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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 109


The Dowager called and requested Pizza, Soup, Salad, and bread for lunch, if possible. The request came from our Lord and Master Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, so of course it was possible. The Chef took it in stride and replied that the Lunch Pork Roast would become a Sweet and Sour Pork for dinner. He had started to keep Pizza Shells made by our baker and a sauce by him in the freezer to satisfy the Young People of the Longhouse. The Master and Lady like Pineapple, Spinach, and Diced Tomatoes. The Young People Vegetable, Six Cheese, Pineapple and Ham, Pepperoni, Six Meat of Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Pepperoni, Chicken, and Chopped Steak. We had all on hand. The Soup and Salad scheduled for lunch would do nicely.

1300 the live TV broadcast, of the last of our Guests, loading onto our contracted school buses wearing winter coats, boots, and pants. All carrying a lunch box for dinner if there were problems in the government shelter. Also shown live was the last of our medical care patients we moved to area hospitals.

Our news crews followed our former Guests and their refusal for entry into Two over filled Government Shelters. Their arrival at the State Capitol Building I had broadcast live; it was on all major networks along with their refusal for entry into the shelter at the Capitol Building.

A spokes men came out after a half an hour and condemned the so-called and illegal Wappinger Nation at Wolverine Field for forcing people out of there shelters.

One of our former Guests called out and asked why he and his family had to go to a private company run shelter in the first place. Managers had turned them away from, Three shelters before The Wappinger Nation at Wolverine Field let them in.

The Wappinger Nation only closed their shelters when the State of New York demanded that only the government could run shelters. Government FEMA trained people needed to take control of The Wappinger Nation ones. It was requiring The Wappinger Nation to continue to provide supporting food and other needs, under State FEMA control.

The shouts of shame, shame, shame the people yelled at the spokesmen until he reentered the building. When Thirty minutes had passed, and no one came out to direct them to a shelter, the people got restless and tried to storm the building. State Police with pepper spray forced the people off the steps of the building and back on the buses and ordered them to leave.

The people shouted where do they go, the State Police spokesman replied. That was not his problem. You will leave or The State Police will arrest you. People forced their way off the buses and said arrest us, at least we will be in a shelter.

Carl Jeffers

On seeing the lack of action from the State FEMA people. I got on the phone and called shelters. After Thirty minutes I had room for everyone. I took a police bull horn and faced the crowd as I know Robert did. It took me Two minutes to quiet the crowd. I called for everyone to reboard their buses and I would direct them to a shelter. When I saw that there were no drivers, I asked the people who knew how to drive a bus to get in the driver’s seat. I then proceeded to give each driver the name and place of a shelter location. The buses left the area and on their way to a shelter. The Governor came out and faced the news cameras. He again started to blame, as he called it, the illegal so-called Wappinger Nation at Wolverine Field. I lit into him of his lack of preparation for the disaster, the unwillingness to collaborate with people unless he was in charge. And he was trying to use the disaster, as cover to get his way, that he could not get legally another way. I handed him Robert’s letter. I looked at him and said I quit. I could not work with such incompetence that instead of finding shelter for people which took me Thirty minutes, he wished to blame others for his and his staff incompetence. I dropped the bull horn and walked away. News crews followed me. The Channel 4 crew offered me a ride and I took it home. As I left, I heard the governor yelling I would never work for any Local, State, or Federal Government Agency again.

Other news crews followed us. I got out of the Channal 4 van and the other news crews gathered around. I explained that after demanding control of the Federal FEMA operation the Governor was not even close to being prepared to take over the operation. His staff did not know the number of shelters that were open. The number of people that were in each of the shelters. What was the capacity of the shelters with the possibility of accepting more people? What were the needs of all the shelters?

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