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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 104


I heard it on the speaker phone and cried and said thank-you. You do believe in taking care of family even those who are only temporary. If The Governor of New York talks about the lack of shelters. I will tell him that Wolverine Field; Wappinger Nation will reopen shelters but only under Federal FEMA Control. Only with the right to do things the Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation way. If he attacks your closing operations, I will go on the news and tell the nation why you closed your operation and let him know I am doing it beforehand. He can try to get me fired and may succeed but I will not cover for his incompetence or self-grandeur.


If you need a job, come, see me. Carl said thank you as he left the room still with a tear in his eye. I hope he survives, the Federal Service, needs honest and diligent people, and he is One.

Now let me get back to work and figure out where this circus was traveling to next week after the military left. RPI was coming and flipping the facilities would take manpower, I hope Mrs. Ruth hires all as the workers we need. We will require hundreds to make this happen.

Mrs. Ruth

Robert had just given me carte blanche to hire and keep all the people we could that are currently in our shelters on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. All I had to do was find them jobs and permanent housing. After talking with Naomie, Moses, Jaa, Martha, Art, Samual, John Boy, and Betty. They told me I could Hire Five hundred people with families and half of the families could have both spouses working for Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. The families could have no more than a total of One Thousand Children due to education space. Martha requested no more than One Hundred Fifty with chronic health problems. Art requested no more than Two vehicles per household but would except Three if the family could prove the Third was a necessity.

From Naomie, Samual, and John Boy I found out our most critical needs were in the construction trades, Utility Services, and Manufacturing. We needed all the construction trades to construct the ESSAY Power Generating Stations. Wolverine Field was operating on half the Utility staff needed. The girls had convinced Robert and Kariwase that they were to manufacture electronic products. They wanted to manufacture their own chips. Also, for quality control purposes most if not all the other required parts. We had much of our hospitality and service industry positions filled with those people Byron had brought in to include the Casino, Convention Center, and Hotel.

I went to each shelter and informed all our guests we were closing our shelters due to the Governors actions. After talking with the shelter staff and with their assistance reviewing the registration information each guest filled out about occupation and family, I sent a list of One Thousand families to Art for security checks.

Three hours later Art replied that he had eliminated Two Hundred and Sixty families.

I took the list of the Seven hundred Seventy families and with Human Resources assistance broke the prospect families into skills and qualifications. HR compared the skills and qualifications against our needs and selected One Thousand Two Hundred and Ten people for interviews tomorrow. HR and supervisors from the specific skill needs areas would conduct the Interviews.

Naomie in 1700 informed me that I needed to get to the Command Building for the 1800 Staff Conference. My Transportation now that there was no need for a military vehicle was back to Kelson my Chauffeur and my Roles. He was waiting for me and took me to the Longhouse to freshen up.

My Ladies Maid Christian was waiting for me in my room with my bath ready. She had my clothes laid out, my dress and orange vest that a substantial number Three in Green on the back. The number showed I was responsible for the education of all people on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. I was proud to have that responsibility and the position of Wappinger Peoples Nation Mother.

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