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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 101

1800 Wednesday 25 January Robert

Carl your meeting, His reply was I know I am in charge on paper, but everyone knows you are the Ring Master for this Circus, so continue.

Jardine, weather. Her reply was snow will stop by 1000 Friday 27 January, Winds will calm to Five to Seven MPH from the South, and temperatures will rise to near or slightly above freezing. There will be freezing after the sun goes down, but the wind will still be from the South to Southeast and the temperature will be around Twenty degrees with the wind Three to Five MPH.

Samuel asked about tomorrow’s daytime weather. Jardine reply was light snow, One Half an inch per hour, temperature Twenty-Eight, winds out of the east Ten to Fifteen MPH.


Robert, we have trained our crews as well as we can on base. Tomorrow I would like to send out teams to start tree removal replacing the poles we can but not wiring them until Friday. Recovering pot transformers for testing and recoverin wire for reuse.

I would also send out maintenance crews to utility infrastructure we have a maintenance contract on to clear Solar Panels and maintenance check on Wind Turbines. We would also like to do a survey on the supply transmission lines and substations.

This would safely give us a head start on the power grid repair. It would also give us a chance to check on the equipment we have created to ensure it will do the job we intend it to do. I would like to request that a second Bob Cat, Bucket Loader, or similar equipment you add to each team for snow removal and vehicle recovery. Each team, if possible, needs a recovery vehicle with them to move the recovered vehicles to a central location.

If a recovered vehicle has human remains in it the location reported, and the vehicle put out of the way and marked in such a way to allow the people who would recover the remains to find the vehicle.

If we find live victims, we need Medical personnel on hand to assist them and a means of medical transport should be with each team.


I will approve the start of recovery operations tomorrow, but when the sun goes down, they stop. Medical Personnel and a Medical Bradley or Stryker I will add to each of your teams. The recovered of vehicles we must arranged through the County Sheriff. Art, will you oversee the arrangements? It would be nice to have a LLEO with each team, but the LLEO I know because of the disaster are short people and over committed.

Whatever we do, I will hold all supervisors responsible for the safety of their team members. I will except No excuse for an injury or death on a team. Your team is operating safely, or they are not. It is the people in charge who determine safety by operating in a safe and they will set an acceptable example.

Mrs. Ruth what are our Guests numbers?

Mrs. Ruth

One-Hundred-Forty-Two in the Medical Center to include NICU/PICU. Two-Hundred-Thirty-Nine in the Step-Down Shelter. Seven-Thousand-One-Hundred-Twenty-Five in our Fourteen shelters. No Guests in detention. That gives us a total of Seven-Thousand-Five-Hundred-Nine Guests.

I will make it official Raleigh has adopted Ten-day-old Maria and Five-year-old Louise Lopezes. They will reside in a suite in the family section of the Longhouse for now. So, all need to congratulate Raleigh and welcome the newest members of our family.


Captain Hamilton how have the preparations for the Artic Assault Games progressing?

Captain Hamilton

The engineers designing the course have completed the design work. Actual construction is Forty percent complete and will take Three more days to finish construction. Working with Doral we have incorporated an individual and crew served wepon accuracy component, which will include all individual issued weapons, the Squad Assault Wepon, the Ma Duce, and 60 MM mortar. All hits will make up your score for this section. If your team hits all possible the total will make up One Third of the total points available for the Artic Assault Competition and this is the only place to add points. The other Two parts just take points away.

The Second Third is Artic Survival, Artic movement Skills, and use of the Military issued Artic Tools and Equipment. You start with the total score and the umpires will deduct points for failures to do your required tasks properly, safely, and completely.

The Final Third is the Assault Course. You must not only complete it but do it without casualties. The loss of Personnel, Tools, and Equipment will count against your score. Again, you start with the total score and the umpires will deduct points for failures to do your required tasks properly, safely, and completely.

The Canadian Rangers have reviewed our score sheet and our means of grading the competition. They have approved of the way the teams will compete and their performance judged by them.


