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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 116

1250 Saturday 28 January

NSA Headquarters outside Washington DC Officer of the Day reporting to the Deputy Director Operations

What in the hell do you mean that at 0940 this morning you lost control of Two Atomics MQ-1 Predator Drones? And you believe that the people who took control of the aircraft from you just landed them inside their perimeter. Then shut down all communications including all emergence satellite location beacons.

Four Questions: Why are you informing me of it Three hours later. What were Two Atomics MQ-1 Predator doing over that area anyway. Who Authorized the Missions? Most important, what in the hell happened to Two operational Atomics MQ-1 Predators. People just took away control of them from you well they were in flight.

I am ordering you Three detained as Material Witnesses to a Security Breach until the Director investigates the situation. You as The Duty Officer will provide the authorization orders for the mission. Explain why the mission is not on my plan for the day. If it was a late authorization, why did you not report the addition of the missions to me? You Two as Operators when handed the mission should have asked for the authorization orders signed by me as the Deputy Director Operations. You will now write up your report with answers to questions One, Two and, what happened during Three. The real answers as to how will come from others elsewhere. Security escort them to separate rooms and provide the writing materials they need for their reports. Now go as I make my phone calls.

I remembered the POTUS Chief of Staff talking about that place I will call him first.

I picked up the secured phone, dialed the White House Situation Room, and reached the Duty Officer. I informed him that I was Mr. Amond, the NSA Duty Officer and needed to speak to the POTUS Chief of Staff right now. In just a minute he was on the line.

Mr. Vernon, what kind of base is Wolverine Field? I have just been informed by the Drone Control Office that at 0940 this morning. Two Atomics MQ-1 Predators that were flying over it, and doing a mission that this Command has no record of. The Drones Operators had the command of the systems taken from them in midflight. The operators believe the people who took over control of the drones landed them on the base and then shut down all the drone systems. The shutdown includes the emergency satellite location systems. How do we proceed from here?

1215 Saturday 28 January President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon

Before you hit the complete panic button wait. I will make a phone call to them and figure out what is going on. Hold the Operators on Duty and get their statements. Inform your supervisor of the incident and tell them the White House will handle it. We expect a full report from you by 1600 today.

I dialed Roberts’ number and he had turned his phone off. I knew Robert was dealing with the New Governor of New York and would not answer his phone until later. I would send a message through the message center for him to call me as soon as he could.

I knew pushing for answers before he was through with the governor would not achieve anything and only make the problem worse.

I knew if his people had the Drones, they would be physically safe. Though not safe in flight from his people it seemed.

At 1545 Robert called me. I said Robert, what in the hell is going on and what do you have to do with Two Atomics MQ-1 Predators that the operators lost at 0940 this morning?

1545 Saturday 28 January Robert

The Air Force and Army have not obeyed the rules of the Artic Assault Games. Teams could not have electronic navigation devices on the course this day. I do not know if the Drones were doing electronic mapping or course intelligence, but it is not within the rules.

My girls last night told me they discovered a way to take control of or destroy Drones electronically within One-Hundred Kilometers of their system. They asked for an Atomics MQ-1 Predator to evaluate their system on. I said when they get a security clearance to operate with the drones, they could ask their Trust Funds for the money. They decided to just take what others offered them.

Their system also has the ability to pinpoint a Drones location within ¼ of a meter on any XYZ axis. When they detected the drones today, they asked me if they could bring them down, I said Yes, and they did.

An experienced Marine trained Drone Pilot landed the Drones. I have secured The Drones, and they are undamaged. When their Service Chief arrives, I will turn the Drones over to them, or the girls will put them back into the air and turn control back to the original handlers.

The Drones are in a secured hangar under close guard. I have given orders that no one will go near them, touch them, or open any panel, especially Mine and Tims girls who are under Kariwase control at this time.

Lawrence Vernon

How did they do it? Are all our systems vulnerable to them?


I do not know. The Wappinger Nation Inc. will hold the Patent/Copywrite/System Design in Trust with each girl having an equal share. If the Government wants the system, the girls will be part of the negotiations. You will need to issue a current security clearance to those that work with them on a daily basis. Part of their request will be other Drone Systems to evaluate their system on. We will just have to see if other systems are vulnerable.

Lawrence Vernon

You can expect verry upset people from NSA, CIA, and DIA to be on their way to you shortly. I will let them know that hardball will get them nowhere. I cannot guarantee they will do it that way. I do not know how you get One problem solved and find a way to jump into a bigger One. Do you live only in a crisis world? You do not want a little peace and tranquility.


They will do it our way or go home, and I will give the Drones to the girls to play with. Besides, you overrate peace and tranquility. We only grow by adversity. And besides, you would have no reason to call me otherwise.

Lawrence Vernon

I will have sonnets written of your great accomplishments if you can just find it in your heart to give me a week of no waves coming from Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. I need to talk to the President about this. Now can you not just have the girls find more money instead of embarrassing the Intelligence Community. I then hung up.

Mr. President as I knocked on his door, Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation has embarrassed the USA, USAF, and the Intelligence Community. At 0940 This morning they hacked and took control of Two Atomics MQ-1 Predators flying unauthorized over their field. The operators believe that the Drones landed at MCAS Wolverine Field. All systems, including the emergency satellite location devices, the people who took control of them have shut them down. The NSA Deputy Director of Operations called me after finding out about it at 1215 hours. Over Three hours after the incidents. NSA has not authorized the missions or flights. The worst part of it is that a collection of Six, Thirteen to Fifteen under control of a Sixteen almost Seventeen-year-old created the system and wrote the software that accomplished the hacking.

Robert has confirmed they have possession of the Drones, and he has them secured. We can negotiate the conditions of their recovery with the girls.

Robert then said, “The Wappinger Nation Inc. will hold in Trust for the girls the Patent /Copywrite/System Design with each girl having an equal share. If the Government wants the system. The girls will be part of the negotiation. A current security clearance for them issued by The Intelligence Committee to those that work with the system on a daily basis. Part of their request will be other Drone Systems to evaluate their system on.

President Alfred E Newman

Send the National Security Advisor Melton Cree to be in charge of any Intelligence people going up to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. Ensure he knows ramrodding them will only get them thrown off their property. I will speak to his team before they leave.

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