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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 114

Judge Olson

I am bringing Special District Court Judge Antonio Gerado’s ruling on the Renewable Energy System Sales. The sales are final. The opening and closing dates were in the published documents as required. In the future The Courts have ordered that all disposal and other government sales must be in the First paragraph list the opening and clothing dates in numerical dates and Alphabet dates.

I as an Appellate Court Judge have written an Appeal Opinion supporting and concurring with Judge Antonio Gerado’s ruling. The next Appealed will be to a Three Appellate Judge panel but with the ruling on solid ground, I do not expect any Appeals to change the Decisions.

All the Renewable Energy Projects, with the land they occupy, listed in the sales publication are the property of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and you may do with them as you wish.


Tim, get me Lawrence Vernon on the phone.

Lawrence Vernon

What world changing event have you accomplished this time, Peace in the Middle East?


No, This is a heads up. Consumer Electric Corporation and The Department of Energy rigged, through careful wording the sale of all the renewable energy projects the Federal Government paid for.

Though the wording of the sale was misleading, It did provide all the required information. I have the Official Opinion of a Federal Judge that the sale was legal and is final as the DOE has cashed the check and given Consumer Electric Corporation the deeds to the properties dated 8 January this year. An Appellate Court Judge has given a Concurrent Opinion of the legality of the sale. I will FAX you the documents with the notes of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Attorney and the Judge’s Rulings. Tim sent the documents.

Lawrence Vernon

After a quick read I must agree with the Judge’s Rulings.

I would wish you to not act on this for Thirty Days to give the Government time to research the sale and present the rulings to a Three Appellate Judge panel. I believe they will hold up the current ruling and Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. owns the properties and energy systems. I will get back to you on this matter in Five days. Thank-You for the heads up. Giving you my number has paid dividends. Thank-You again.

Brian, Jeff your rats to kill and take care of. Give me a plan tomorrow before 1000 so I can inform the Governor. I will tell him we will not act until the end of the Thirty Days. We do though believe by the documentation and Federal Judge Rulings we own the Energy Systems,

That is all. I will see you at dinner and work stops at 2359. Enjoy the rest of your evening.


After Dinner Robert and I Spent another Two hours with our family with the Third only making it a half an hour. I told the Nanny, to The Third a friendly helper, that I would put him to bed and carried him to the elevator and up One floor to the children’s and young people’s rooms. Even though there are those that are older than me and put him in his bed. The nanny followed me. She said that if she had not and I had tired Mrs. Ruth would reprimand her and after today she would make sure to stay off her bad side. We both laughed so hard that The Third stirred but fell fast asleep when put in his bed.

Before I could leave Consuela came in with JR also followed by a nanny, JR’s friendly helper, saying the same thing as Consuela, who was Four month pregnant and showing it. That also brought on more laughs. And we left the room leaving our young ones in the best of care.

The girls talked of projects and with the help of a program they wrote for the “The IBM Blue Gene L” supercomputer. They believe they can read after Four or Five minutes the information, going to and from a drone, though a laser connecting beam. Figure out its frequency hopping and take control using a stronger signal. Or after just fifteen seconds of connection, in Ten seconds fry all circuits in the vehicles system. Sandra Lee said we would like to evaluate our system on military grade drones. So, when will you buy us a General Atomics MQ-1 Predator to play with? Robert replied when you received the required U S Military clearance to play with One, they could present the request to their Trusts to pay for it. That brought about collective pouting. At 2300 Robert said bedtime, now and after hugs, kisses, and good night they headed to their rooms.

0500 Our alarm went off, and Robert and I enjoyed us time again until our second alarm at 0530 when we got up. Douglass had started to run my bath as I entered my bathroom. I informed her it would only be a short one because of our full schedule today. I will wear the Tan dress today and my earrings from Mrs. Ruth. if I needed to change, I would put on the Forest Green dress. I asked her to pick out an appropriate hat and handbag for each dress and she chose well for both dresses. She had dressed me, and I was ready for the day at 0600.

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