinner to get to know one another. We would play poker and swap stories. It lasted until 0230, I won One Hundred Fifty Dollars. Mrs. Ruth, K and Consuela and the other accompanying wives left just after 0001. Raleigh stayed to supervise the drinks and food saying that the Under Butler Matthews was overseeing breakfast. I wished in the morning I had someone to manage my work. Mrs. Ruth reminded me if you stay up and play you will pay for it the next day. She is our Dowager and Mother, and always right. I did get a nap after a 0730 breakfast and let Tim oversee the start of The Arctic Assault Games.

0700 Thursday 2nd February Lt Col Harvey.

Captain Isaac Hamilton had done a superb job planning the event even if different higher headquarters tried to subvert it. The day was clear, temperature was 22 F, wind was Four to Eight MPH from the North which was for our Rifle Range coming right at the shooters faces. There was to be light snow tomorrow and the next day with Two to Three inches each day with daytime temperatures in the mid-Twenties and wind from the west increasing to Ten to Fifteen MPH. Great weather for our Artic Assault Games.

Our team drew Rifle/Pistol Range in the morning with the active USA and the USAF teams. Our Artic Skills testing will be this afternoon after the range. We are ready for all comers. “The book” had us finishing a strong Second to the active Army team. People marking the targets were not competing so teams could shoot and then move to the skills portion. We were firing at a silhouette target whit each round worth Ten points for the Three-inch X circle, Nine for the Five-inch circle, Eight for the Seven-inch circle, and only one for the silhouette. Miss the Seven-inch bullseye you lose a great deal of points just hitting the silhouette.

Time to start shooting.

Our Twenty-Five-member team dropped Eighteen points in the rifle competition with Seventeen Possibles (Fifty Rounds all Ten X) and no rounds outside the bullseye. The pistol we dropped Eleven points with Twenty Possibles. We had One Thousand-Two Hundred-Twenty-Two Points, we led our closest team, the Marines, by Three-Hundred-Forty-Six points.

Martinez and Greagory highlighted our skills competition by saving all Four of the wounded to include the sucking chest wound. The team lost Twenty-Seven points in the skills competition.

We now led the Marines by Five Hundred and Eleven points. We waved the Engineers team attacking the assault course first. We chose to attack the USAF team at 0800-1000 bracket in the morning and defend against the Active USA team in the 1600-1800 bracket on February 4th.

The Marines also waved the Engineers team attacking the assault course before them. They chose the 1100-1400 bracket on the 3rd and defend against the USAF on the 4th in the 0700-1000 bracket.

That left the Engineers team to attack the Active USA in the 1500-1800 bracket on the 3rd of February and the Alaska NG to attack the Engineers in the 1100-1400 bracket on the 4th of February.

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