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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 12

Wednesday 20 June 6:00AM Pierce home Watervliet, NY Mrs. Ruth

Everyone got up and dressed to include Robert III was not happy he could not go to the big meeting, but his disappointment did not last when Consuela told him she could use his help in giving Jr and Isabella their bath.

Robert, Kariwase, and I talked last night after the girls went to bed about what my duties to the girls involved. If I thought that any of the girls were over stressed or that there studies were taking away their time to be a child, I could and will pull them from that class and the three of us adults will review and discuss my actions with the child involved. It was my job to see that they were children and could enjoy being a child.

At 6:45AM, we loaded up in the van and Tim drove us to the RPI Campus. Timothy would be the designated driver for the three days. The girls are talkative about how they would start collage by skipping High School. I thought that we need to arrange a formal dance/prom thru the Home School Group to help with peer group socialization. Even if the girls are students at RPI they would still attend the Tuesday Home School Association meeting, field trips, or sports day that we host at our home and would continue to host. It would help them grow socially.

We arrived at the building at 7:15 unloaded and entered the building. The Chair of the Gifted Student Program Dr Allison Cho met us in the lobby and introduced himself. He spoke to Robert and said Chancellor Chase said that you would be here at least Fifteen Minutes prior to the meeting.

Dr Cho led us to the Exertive Conference Room where there was coffee, hot tea, juice, and pastries. Kariwase told the girls One cup of juice and One pastry. They replied yes mother and then giggled but only took One pastry and One cup of juice. My girls, and yes, they are mine now, know how a young lady is to behave in public and do it verry well.

Other people started to arrive followed last by the man Robert introduced as the Chancellor Dr Martin Albert Chase.

Chancellor Chase

Robert I will introduce the facility present, and you will then introduce your people:

Chair Gifted Student Program Chair Dr Allison Cho-PhD Psychology-Developmental


Director Student Services Dr Jose Santiago-PhD Sociology

Chair Mathematics Department Dr Jinn Zhan-PhD Mathematics

Professor Mathematics Department Dr Penelope Smith-PhD Mathematics

Professor Mathematics Department Dr Jasmine Clark-PhD Mathematics

Chair English Department Dr Hedwig Richter-PhD English-Language and Rhetoric

Professor English Department Dr Josephine Richardson- PhD English- Literature and Culture

Professor English Department Dr Erick Lincoln-PhD English-literary theory/hermeneutics

Chair Science Department Dr Hekima Schafer-PhD Physics

Professor Science Department Dr Greyson Homes-PhD Chemistry

Professor Science Department Dr Meng Xuan-PhD-Environmental Sciences

Chair Engineering Department Dr Yao Cong- PhD Civil Engineering

Professor Engineering Department Dr Sebastian Trent-PhD Mechanical Engineering

Professor Engineering Department Dr Reina Walberg-PhD Electrical Engineering

Professor Engineering Department Dr Levi Joseph PhD-Materials Science

Chair Computer Science Department Dr Violet Jackson-PhD-Computer Science

Professor Computer Science Department Dr Lydia Gray-PhD- Information Technology

Chair History Department Dr Benjamin Lee-PhD-American History-Before 1860

Professor History Department Dr Nora Gene Wolf-PhD-American History-1929 to present


This is my wife, Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce. The person responsible for our children education, Mrs. Ruth Ann Harper Jackson B.S & M.S. English, B.S Math. She has brough the papers the girls did during our trip to the Mohawk Nation gathering. One paper on the trip (English), one on the gathering (Culture and History), and one on flora or fauna of the Adirondacks Mountain Region (Biology) Five Thousand words, double spaced, and references each.

And the subject of this meeting Eleven-Year-old; Sandra Lee Pierce 1599/36, April Joy Pierce 1600/34, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce 1600/35, and Elizabeth Anne Pierce 1600/34. Each girl stood as I named them, and all smiled.

Sandra-Computer Science programing and program forensics. April-Material Engineering and Fabrication. Aleshia-Robotics and artificial intelligence. Elizabeth Industrial Management specializing in Project Management and Documentation.

Chancellor Chase

We will keep things on a schedule the first hour will be general questing, the Second hour a written test with each girl receiving a different test, and the third hour white board work.

Mrs. Ruth will have the authority to come and go into any session and at any time but cannot answer questions or assist any of the girls. Mrs. Ruth may end a session if she feels it is beyond the girls ability and is unduly overstressing the girl.

We will start off this morning s session with Sandra doing Mathematics, April doing English, Aleshia doing History, and Elizabeth doing Engineering.

Afternoons session with Sandra doing Computer Science, April doing Mathematics, Aleshia doing Science, and Elizabeth doing History.

Tomorrow mornings session Sandra doing English, April doing Engineering, Aleshia doing Mathematics, and Elizabeth doing Science.

Tomorrow afternoon session Sandra doing Science, April doing History, Aleshia doing English, and Elizabeth doing Mathematics.

Friday mornings session Sandra doing History, April doing Science, Aleshia doing Computer Science, and Elizabeth doing English.

We will eat lunch in the main campus dining facility, and all may eat at RPI s expense. So, let s begin. Girls follow the facility to your testing room.

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