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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 123

We got in our seats at 2230 when the call came in. Tim answered the phone, Colonel Timithy Silver Fox USMCR/Wappinger People Nation Militia, Aide Camp to Major General to Dr. Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, Currahee Nations, Commanding General Operations Flash Freeze, Frozen Assets, and Flash Igloo, Commanding General of the Wappinger People Nation Militia, Commanding General MCAS Wolverine Field Wappinger People Nation, New York. This is a secure Line. You are on the speaker phone. In attendance is Major General Pierce USA/ Wappinger People Nation Militia, Brigadier General Malcolm James Rich USAF, Dr. Brigadier General Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce Wappinger People Nation Militia/Colonel USAF, Brigadier General Mrs. Ruth Ann Harper Jackson Wappinger People Nation Militia, Colonel Consuela Leandra Tall Elk Silver Fox Wappinger People Nation Militia, and me. How may the General help you?

The Commanding General USAF General Frankling “Snuffy” Smith

From what I heard that if I am disrespectful or obnoxious, I will go into time out or put on hold.

Mrs. Ruth replied given your actions earlier today it is verry probable. The whole room broke into a laugh along with different voices over the phone.


MGen Pierce here who do you have with you?

The Commanding General USAF General Frankling “Snuffy” Smith

My Ade MGen Grason Teratorn USAF, Lt Gen Norton Steller IG USAF, and MGen Patrica Alton USAF JAG.

Now that we know about each other. I was hasty earlier in my conclusions and statements about the effectiveness of your what, DRCS? K broke in with (Drone Re-commanding Control System) operated by The Flying Vampire Program. Gen Smith continued, an appropriate name for sure.

Now I made statements to the effect your system had failed based on a false report from a Colonel who is under investigation for violation of articles of the UCMJ and he with others will face if I have my way a General Court Marshal. But that puts me in the position that I have to retract my statements and look for a way forward to get a E-3 Sentry AWACS back to operational status.

Mrs. Ruth

General Smith, do you have any daughters? Yes, he replied both now married with children. I continued as young teenagers did you ever accuse them of something and punish them and find out later you were wrong? Yes, he replied but what does that have to do with this?

You have called Four Thirteen, One Fourteen, One Fifteen, and One Sixteen-year-old girls liars in front of a large group of people to include the POTUS. There was minutes silence.

General Smith

This is bad. I cannot afford to give each a car and an unlimited credit card. What could I offer?


I am the Sixteen-Year-Old involved. As a stepparent I understand you sometimes act on false information, not happy you did, but you will have to deal with the other Six and they do not.

We will need to move the DRCS around the country for further testing and evaluation. If Four C-17 USAFR aircraft and Two Reserve Arial Tankers, the USAF decided assign to MCAS Wolverine Field for duty to facilitate those moves. MCAS Wolverine Field will support them with facilities, housing, and Family Support. They had requested the damaged A-10 and an operational One with the necessary support equipment to study. I suggest you offer Four Reserve Operational C models with pilots and maintenance crews to include a Dragon loader. A CV-22B to go along with the Two we are getting from the Navy. And finally replace our captured drones with new ones in the next week as a show of faith.

General Smith

MGen Pierce your thoughts?

Currahee Nations

You dug this hole you dig your way out. I will not upset my family and force them to except a deal they do not like or approve of. I will support the deal Kariwase recommended with changes. The girls as Officers in the USAF. The USAF or other Government Agencies will not restrict them from flying on the transport aircraft. They FAA will only restrict them from flying as pilots by age and qualifications requirements. The goal is when they receive their PPL with Jet and Multi-Engine Endorsements, they receive the training to fly the aircraft of their choice assigned to MCAS Wolverine Field. They will have to pass their qualifications as any other pilot candidate. We have Two CAE 600 Series Aircraft Simulators and One CAE 2000 Series Helicopter Simulator. You will get us the software for a Vertical Flight Simulator, and we will acquire all the Simulators needed. You also give us the Simulator software for the A-10, C-17, and the Tanker so we can train our girls on them. We will make all our Simulators available for use by all personnel stationed on MCAS Wolverine or assigned here for training.

Gen Smith

For someone who tells me to dig my own self out of my hole you sure have a list of suggestions. These suggestions are not too hard to accomplish but will it be enough?

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