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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 108


Mr. Vernon, what do I owe for the pleasure of hearing your pleasant voice?


Between your sarcasm and your attorney’s way of telling the Governor of New York to kiss your collective ass and other covered body parts, I should hang up, but I will not. First thank you for the advance copy of your letter to the Governor informing him of your decision not to support the storm recovery unless you can do it independent of the State control. he will not except your conditions.

Second this is from me, not POTUS. You may not believe it, but I and you have friends in the US Army Command. The U S Army Reserve will be sending you a message concerning the commissions of: Lester Miller, Lillian Oaks, Maybell Starks, Herald Tiller, Lela Downs, and Shenna Wright. They will all be Commissioned Reserve Officers in the U S Army Reserve. They will receive assignment orders to the U S Army Reserve HHC Company of the 408th Army Field Support Battalion Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

The Commander of all Reserve and Active Military Personnel on MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation will be Lt Col. Alfred Harvey. The unit’s mission is with the assistance of an assigned DOD Civilian and Active-Duty Reserves. To place into storage and them maintain the Equipment Of the 4th Brigade Combat Team U S Army Reserve Armor Brigade 1st Armored Division. The Brigade’s task will be to support the 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum with heavy armor if needed.

You will have the ability to place up to Twenty percent of your people into the reserve jobs with the ranks assigned as required. The Army will assign the Brigade and Maneuver Battalion Commanders. You may assign the support element Commanders. The Brigade Command will be reservists on extended active duty and will staff for continued use, the Command Center you have on MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

The Brigade Commander will staff MCAS Wolverine Field with sufficient people to keep it operational Twenty-Four/Seven for military use. The U S Army will base the Air elements of The 4th Brigade Combat Team U S Army Reserve Armor Brigade 1st Armored Division there. The USAF will base sufficient Combat, Control, and Logistic Reserve aircraft there to support the Brigade.

The Army in their wisdom have promoted Colonel Timothy Silver Fox to Brigadier and assigned him the command of the 4th Brigade Combat Team U S Army Reserve Armor Brigade 1st Armored Division

Pass on to your attorney that any time he wants a real job, I will give him One. His talents are a waste on the likes of you. Have a good day.


Della, get me Tim, Sampson Frank, Alfred Harvy, and Lt Col Lawrence Chapman of the 1st Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment please and request for me their presents in the small conference room at 1130. Thank you.

I was sitting at a table in the small conference room when at 1120 a knock on the door interrupted my thinking. Looking up I saw the request people had arrived. I said all of you come in and take a seat so we can do this quickly.

Lt Col Chapman holding a message and asked if this was about the new 4th Brigade Combat Team U S Army Reserve Armor Brigade 1st Armored Division. I replied it was.

I passed a copy of the messages to all in attendance and gave them an opportunity to read them and think about what information they contained. I then started.

First Alfred you are Colonel in charge of the Brigades Communications Systems to include this Command Center. Sampson a Lt Col in charge of the Maintenance Battalion to include the long-term storage of the Brigades Equipment. Tim you will command the Brigade, congratulations Brigadier Timothy Silver Fox USAR.

You can have all the, as the troops are calling them, One Day Wonders for your subordinate non- maneuver commands, and I hope we will not have an activation until after June. That is when we should have our house in order.

The Artic Assault Games will end the deployment of the military units we now have here. Those from the Cavalry that are on short time list you may recruit to join the US Armies newest reserve command. If they join the reserve unit Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. will find them a job. None of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Divisions will I allow to have more than Twenty percent reserves and only One of the Command or Deputy Commander in charge of each of our Divisions will be a reservist. In a massive call-up I want Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. to still function without massive difficulties.

Lt Col Chapman, your thoughts?

Lt Col Chapman

At first it seems idiotic to attach a Heavy Armor unit to a Light Mountain Division. A tank though can be verry persuasive in a disagreement if you can get it where you need it and can support it. But the real reason is to keep the equipment out of the hands of others. If the Government were to close Wolverine Field, the U S Government could move the equipment elsewhere with no legal argument of ownership.


My thoughts exactly. We will form this Command with the intent of supporting the 10th Mountain Division and not treat it as a legal maneuver. Thank you Lt Col Chapman I am sure that during the Artic Assault Games senior officers will present their views on the matter. Until then we will operate on the support for the 10th Mountain Division plan. So, get the equipment back in storage minus Two TO&E Companies with all the necessary support vehicles and equipment. One Heavy Armored Company for The Wappinger Nation Militia and One for the Army Reserves to train with. Thank You, continue.

As I started back to my office Allen and Brian Falcon stopped me and turned me back to the conference room and motioned for Tim to follow, also requesting that he contact Mrs. Ruth, K and Consuela, which he did and reported they would be here in five minutes.

Allen handed me a cover letter from a stack of papers he had in his hands, and I read it, stopped, and read it again. I asked is this legal. Allen replied I will explain it when the others arrive.

In Five minutes, the others arrive, and Allen has Tim close the door and ask Della to record the meeting and take notes. Allen then starts.


For the record I will request everyone in the room state their name and position with Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. as this meeting will be videoed and notes taken. Robert, will you start?

Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior CEO Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce Deputy CEO Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., Mrs. Ruth Ann Harper Jackson Mother Wappinger Nation, and Chairwoman Wappinger Nation Education System Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Board Member, Timothy Silver Fox Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation and Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Chief of Staff, Wolverine Clan Mother and Deputy Chairwoman Wappinger Nation Education System Consuela Leandra Tall Elk Silver Fox Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Board Member, Della Winters Executive Administrative Assistant to Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior CEO Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Recording Notes, Allen Pierre Lighting PA Lead Legal Counsel Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and Board Member, and Brian Falcon Director Energy Division Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and Board Member.

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