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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 117

1740 Saturday 28 January Robert

The fun never stops, Tim handed me a message from Lawrence Vernon that a USAF C-40B/C had just left Andrews Air Forse Base. It carried the National Security Advisor Melton Cree in charge of a group of technicians and supervisors from the USAF, NSA, CIA, DIA, Corporation designers and builders of your morning’s acquisitions. The message continued that they wish to speak to the whole design and operation team. Mr. Cree has personal instructions from the President to you to conduct.

I ordered Tim to gather the girls and the rest of the mob with this morning’s equipment. We will convene in the Aviation Training Academy hangar in Thirty minutes. Contact Allen, Cindy, and their government contract specialist as they need to be there to protect the girl’s interest.

I Also ordered that there aircraft our people directed to the Aviation Training Academy hangar with no passengers unloading until they reached the Aviation Training Academy hangar. I do not plan to offer them our hospitality or delay dinner unless ordered to do so by POTUS.

On arriving at the Aviation Training Academy hangar, I noticed Two Carrier Ammunition Tracked (CAT) resupply vehicles in front of it. Both had in place of the M-2 mount a small satellite dish and beside it an item similar to the AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System the U S Navy had just started testing. On the center it had a phase a ray non-rotating search radar system. As I went around the back all I saw was a huge radiator. Kariwase came around to the back and said the girls needed 2500 Kw for their system to operate at maximum range of 100 K. The Girls had mentioned to Major Harvy that they needed 2500Kw. And asked if he could spare it after the restoration of the power system so they could do tests. He came to me and said he could not approve of that amount of power taken from the system even after the emergency was over. He did believe he had an answer and asked me if he could contact Moria Leeann Bronski on their behalf. She was in charge of developing a self-deploying 3000 Kw diesel fueled power generating system that used a CAT as the vehicle base.

She and Four members of her team were in our shelters. Her workshop was down under industrial buildings #47. It is another building with Four floors under it. The building contains work areas that CEC isolated from one another to control in what direction development on any projects went. The girls have been too busy with this project to explore the rest of the buildings secured areas. Yes, I have said no exploring without specific approved adult accompaniment for the purpose of exploring.

The system her team was working on was the placement of a Caterpillar 2750 kW 3512E generator incorporated into the CAT body. She had Four prototypes from Seventy-Five to Ninety percent complete. The floors of what is now the DRCS (Drone Recommanding Control System) we lined with batteries to allow the DRCS to move on battery power. The 3512E charges the DRAC batteries when it is in operation. The generator can run as the system moves, but it is noisy.

Moria, the girls, and their work teams worked on them during the storm and integrated their Flying Vampire system, as they are calling it, into them. I did the major work on the power system to Flying Vampire system connection. This system is a power hog. Jefferson and Alaxander helped me trim power needs. The girls are using fiber optics to save weight.

It takes Two DRCS’s for the system to operate. Each sends up a laser beam at the target and the second receives the return. This allows Two chances to get the information and take control of the target. The system computers, and it takes Six to operate the DRCS. The controllers sit on the other side of the radiator fan with an armored bulkhead and Twelve inches of sound proofing.

The six stations are, three on each side going down the center, so controllers face each other. Station One operates the outgoing laser as guided by station Six. Two the receiving dish for the bounced back signal. Three The Flying Vampire Control Locking and Control system. Four interlocking the Two DRAC’s transmitting and receiving signals together. Five the pilot control station to operate the acquired Drone. Six is the Radar and target awareness system. The driver who can also be a System Operator as the system must stop and be stable to operate. The assistant driver who is also the Generator Operator set in front of the engine also with an armored bulkhead and Twelve inches of soundproofing, they also enter from the top. If we choose, we can target an object and through a massive power charge delivered through the laser, fry all the electronic systems. The charge will even jump tripped circuit brakers.

In future systems we plan to shorten the power takeoff drive shaft so that we can move the system operators into a common cab with the driver and asst driver/generator operator. Possibly using the track and the suspension of the M-1 with our Electric Drive on a purposely designed body due to the system’s weight. The place of the stations will be Three by Two but rotated 90 degrees with Three across seating. This will allow for the need for only one soundproof wall and also allow for easier crew entry and exit. And that ended my quick tour.

Our people gathered with the DRCS’s and set them up. Jackson again as the captured Drones pilot. I had the girls turn on both of the captured Drones internal systems so if the operators were still in the control room, they could read data from the aircraft. I saw the abilities of their system and was proud of their accomplishments and glad they were on our side.

The tower called and our guests were on final. Ten minutes later the aircraft parked in front of the Aviation Training Academy and our ground crew brought an exit way to the aircraft. I had decided to let them come to us, so we waited inside the hangar. Art had sent a dozen armed Wappinger Nation Militia to the hangar.

1830 A man stepped into the hangar and introduced himself as POTUS’s National Security Advisor Melton Cree and his Deputy Simond Bond from NSA he then handed me a sealed packet. That I opened with a knife Tim handed me. I noticed the Top Secret on the seal, thus the need for a knife.

The instructions inside stated that the National Security Advisor Melton Cree was there to evaluate the girl’s system and purchase it for the exclusive use of the United States Government. They were to release the Drones to their controllers and then take control of them again. The evaluation would take place Monday, 30th of January, starting at 1000 and finishing at 1500 local time. At the advice and consent of the Joint Chief of Staff and consent of Congress, I was to Commission Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce a Colonel in the United States Air Force. Also, May Silver Fox, Wynette Lee Silver Fox, Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, and Elizabeth Anne Pierce as Active-Duty Regular Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force with precedence by birthday, oldest to youngest. Their Commissions were in the packet. Also in the packet was authorization for me to grant Top Secret Security Clearance to all the team members.

Tim noticed my facial puzzlement and I handed him my instructions. After he read them, he passed them to Mrs. Ruth, K and then Consuela. Mrs. Ruth said at dinner as you have established the precedent. All others agreed.

All right, here is the Operation Plan Monday 30th January at 1000 we will launch the drones, and control turned over to the original operators. We will than take back control and land the aircraft again. We will do this thru Six rotations with the test ending at 1500. NSA has given me the authority to award the necessary security clearances to all that need them. here is the most difficult part.

At the advice and consent of the Joint Chief of Staff and approval of Congress the POTUS has Commission as of 0000 today Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce is an Active-Duty Regular Colonel in the United States Air Force. Jennifer May Silver Fox, Wynette Lee Silver Fox, Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, and Elizabeth Anne Pierce are Active-Duty Regular Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force with precedence by birthday, oldest to youngest.

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