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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 11

Tuesday 19 June 11:00AM Pierce home Watervliet, NY Kariwase

My Two weeks with Robert were all I had dreamed of, we did not see much of Bermuda, but we did see each other. On the trip down I was able to fly the Toy our Cessna 172S Skyhawk and asked what I needed to get a license. Robert said since I was Sixteen, I could get a student’s license, at Seventeen with enough flight hours I could get my private license if my flight instructor endorsed my logbook. The Flight instructor he had in mind was by the book with no errors allowed. Him. When we landed at our home field, he got me my logbook and a manual on our Cessna 172S Skyhawk that would be my training aircraft.

I will have to carry a full load at RPI and achieve a 3.0 or better. The cost of flying would come from my trust fund. Flying must not take the place of any family event or private time with the children. I agreed and he had me refuel the Toy and put her away in her hangar. He told me next weekend was for the family but in Two weeks we could plan on Five or Six hours learning if I knew the Cessna 172S Skyhawk flight manual. I gave him a kiss and let out a loud screech of joy.

When we got home, I told everyone the news that I was going to learn to fly. Consuela said she would like to learn also. Timothy said he had his private with One Hundred-Fifty-Four hours and would like to get his ratings to fly the Bus. The girls asked can we learn too.


Kariwase stirred up a hornets nest when she announced she was going to get her private pilot’s license. Tim there is a great school in Florida that will do the training and I will send you there if we can get an opening the first Two weeks of August so you will finish the course before school starts. Jennifer you can get your logbook on your birthday, Wynette the same in One year. The rest of you girls Sixteen- years old by law. Two happy looks, Five not so happy looks.

Now what is has happened the last Two weeks.

Mrs. Ruth

I had the girls take the GED to see where we stand and all four scored 95% on all subjects. Using my contacts with the school system I had the girls take the ACT and SAT:

Sandra 1599/36, April 1600/34, Aleshia 1600/35, Elizabeth 1600/34.

On learning that all Four were Eleven-years-olds the boards tried to disavow the scores. Mrs. Ruth called Cindy Pierre the girls Attorney of Record and she said unless the organizations could prove cheating or manipulation on the test, the score would remain.

In less than a day both organization certified the score for all Four girls as correct and on record as official.

This happened Four days ago, Yesterday the offer letters started coming in. We turned off the house phone as it would not stop ringing.


I have had Eleven messages from RPI’s admissions office, and Three from the Chancellor. I just ignored them as I believed they were trying to get me to add a class or Two. I will call the Chancellor on the speaker phone.

Chancellor Martin Albert Chase

Robert, I see you have received my message. Robert answered I left my phone home as I went on my honeymoon, I married Kariwase.

That is your business as your Attorney has informed us. Now what is this I hear about your granddaughters SAT/ACT scores? Robert answered all are Eleven years old, Sandra 1599/36, April 1600/34, Aleshia 1600/35, Elizabeth 1600/34.

Today is Tuesday and I know you are not supposed to report back for Three weeks but could you bring the girls in Tomorrow and Thursday for them to talk to the faculty and take tests in Math, English, General Science, and their choice of study. We would like to see where the girls would place in at RBI and offer them scholarships and admission.


Sir, I have just in the last hour returned home. I will speak with the girls to see what their wishes and plans are. After I talk with them, I will speak with my wife and the girls tutor to see what they have to say. Then I will decide on the girls future education and the restriction and parameters of that education. When we have a decision, I will inform the Registrar Office and arrange the placement interviews and tests. Thank-You for your interest in our girls. Good Day and I hung up the phone.

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