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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 124

What came on the screen was surprise Two well-dressed young ladies with young, well behaved Pre-K girls on their laps.

Mrs. Lillian Bell Rich Moore

Good morning I am Lillian Bell Smith Moore and on my lap is Scarlet Lee Moore, beside me is my sister Margert Jane Smith Kennedy and her daughter Rosemerry June Kennedy. We are here to apologize for our father Frankling Stewart “Snuffy” Smith who with his usual act before verifying information has gotten him in trouble with young ladies.

The last time he made such a grave jump it cost him Two new cars and Two high limit credit cards. I have heard One of the Seven, Colonel Kariwase Pierce has accepted his apology, and we think you let him off to easy. The other Six Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, Elizabeth Anne Pierce, Jennifer May Silver Fox, and Wynette Lee Silver Fox should make him pay. We understand that none of you are old enough to drive and that you already have unlimited credit cards, so your payment is to be military concessions and hardware. We love that you girls have upset the military it is still a man’s world attitude. Sending so many including our husbands running around trying to figure out not only what you did but how you did it. You made many a USAF lady smile at how you upset their orderly world.

Now considering daddy we still need him as training for Scarlet and Rosemerry learning how to wrap him around their little fingers as a prelude to knowing how to wrap their husbands around their fingers. So please be easy on him.

General Smith

That is enough girls,

At the same time Scarlet and Rosemerry called out Pa-Pa pocket. As they reached for the lollipops he handed them, and his daughters said dad we said no more lollipops until their teeth come in. I replied it never hurt you, did it? No was the reply mom taught us how to brush our teeth verry young.

I reply thank you Lillian and Margret, Scarlet and Rosemerry, Pa-Pa will see you later. Now it is time to go to work.

Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, Elizabeth Anne Pierce, Jennifer May Silver Fox, and Wynette Lee Silver Fox. I will apologize for my use of information before I verified it. Then the way I used that information to accuse you of lying and not doing the damage you knew you caused. I was Wrong and too sure of myself and the equipment of the USAF. Forgive me, please.

Mrs. Ruth

Girls! All replied we forgive you and the USAF for your mistakes towards us.

General Smith

What can we do to make amends and get my E-3 Sentry AWACS back to operational status? The USAF has currently grounded it pending an airframe stress check and non-functioning Computer Systems.


As far as the E-3 Sentry AWACS. If you have Two C-17’s on our runway before 1300 today, we will load our system and fly to its location to repair the Computer Systems under these rules. Our security will take total control of all the area within One Hundred Meters of the DRCS vehicles to include the aircraft you require us to cleanse. If my Security officer does not allow a person into our control area, you will not allow them to be there. As with Nuclear Weapons Security we tell you to stop, once then shoot you, if you continue. My people will make all the decisions and give all the orders in our controlled space.

You will have the aircraft manned secured for flight and no one will depart or board the aircraft until we have completed our work. You will have a GPU hooked to the aircraft, we will provide a trained ground crew member to operate it, your operator will leave our control area until we allow them to reenter the area to take back over control of the CPU. We land, set-up, do our business, and leave. No niceties, no manners, and no tours of our system whatsoever!

If we cannot start loading the C-17’s by 1300 and be airborne by 1400 today it will not happen until the 8th of February at the earliest. Then it may not happen until March because of our commitments until the 7th of March.

General Smith

The USAF will have the C-17’s on your field by 1300 today, I turned to Grason and said make that happen. Before 1300 Today! Now as to the next part what can the USAF offer You.


Girls remember you each get One request:

Sandra Lee Pierce - A flight on an E-3 AWACS during a mission and using the systems to understand how to protect them.

April Joy Pierce - Two undamaged A-10 with pilots, support, and maintenance crews and an A-10GFU7 Dragon 30 mm loading system and ammunition

Aleshia Jasmin Pierce - I would like to see a U-2 up close and look at its operating system.

Elizabeth Anne Pierce - Test our DRCS effect on other aircraft or missile systems with the idea of it being an earth based anti-ballistic missile or anti-satellite wepon.

Jennifer May Silver Fox - A CV-22B to study the terrain following radar and how to improve it. Also to compare the flight profile to our other Two Ospreys.

Wynette Lee Silver Fox - Transportation aircraft assigned to us to move the DRCS around the country to different training and testing areas.

General Smith

I cannot give the U-2 permission that must come from the CIA/NSA. But I will authorize you girls as Officers in the USAF. The USAF or other Government Agencies will not restrict you from flying on USAF transport aircraft. They FAA will only restrict you from flying as pilots by age and qualifications requirements. The goal is when you receive your PPL with Jet and Multi-Engine Endorsements. You will receive training to fly the aircraft of your choice that are assigned to MCAS Wolverine Field. You will have to pass your qualifications just like any other pilot candidate.

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