Genins Girls of the Nations - Cover

Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 107

0800 January 26th Robert Flash Igloo Command briefing

Keep your seats. Carl Jeffers, for the last morning I give you the floor, but please return it when you finish. We use it to cover the bodies and wish them to remain hidden.

Carl Jeffers

Robert, why take all the fun out of it? Now to the matter at hand, at 1400 this afternoon a military transport unit will move me and my staff to the State Capitol Building to join our FEMA Operation with the State FEMA Operation.

At 0000 Friday 27th of January all control of Operation Flash Igloo will be the responsibility of the State of New York. I have the understanding that Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. at Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation will cease participation in Operation Flash Igloo at that time. We will miss you.

I do request that you present by letter to the Governor, before that time, that you are a private company. You are using your rights to withdraw from any participation in Operation Flash Igloo. I will present the letter to the Governor for you if you provide it to me.

I would like to come back on base, if allowed, to see the Artic Assault Games. That got a chuckle from the crowd. Robert, the floor is yours, the bodies still covered.


Samuel your up.

Samuel Lafayette

All Sub Stations, Trunk Lines, and Main Transmission Lines are in service. We have replaced all downed power poles, pot transformers, and service lines in our authorized areas. As of 0730 Eighty-Nine percent of the homes have passed temporary occupancy inspections. My crews believe that by 2300 Ninety-Nine percent of the homes will pass temporary occupancy inspections in our authorized areas.

All Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. will be back on Wolverine Field by 2000 this evening.


Mrs. Ruth

Mrs. Ruth

With Samuels new totals we will have Forty-Two people from our service area in need of shelter. Our shelter manager informed me at breakfast that all had found a place with family and friends. So, we will not have to relocate people that live in our service area.

We have found hospitals that will take the transfer of all our medical patients. We will complete all transfers by 1300 this afternoon. Our people will be back at our home by 1500 this afternoon.

In a rapid move Arther moved One-hundred-Forty-Six people this morning that had planned to cause trouble over relocation to government run shelters. We ensured that all had a hot meal, a box lunch, and clothes that fit the weather we were experiencing.

That leaves Two-Hundred-Seventy-One to transfer. All have agreed to go without trouble to government run shelters. Most agree that it is not our choice, but one forced upon us by the Governor and his people. We will transport them after a hot lunch. We will provide each with a box lunch, and all will have clothing to fit the weather. They will arrive at the Capitol Building just as Carl arrives and delivers our letter.

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