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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 105

Mrs. Ruth

At the 1800 meeting, I, The Wappinger Peoples Nation Mother presented the proposal to close our shelters and the conditions for us to reopen them. The board of Directors unanimously voted to approve it at a called special business meeting of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Board of Directors.

Markus Night offered his assigned Level II House and its accompanying SUV to The Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA).

Alaxander Davis offered his assigned Level II House and its accompanying SUV to The Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF).

Martinez Davis offered his assigned Level II House and its accompanying SUV to The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).

Jackson Davis offered his assigned Level II House and its accompanying SUV to The Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC).

Jefferson Davis offered his assigned Level II House and its accompanying SUV to The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).

When Morris learned that the Commandant of the Coast Guard was coming Morris Hamilton offered his assigned Level II House and its accompanying SUV to The Commandant of the Coast Guard (CCG).

All the houses with the stipulation that The Service assigned units provide all the personal staff needed to run the house to include the drivers, cooking, and cleaning.

This let Robert off the hook of saying Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation could not support these Officers with housing and transportation. The men requiring the services to provide the house staffs also took the burden for their support off Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

The SEC DEF (Secretary of Defense), The SEC DHS (Secretary Department Homeland Security), and The Administrator of FEMA we will provide each with a Level I house and the Two accompanying SUVs. They also must provide all the personal staff needed to run the house to include drivers, cooking, and cleaning.

Robert was still not happy with the people of the USAF and USA higher headquarters but our young men stepping up did prevent key issues from happening that we did not need.

The SEC DHS would discuss how we integrated FEMA into our operation and how The State of New York demanding control of the operation affected recovery efforts and efficiency. This is one conversation Robert wanted to have with someone in the Federal Government. The location would be Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. FEMA would invite State Officials to attend if they wished.

Robert agreed but said we would hold the meeting at the RPI Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Campus in their Chancellor Conference Room that could seat Ninety-Six people in a secured venue. The SEC DHS agreed even though the Governor demanded he host it at the State Capital Building. The SEC DHS replied if he wanted to attend it would be at the RPI Chancellor Conference Room Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Campus 1400 February 3rd. If the Governor wanted to attend or send people to it, that was the assigned time and place, and there would be no venue or time changes.

1800 January 26th Operation Flash Freeze, and Flash Igloo Staff Meeting Sampson

Our Power and Dwelling Restoration Teams have divided into Four Sections and devised a Twelve hour on Six hours off schedule. This goes through until 2300 January 27th. All Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation employees will stop work in 2000 hours. Only Military and Civilian volunteer crews continued to work until 2300 as required by Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Board of Directors vote. None of our full-time employees will be on the volunteer crews. Local/Temporary Utility crews, Plumber teams, and Inspectors assisted by Military Personnel under command of their Officers will work until 2300. All then will stop working and await further FEMA instructions. We do plan to have all power returned to all substations and all utility poles outside of homes waiting for approval of inspectors to hook up power. We also plan to have all homes without structure or major freeze damage available for habitation.


I want to thank all people for these plans and all the challenging work done in these last Five days. We have had an influence on people’s lives and getting people back into their homes is the best thing we can do for anyone. Politics has prevented us from doing more but we should not put down our head in shame the fault is with others. Again, thank you all for the superior One Hundred Ten Percent effort.

I will see you at dinner. I believe I will meet The Wappinger Nation Mother’s Chief of Staff and her family. I am glad Mrs. Ruth, Kariwase, and Consuela have discovered that no matter how good you are, spread the load to others. You give authority to others to do the work. They do the work. That makes any job easier and gets it done faster and more efficiently. Again, see you all at dinner.

Mrs. Ruth

Mrs. Alberta Jane Chase, a service widow with Five children. Her husband Master Sargent Kilmer Chase killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. Her and her Children JR-Fifteen, Clara-Eleven, Lia-Nine, Dillion-Seven and Missy-Four would be a terrific addition to our growing Clan. Robert was pleased with our choice and instructed her on Kariwase pregnancy and his wish that she slow down.

To mine, Kariwase, and Consuela’s joy she looked at k and then at Robert and said she does not look to me to be a China Porcelain Doll that will break. She should be able to work until she feels it is time to slow down. She has a support staff that will ask her if we think she is doing too much, but the decision is hers when and if to slow down or stop. I know of ASSEY and the impact it will have on the world. That is her baby just as much as the ones she is carrying inside her. Its birth we will celebrate as much as we will celebrate her human children’s birth. And us girls had a group hug to celebrate our hire.

