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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 121


Here I was a Sixteen, Thirty Days short of Seventeen, a Full Colonel in the USAF in command of a major evaluation of an Anti-Drone System. The system my Four stepdaughters and their Two Cousins invented, designed, and built.

Lt. Col. Harvy my XO who was Twenty years older than me said it is 0945. Time to get the captured Drones airborne. I replied get them up and our teams #1 and #2 did and put them in a holding pattern, a Ten-Kilometers in diameter One-Kilometer-high circle over Wolverine Field.

Teams #3 and #4 reported what were Two more Drones in a pattern Thirty-Kilometers in diameter and Five-Kilometers high. They were in a circle around Wolverine Field. An aircraft putting out multiple radar and electronic admissions was in a Fifty-Kilometers in diameter Three-Kilometers-high circle around Wolverine Field.

Two other aircraft were putting out multiple radar and electronic admissions. One to the West Sixty-Kilometers out Two-Kilometers high. The second to the East-Northeast at Three-Kilometers high. Lavenia said targets #4 and 5 were a couple of F-18G Growlers. Ellington said target #3 is certainly an E-3 Sentry AWACS. She said Target #6 has the electronic signature of the E-6B Prowlers AN/ALQ-218 airborne passive Radar warning receiver and AN/APG-79 is a type of active electronically scanned array but not its flight characteristics signature. Pops said the flight characteristics signature is that of an A-10. I heard through the grape vine that the Air Force was evaluating the A-10 for that intelligence role to replace the EF-111A Raven. The USAF determined that they did not need supersonic for intelligence missions. The USAF wished to use a survivable airframe already in the USAF inventory.

I looked at Harvy and said activate the Avenger units and get the Patriot System on hot standby. If any of the aircraft comes within Twenty-Five-Kilometers of Wolverine Field have them go hot. If any aircraft or surveillance system comes within Fifty Kilometers DRCS teams prosecute them from this moment forward. DRCS teams #3 the Thirty-Kilometer target is now called target-3 and team #4 on the now called target-4. DRCS #1 prosecute target-1 and #2 target-2 as soon as they leave your set pattern.

It was 0955 and the evaluation had not officially started but our opponents have started early. I called out DRCS #1 will turn your control of the captured Drones over to DRCS #2 and started precision targeting on the other targets in our 100-Kilometer area. DRCS #1 reported that Target -6 had Three other aircraft not putting out an electronic signature accompanying it.

I called out to make them targets -7, -8, and -9. You will hand them over to the Avengers to prosecute them if they try to come in range, but DRCS #4 will keep target -6 as yours.

DRCS #2 called out Drones have left the pattern. DRCS #2 prosecute target -1 when landed prosecute target -2. DRCS #1 keep on long search and check on target -1. DRCS #1 called out target -6 just crossed the Fifty Kilometer mark and was prosecuting it. Targets -7, -8, and -9 were following target -6. DRCS #3 then #4 called out targets acquired, and they were landing them on the North Service road as planned. DRCS #2 called target -1 down and secured of the North Service road.

In Ten minutes, targets -1, -2, -3, and -4 were down. Target -6 we could not capture but the electric signatured had stopped after they applied a power surge that surely fried the system. DRCS #1 then reported that target -6 had dropped something from the aircraft big enough to show on radar, a fuel tank, or another similar object. It would fall within Ten Kilometers of our field. Target -6 then left our Fifty-Kilometer area accompanied by target -7. I turned to Harvey and said send our Militia after it. When the avengers turned on their acquisition radar targets -8 and -9 left our operation area.

DRCS #1 called out targets -3, -4, and -5 were now closing and have crossed the boundary. I called out DRCS #1 and #2 prosecute target -3, DRCS #3 target -4, and DRCS #4 target -5. Harvy, I called activate the Patriot System. the Patriot activation caused all Three targets to change course but, DRCS #3 and #4 called out target acquired well target -3 made a radical dive and broke lock from DRCS #1 and #2.

I called out Lavenia to take over control of target -4 and “Pops” target -5, then land them on Runway 45R and called to Harvy to have our Militia meet them and have crews to move the aircraft to the Flight School hangar. Also put the flight crews into a classroom under Militia guard.

DRCS #1’s Aleshia Jasmin called out target -3 is leaving our area. I can guarantee that though we did not get the aircraft their operation system has a bug. It will show a heading of WPNA (Wappinger Peoples Nation Militia) with a smiley face interchanging with USAF and a frown face. They will not remove it until one of our teams takes a Vampire Program to the aircraft and removes it.

It was 1026. I called Robert and asked if our detractors were satisfied or did, we need to demonstrate further the abilities of the DRCS capabilities.


The comments of o’ shit and we screwed the pooch with this one, we heard before the adversaries cut the signal. The White House was still active and from the Situation Room, The President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon said Robert from what we saw you captured Two General Atomics MQ-1 Predator Drones, Two General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper Drone, Two F-18G Growlers, a hard kill on an AN/ALQ-218 airborne passive radar warning receiver and a AN/APG-79 active electronically scanned array Pod with serious damage to the A-10 that was deploying it. Also, an Electronic kill on an E-3 Sentry AWACS damaging the electronic system.

I believe you can secure your people. I would like to know exactly what military hardware you have. Do you have missile launch platforms with missiles on them? On second thought will you allow the U S Military to conduct a full inventory of your T O and E, just for record purposes?

I replied I will allow the Reserve Company that you established to maintain our T O and E to make a full inventory to include all munitions. We keep all we desire to have but will negotiate on the removal of items The Wappinger Peoples Nation Militia deem excess to our needs.

As to the Two F-18G Growlers we will negotiate their release when I talk to the girls and see what they want from them. And Yes, Thirteen through Fifteen-year-olds girls will set the demands, God help you.


Robert called me and told me to stand everyone down but leave the Patriot search system active and rotate the crews on one of the DRCS’s in case our adversaries want more proof of the system.

I called out to our people and gave them the news. We stood down.

An hour and a half later the Patriot search system reported that they were receiving a feedback one of the people knew was a U-2 and then added fifteen minutes later Two CTOL (conventional take-off and landing) F-35A’s had showed up Seventy-Five Kilometers out and closing.

I called all teams back to their DRCS. At Fifty Kilometers I ordered prosecution, the moment the systems painted them they went into radical dives in different directions. I said people let us paint the U-2 and see what it does even though it was at Ninety-Five Kilometers just inside our maximum range. After a minute to check coordination all Four DRCS painted the U-2 which turned and escaped our effective range.

Robert called after Five minutes and said our adversaries had called off any further evaluation. He had received confirmation from the White House that the evaluation was over. We would receive no further probes or attacks from them.

He advised me to move all our systems to the bunker entrance hangar for cleaning and inspection. He also ordered Sampson Frank to recall the Avenger and Patriot Systems for clean-up and storage. I did thank all who participated in the evaluation. All were pleased to have stuck it to a higher headquarters and were all smiles. I would see that all military people received an extra Thousand in bonus cash for their work.

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