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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 113

1930 January 27th Staff Conference Wolverine Field Robert

Keep your seats people, this meeting relates to Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and Wappinger Nation at Wolverine Field. I will encourage all of you that are here to remain. We will hear reports about what is happening now and not what actions people did earlier today. I noticed Raleigh sitting beside Mrs. Ruth. Mrs. Ruth our Wappinger Nation Mother what is the status of our Wolverine Field and Wappinger Nation Families?

Mrs. Ruth

We will commence all normal Education Programs of Wappinger Nation Academy at Wolverine Field Commencing 13th of February and we will have sufficient staff. We will have full staffing by the 27th of February. Our first week will involve placement testing for all students K5 and above. Our Boys and Girls Basketball and mixed Cheerleading placement will also commence at that time. We will not make a league this year, but my people will try to arrange a slate of non-league games. Full-time Childcare will also start on that date. Those needing late, night, or early morning care need to fill out the paperwork now. We will be starting normal operating hours for all recreation venues and Food Service Operations that day also. Our Travil agency will start business that day also.

We will start Youth and Adult Inter-mural Hockey and Basketball on the 13th of February. If you have a work section or neighborhood group that wishes to play sign up now. Bowling and Indoor Tennis will start on the 15th of March. Baseball/Softball the 1st of May. Plan now if you want to play.

New Child in a Family/Change in a Family Classes, American Red Cross Life Saving/CPR classes, Lifeguard Classes, and Baby-Sitting Classes will also start on the 13th of February.

Our Husband-and-Wife Band and Choir Directors Arron and Rebecca Chones are looking for Singers, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, and Roadies to form a performance live musical and theatrical organization. They will perform free concerts at our theater and in warm weather our outside venue. Sign up on the web site if you wish to perform.

We have Medical, Religious, and Substance Abuse Counselors on our Family Staff. All visits before an event are Confidential and will not reflect on any job review. Ordered visits after an event will reflect on Performance and Employment Reviews. See someone before an event happens. This is all I have at this time, I will think about changing the World Tomorrow, Thank You. I then sat down to applause.


Mrs. Ruth could you please give me a warning before you start changing the World next time. John Boy your next.

John Boy

As Mrs. Ruth said all our venue Operations will start their regular schedule on the 13th of February. We have limited Teen jobs available. Before they apply, they must acquire a work permit from the school detailing the number of hours they can work and the jobs that they can do, and Wappinger Nation Academy will allow. Again, this is before they come looking for a job.

Raleigh has selected tomorrow’s Luncheon Staff, as he acknowledged Raleigh with a nod of his head. Non-Longhouse staff are receiving additional training. The Longhouse Chef and Wine Stewart have selected the Menu and Wine List. Mrs. Ruth and Mrs. Kariwase will review and approve of both. Done.


Raleigh, do you have anything to add?


Sir, I will be using this for training of the house staff for the Presidential Visit on February 28th-March 1st. I have instructed the Staff that the Formal China, Silver, and Crystal for our guests for tomorrows visit.

A tour of the Longhouse by the Mistress Mrs. Pierce to the Governors Lady would ensure the House Keeping Staff felt included in the festivities. Done, Sir.


Kariwase, could you and Mrs. Ruth arrange a tour for the Governor’s wife and mother? I am sure Mrs. Ruth can introduce you. Mrs. Ruth just smiled at my comment. K replied, “Yes Dear.” I knew I had set myself up for trouble, but it was too late now.

Art The Wappinger Militia Status


The Wappinger Militia have a dress uniform based on Army Service “Dress A” pants, Shirt, and Ranks but with a Fringed Buck Skin Jacket. Your girls found a large quantity of them, in one of there, let us explore missions. The girls showed me a design of a new Gahsdo:wa of Two crossed Male Cardinal feathers in the headdress. This was a warning to our foes. I would like to make this our dress uniform. We have enough of the uniform items on hand. The supply staff has found, modified, or created to allow all sentries and guard posts from our Security Force to be in a Militia Uniform. Also, a full Company of Militia for inspection by the Governor. The Pierce and Silver Fox Girls designed the Uniforms and found all the items needed in our storage areas. As soon as Nelson lets me know that Facilities, has the snow cleared, I will move the Two assault Guns to the Front Gate. That is all for now, and I do not plan to change the world tomorrow or any day thereafter.

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