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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 102


We were not only able to find Fifty Master Plumbers and Pipe Fitters in our shelters but Two hundred and Fifty Vocational Students, Apprentices, and Journeymen Plumbers and Pipe Fitters. Within an hour we had teams established with One Master, at least Two Journeymen (sometimes more), and Six Vocational Students or Apprentices on each of Fifty Teams of Nine people each. They would follow our Power Restoration Teams into an area and check on each home we returned power to. If the home needed plumbing crews will make house livable. If the Master Plumber cannot certify the home serviceable for water or sewage after our repairs the power crews will disconnect the power until people resolve the plumbing problems.

We had Code Enforcement Officers from all the counties in our designated areas and after checking with their Superiors, half of them were residing in our Shelters. They agreed our people who had an Engineering BS or higher Degree could issue Ninety Day Occupancy Permits based on the agreed criteria. After getting the Code Enforcement Officers and our Engineering people together we had Forty Inspectors.

I informed Robert that the County Leaders had approved of the plan and of the numbers of people we had doing the work he was more than pleased. Especially that I did not use Kariwase, the girls, already committed people, or our Special Maintenance Teams as Inspectors.

Marine driven Trucks and other vehicles will transport Our Teams from our stored vehicles. This would allow the Marines to prepare their vehicles for transport back to their bases. The Marine Commanders appreciate that.

I would have a busy day, so I skipped dinner and got to bed at 2000 with a wake up at 0400 to see my teams up at 0430 and after breakfast on the road at 0530. I had committed us to having the work we could do finished by 1600 Friday 27 January. I had Fourth-Four hours to do the work in and we would have it finished by then.

2200 Wednesday 25 January Janice

Our four Study teams of the Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. sat in the recreation room after dinner and talking about the Artic Warrior Assault Games and wondered who was going to represent The Operation Flash Freeze Command Element. Major Harvey and his wife walked by on their way from the bowling alley and Morris called to him and he stopped and entered. Morris asked if the Operation Flash Freeze Command Element not the HHC, but the Command Element was eligible to enter a team in the competition.

Major Harvy replied I do not see why not. And just what did we have in mind.

I replied, “We are all officially part of the Command Element. With You we have Twenty-Five people.

None of us has had any part of the competition planning save Doral Elwood Hayes and he has only been involved in the Rifle Range with the Weapons the scoring system they will use.

You are the Commanding Officer. Wilber Rotuman and Hernandez Martinez the Section Commanders. Byron Red Sky Nelson and Doral Elwood Hayes, the Section Sergeants. Martinez Sanchez Davis and Greagory Falter are our Medics/Corps Men. First Section First Squad: Jackson Andrew Davis, Johanna Warren, Lela Downs. Second Squad: Jefferson Alexander Davis, Me, Lester Miller. Third Squad: Alexander Boone Davis, Eloise Quayman, Herald Tiller. Second Section First Squad: Marcus Alton Night, Christine Shepard, Lillian Oaks. Second Squad: Morris Abraham Hamilton, Cassidy Sherman, Shenna Wright. Third Squad: Joseph John Boy Flaherty, Roseland Forest, Maybell Starks. This is a solid team, and all attached to The Command Element Operation Flash Freeze but not the HHC.

It would involve your senior enlisted personnel to step down from their current position. Us Officers are willing to step down for a chance to compete in the Artic Warrior Assault Games. If we want to compete, we must form a team under the Command Element as we do not fit in any other command to include the HHC. You do not either as you are now the Power Generating Plant Manager but still a part of the Command Element.

We cannot use BGen Timothy Silver Fox or CSM Smith as they are part of the HHC. We also cannot use the Girls no matter how hard they try to shoehorn themselves in as they are not now nor have been in the Military. Besides with them being on our team, it would guarantee a refusal of us entering the competition from MGen Pierce.

Would you consider our proposal? Our Officers will approach Byron Red Sky Nelson, Joseph John Boy Flaherty, Doral Elwood Hayes, Wilber Rotuman, and Hernandez Martinez. As far as our team being ringers, the 621 CRW has all Para Rescue people practicing as the USAF team. The Alaskan National Guard team also seems to have a large contingency of older senior rank people practicing for their team selection. All the units have gone, and hand pick a team to compete in their smaller unit’s competition.

Why should we not do it also?


I looked at my wife and she said go ahead and do it, you have been complaining about ringers being the teams and the HHC would not be able to compete on an even ground.

I replied if you people can get the others to agree to compete in the competition as a team. I will present The Command Element Operation Flash Freeze team names to MGen Pierce with my complaint that all the major commands are putting up a ringer team in their unit’s competition. I will also point out despite a great deal of pressure from his family, no minors our on this team, though I could name Six that could compete favorably in place of the senior members on this team.

Do you all agree to this? And all the people in the room save Six young teen people replied with a loud YES.

Elizabeth Anne

Janice, Will you let me, and the rest of the girls talk to Byron, John Boy, Doral, Wilber, and Hernandez? We will express it in such a way that if they do not except the invitation it will give us a chance to compete. I know Grampa will not allow a team with us on it to compete but even a slight belief in a chance of us competing will nudge them to except. Especially when we mention the placement of ringers on the teams by higher headquarters and suggest they look at the makeup of all the teams. I am sure our senior people crossed paths with all of them in the past and it will get Byron, John Boy, Doral, Wilber, and Hernandez to thinking why these overqualified people are here doing work well below their skill set and rank. I am sure the light will come on if it already has not already. They will agree to compete as a team if just to keep the other teams honest.

Getting Grandfather to allow the team to compete might take more convincing as his level of fair play and honesty about what rank is doing what job, it may require more push. We will talk to Mrs. Ruth, K, and Consuela for help in persuading Grandfather that the Command Element of Operation Flash Freeze is competing fairly with the people that the USA and USAF units are putting on their teams.

Major Harvy accepted my proposal of letting us girls talk to Byron, John Boy, Doral, Wilber, and Hernandez about the competition and the personnel on the rest of the proposed teams. They also accepted our discussing the team proposal with Mrs. Ruth, K, and Consuela for help in persuading Grandfather that the Command Element of Operation Flash Freeze is competing fairly with the people that the other unit’s higher headquarters are putting on their teams.


After looking at the clock on the wall, I said you girls are past your bedtime now get to bed before you get us all grounded for participating in your crime of staying up late. They gave each of us shadows a kiss as they walked out. I heard Major Harvy say 0530 is coming early and you should get to bed and with said good night all and followed us out. I noticed as I rounded the corner the lights had gone out in the room as the last person left it.

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