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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 112


Mrs. Ruth had spent the afternoon at the Federal Compound and then left our Reservation in company with Three Federal Marshals and on arriving back after 1600 but said nothing to anyone. When asked by K she replied she went on a mission for Judge Antonio Gerado and added no more.

My and Tims girls came running in and said our Channel 4 News team received a visit from the Governor’s assistant press secretary. He informed them that the Governor would address the State of New York at 5:45PM and our news crew was to attend. On setting up the Press Secretary approached them and said she would call on them first and give them a follow-up. I was to say the least gob smacked. My phone rang, it was Danial who gave me the news the girls had made. When I told him the girls had informed me. He replied there are Three ways of getting news out: Telephone, Television, and Tell a Woman. Which got me to laughing and a raspberry from the girls that heard him on the phone. I said you dug this grave, and I am not helping you out. He replied to me it has been a nice life, but I do not know anything more than the girls overheard, I will call if I hear more.

I shouted out we have a major breaking news address coming from our Governor in about Twenty to Thirty minutes, so stay tuned. I headed to my office and called Lawrence Vernon, he replied has the Governor attacked. I said no, even worse he called a news conference, and his press people offered my news crew first question and a follow-up. This stopped him for a minute, he then asked for the feed over one of our secure channels. He added, this day had gotten verry interesting. Will do, I replied. I signaled for Tim and told him to get it set up and he ran off to do it. I went to the News Broadcasting Center to watch.

At 5:40PM The Chief Justice of the New York State Court of Appeals came walking to the podium and said I will take no questions. This afternoon at 4:00PM The Governor, Lt Governor, President of the New York State Senate, Three other State Senators, and Three Assemblymen who have planned the State FEMA response to the Weather Disaster have resigned from Office effective immediately.

I and Four Justices of The New York State Court of Appeals gathered to hear the matter. We have issued a 5-0-2 decision: Five excepting the Resignations as legal and final, 0 opposed, and Two justices not available. I am here to swear in Assembly Speaker and the next State Official in secession still in Office Jonathan Michael O’Tool Junior as the Governor of The State of New York. His Mother Berettas and Father retired Captain and chief Detective of the Albany Police Department Jothan Michael O’Tool Senior are here to hold the family bible for him to take the oath on.

My phone rang, it was Lawrence Vernon he said quick POTUS wants your reporter’s question to be. What is the Governors position on The Federal Government and Federal FEMA personnel on the emergency relief operations. I quickly relayed that message to the Producer who sent it to our News Team on the scene and they acknowledged the message. I returned to the screen just in time to see and hear the applause. New York State Governor Jonathan Michael O’Tool Junior on the bottom of the screen by our News Channel.

New York State Governor Jonathan Michael O’Tool Junior

I will make a short speech and allow for questions from the press. I have taken the Oath of Office in a time of great turmoil. I will not answer questions about the turmoil but move ahead with getting things organized and our State Government back on track to serve the people of this great State. Channel 4 news question. That made the room silent.

Channel 4 News reporter Christiana Collions

Governor O’Tool what is your position on The Federal Government and Federal FEMA personnel on the emergency relief operations?

Governor O’Tool

Is this from your boss, do not answer that, I will be calling him after this conference, a real Lady and verry nice person gave me his number. The Federal Government and Federal FEMA personnel are experts on emergency relief operations. State Governments should have an input on the application of Federal Aid but cannot demand control of it. Follow-up

Channel 4 News reports Christiana Collions

What is the status of the Wappinger Nation property claims with your administration?

Governor O’Tool

We will review the laws that are currently on the books of the State of New York, Federal Statutes, and then sit down and discuss the issues hopefully when the President comes to the area the last days of February.


Lawrence Vernon on the phone again.

Lawrence Vernon

What did your Mrs. Ruth do? You have only Three Real Ladies and verry Nice people that could pass out your number. Husbands have somewhat of a control over Two of them.


I suggest you ask Special District Court Judge Antonio Gerado as she told K she was doing something for him this afternoon with Three Federal Marshals and her chauffeur as company. He replied we will never get the whole story. Whatever she did, she solved one of the worst Federal/State conflicts since the Civil Rights Era. The President sends her and you, his thanks. He hung up. I looked up and saw the conference was over and yelled Tim Staff to the Large Conference Room as I knew I could not limit the numbers that would attend.

It was full when I arrived with all senior Military and Company people in their assigned place. My phone rang as I entered and yelled “keep your seats” as I answered the phone.

Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior PhD, Principle Chief of the Wappinger Nation at Wolverine Field, The Sachem of the Wolverine Subclan, of the Little Bear Clan, of the Nation of the Mohawk, Of the Six Nations, addressed by the Nations as Currahee Nations “He who stands alone for the Nations”, Commanding General Wappinger Nation Militia, Major General United States Army Commanding Operations Flash Freeze, Frozen Assets, and Flash Igloo Speaking, who am I addressing, and I am on speaker phone with my many staffs in attendance.

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