At 2130 after Dinner Alberta, Kariwase, Consuela, and I gathered with our Executive Secretaries. Alberta hired Mrs. Shena Melton, Widow with Two children Tomas and Pollyanna with a total of Seven grandbabies. Kariwase hired Malissa Teaks Who served Six years in the USAF as a C-130 Load Master. She graduated last December from RPI with a MS in Physics and would after she earned the needed money get her PhD. She also had a Multi Engine endorsement for her Pilots License. Consuella hired Emmy Downton Who finished her BS in Electrical Engineering from RPI. In Two and a half years by doing heavy summer classes and a full semester load. Emmy was also taking a break to earn money and had served Four years in the USAF as a C-130 crew member. I hired Racine Tess another Fifty-Two-year-old widow that had outlived all her family and had a Masters in English Literature.

We spent Half an hour getting to know one another and sketching out our plans on how the Office of Clan and Nation Mother would improve the lives of all who worked for Wolverine Clan Industries Inc.

We also invited Superintendent Wappinger Nation Academy, Dr. Moses Schoffer, and his Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jane Holman. Also, Deputies Grades 9-12 Dr. Norman Shell, Grades 6-8 Lynda Lee Paris, Grades 3-5 Victoria Nelson, Grades K-2 Penny Cartwright, and Birth-pre-K Marigold Falcon.

The Special Education and Needs programs will be separate from Wappinger Nation Academy. It will continue into the Adult Special Needs Program. We will hire the people we need at the time we need them to meet a Special Person’s Needs. It will remain under the direct control of Dr. Jane Holman Administrative Assistant Special Education and Needs Program. We had to figure out and hire an Administrative Assistant for each grade. Then estimate the number of students in each grade and their placement grade level in the Wappinger Nation Education System. I gave them the raw guesstimate Student numbers by current grade and stated the real numbers could go up Ten to Fifteen Percent. The grade changed by Two graduates up or down for teaching depending on our placement testing. We would group students in Middle school and higher by abilities and goals to improve their future. I estimated A total of 1800-1900 students with a current maximum capacity of Two-Thousand-Five-Hundred Students. I counted from Six Weeks to High School Graduation.

Our needs. Two-Hundred certified Teachers, Two-Hundred-Fifty Certified Teachers Aids, Seventy-Five Certified Physical Education Teachers, Sixty Art, and Music Teachers so a total of Five-hundred-Eighty-Five Teaching Staff that gives us a Teacher to Student Ratio at 1900 students of one teacher to every 3.08 students.

The Specialist teachers of the Arts, Music, and Physical Education will take over all classes during the time slot of PE and Recess, Arts And Music, and Study Halls. This will be a Teacher/Aid break time.

Estimated Student enrollment and staffing Grade 12-9 Five-Hundred Students, actual Staff 1-10. Grade 8-6 Three-Hundred Students, actual Staff 1-8. Grade 5-3 Three-Hundred Students, actual Staff 1-6. Grade 2-K5 Three-Hundred Students, actual Staff 1-5.

Preschool four and Three-Year-Olds Two Hundred Students, actual Staff 1-4. Preschool Two-Year-Olds, One-Year-Olds, and Older than Six Weeks Three Hundred Students, actual Staff 1-3.

Under The Preschool umbrella we will offer an After School program. Along with a limited number of After Hour seats for children younger than Thirteen-Years-Old for on shift working parents.

On Wolverine Field Children younger than Thirteen-Years-Old, by Our Children Safety Policy Manual, will not watch siblings as a “babysitter” nor will the parents or guardians leave them alone. Thirteen-Years-Olds who pass Wolverine Fields Baby Sitting Training Class will be able to look after siblings and other children for pay.

Preschool Administration Hours are from 0730 through 1630 Monday through Friday. Our Pre-School will have Five shifts. All classes will have Three assigned people in which Two will always be in the classroom.

First Shift, Thirty- Five Percent of our staff arrive at 0400 and work until 1600 Monday through Thursday. Friday is education improvement and required training 0730 to 1130.

The Second Shift, Thirty-Five Percent of our people will arrive at 1530 and work until 2030. Monday through Thursday. Friday is education improvement and required training 0730 through 1130.

Third Shift, Ten Percent of our staff will arrive at 2000 and cover the Monday through Thursday Night through Early Morning until 0500 Tuesday through Friday Mornings, Monday is education improvement and required training 0730 through 1130. After the charges are in bed and sleeping the staff will split sleeping and waking with Two staff Members always awake In a room with children. Third Shift pays a 10% differential.

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