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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 115

1020 Saturday 28 January Main Gate Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Tim

Just made it to the gate as all the Militia on the gate were forming up and checking their posts and the Two assault guns. They had positioned the guns so that both gun barrels intersected at a point that was One hundred meters down range. The point was at the center of entrance lane Two that the Governor would pass through. I was the Command Officer of The Day and would officially welcome Governor O’Tool and his family. Nelson had the parking area cleared of all snow and we had Six busses warmed and running.

People that were from the circus did not want to give up their car, but it was that or no show. At 0730 this morning I had gone over with a State Police BGen Mike Yancy Alden, the new Deputy Commander New York State Police, the plans, and who would get a pass to drive on Wolverine Field and who would not. We had few disagreements with him being stricter than I was so the number was ten lower than I planned. It would make life easier for our Security People.

Mrs. Ruth was there to meet him in the girls Rolls, with her Chauffeur Kelson dressed as a Chauffeur should. Except for his uniform the staff had made it from Buck Skin with fringe and the Gahsdo:wa of the Wappinger Nation with the crossed Male Cardinal Feathers. It did look different, but it did look good. The Governor, his family and his Chief of Staff and his family changed from their SUV to Mrs. Ruth’s “Car.” The Governors girls could not believe they were riding in a Rolls Royce. Daddy had come up in the world. We had people demanded driving passes, BGen Alden, stepped in and said you do not rate a vehicle pass get on the bus or go home. After everyone loaded on the buses. He said to me there are people that still think their name or history will get them something in the Capital. They will learn this is a different administration whose only task is to serve all the people and not save the best for friends or associates. BGen Alden did comment on the assault guns placement that everyone who saw the aiming point realized you want us to receive you on your terms or you will fight for your terms.

We rode in my SUV and as I took my Gahsdo:wa off to get in, he asked the significance of it. I replied each Nation of the Six Nations has a different Gahsdo:wa. Even though we are not of the Six Nations we wear this one of our design. The crossed male Cardinal feathers is to warn our enemies we wished to live in peace but will shed blood if pushed too far. I led the Convoy to one of our big hangars where our Militia and the Military Units had lined up for the courtesy inspection troop line. That over with we went to where The Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. International Headquarters was located.

The ride up the elevator included the story of the bathroom that used to be in it and of its removal. All people now had the use of the elevator and did not have to have the magic key of importance. On the ninth floor that Robert had converted to our formal restaurant. Rules required a coat and tie, and a hat. encouraged for men. A dress or skirt and blouse for the women purses and hats were optional but encouraged. I was surprised that all obeyed the dress code though I could see there were people that thought it was draconian and out of fashion. Mrs. Ruth set these rules to encourage our people to look professional and caring about how you dress influenced the rest of your manners and attitude.

Raleigh had all the crew tuned to perfection. Our serving Staff, Raleigh had them polished and attentive. The courses served quickly but not rushed. The speeches are short but letting the other side know your position. We broke into small groups for dessert and a work section.

Kariwase and Mrs. Ruth took the Governor’s wife and mother for a tour of the Longhouse. The girls took the Governor’s daughters on a tour of the Wappinger Nation Academy and Wolverine Field Recreation Center with all the girl shadows. The Eight guys stayed around the HQ Building as needed high paid on call gofers.

BGen Alden, The Governors father, who the Governor had called out of retirement to lead his Official VIP Security Department, and other of the State Alphabets met with Art, Me, Secret Service Agent Roper Dale, Federal Marshall Parker Byron, and others Federal Alphabets to talk about security matters.

With RPI being on our property, for the time being there would be no daily trips for them. The Secret Service and Diplomatic Protection Agency arranged for One to Three trips a week from the Diplomat Security Training Center. It would depend on the number of trainees and a week’s notice of the requested days, times, and locations.

We of The Wappinger Nation would try to give Three hours’ notice of pop-up trips and a weekly posting of planned trips. We agreed that The Tri Cities of Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and the State Police Tactical Teams could use our Range to include the Combat Town that we were building and Thousand-meter sniper range. One week a Month on a rotating bases without charge other than supplies used, and they provide their own ammunition.

Handling of non-Nations People crimes on Wolverine Field, the Federal Courts and Federal Marshals would oversee Wappinger Nation, MCAS Wolverine Field. In an emergency we would provide what support we could as Federal Marshals. In the event of a massive riot or civil unrest we would hold what prisoners we could but only under a Federal Declaration authorizing assistance

Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation would be under our rights as an independent nation to order anyone we chose banned from our property. If they persist in trying to gain entrance, we will hold them in custody until the State Police came and arrested them on Criminal trespassing charges. Local courts would prosecute them. Federal Courts if warranted. We finished our work in a half an hour, and we offered to show our Guests around our facilities.


Governor O’Tool and I addressed the Elephant in the room right from the start. The Wappinger Nation and land claims. He conceded the existence of the Wappinger Nation as New York State did under Eleven different pieces of legislation. That was law and recognized Wappinger Nation with the Late Senator Jackson as Principal Chief. With the DOI and BIM recognizing me now as the Principal Chief. The State of New York would recognize Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, Principal Chief of the Wappinger Nation, and Wolverine Field as it currently exists as our Principal Nation Lands. He could not concede to us all the lands we claim due to the loss of property taxes to municipalities, the loss of municipalities themselves, and people’s property rights. There were accusations, land sales were fraudulent and Fifteen percent that were outright theft. He would concede we had nothing to do with the fraudulent purchases. The State Government and State Courts would direct no charges against us for them unless we pursued those claims.

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