Everyone we have had no serious injuries in all that we have accomplished here these last few days. Do not get complacent with your or your teams’ performance. Keep everyone sharp. Ensure that all personnel are working no more than Twelve hours in Twenty-Four, and Eight-hours sleep is mandatory for all, especially unit leaders and supervisors.

Let us keep working to improve what we are doing. It is never too late to do something in a better way that saves time, money, or people.

We will continue the road clearing Patrols, but we will try to expand our road clearing to include both lanes of the highway with the odd hour Patrols turning Left out our gate and even hour Patrols turning Right out our gate. We will expand to both lanes of the interstate we travel.

Our rented rail snow blower has left for its trip South. It should return tomorrow afternoon around 1300 leading the first of our supply trains. Tomorrow at 1500 we will start issuing items from the train to the repair crews based on the drone surveys done tomorrow morning. After the items are issued each crew will review the Drone Survey of their assigned work area. Based on the survey and discussion of the team the supervisor will present a completed plan of action to Samuel and the command team for approval. Samual will return the approved plans to the teams by 2000 tomorrow evening.

Restoring the power grid will commence in earnest at sunrise Friday morning. The number One priority is still safety. Not speed of completion, not number of poles, transformers, or miles of wire restored but the safety of our people is job One. There are no accidents, only someone’s negligence.

If that is all let us prepare for dinner and an early night, after last night’s excitement. I do want to say well done to everyone for the extraordinary work that all accomplished last night.

2200 Wednesday 25 January Cindy Lighting

I Cindy Lighting will be your attorney. Raleigh, Dr Tallman-Chase, and Dr Chase here are the documents you will need to sign to get the adoption before the Judge. Raleigh, for Maria and Louise Lopezes. Dr Tallman-Chase and Dr Chase for Mary, Dillion Junior, Richton, Elevon, Josephine, and twins Keith and Keven.

In your folders you will see copies of your interview with a Social Worker, Mrs. Ruth, and Pastor Berry all approving your adoption request. A financial statement showing your financial worth and stability. Your employment records from your first job to your current job. Raleigh your permanent residency card, your Passport, and Military records.

Dr Tallman-Chase and Dr Chase we are rushing this because New York State wishes to break up the family and award the twins to Two different families with political connections.

Judge Hunter will hear Dr. Tallman’s and Dr. Martin’s petition at 0900 and Raleigh’s at 1000. The children will be present, and the judge will ask the older ones their wishes, which I know is in favor of adoption.

Do any of you have a question for me? None. Good. I will see you at Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Court House, Dr. Tallman, and Dr. Martin in the morning at 0830. Raleigh 0930. Now I wish you all good night.

0530 Thursday 26 January Kariwase

Robert and I had a wonderful time alone together last night and again this morning. We got up and decided to shower together in his shower, again it was wonderful. I entered my dressing area and rang for Douglass who arrived quickly. I said semi-formal skirt and print blouse. I will also wear the Earrings. Robert was waiting for me in our sitting room wearing his Dress A uniform. He replied I thought I would attend the adoption hearings also. We left our sitting room hand in hand and took the elevator down.

In the Breakfast Room after we got our food Tim handed Robert his stack of messages and reports. Mrs. Ruth joined us as Robert read all the messages pertaining to the shelters and handed them to us.

We had a total of Seven-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Fifty-Three: One-Hundred-Forty-Nine in the Medical Center to include NICU/PICU. Two-Hundred-Forty-Eight in the Step-Down Shelter. Seven-Thousand-Three-Hundred-Fifty-Six in our Fourteen shelters. No Guests in detention. With the adoptions we have no unaccompanied children in our care. We have had Forty-Two DOA and Twenty-Seven that died under care, all arrived in critical condition with body temperatures below Ninety Degrees and the staff could not get the patients temperature up.

Our canned food supply and frozen meats and vegetables would last Ten days at our current rate of consumption. John Boy Flaherty requested Fifteen days of tray rations on the second train we had come in. I had Tim pass the request up the chain.

We had Twenty-Eight days of diesel fuel and Forty days of JP-8

Water use had stabilized, and we were purifying it faster than we are using so we had a Six-day reserve on hand.

Our energy needs had increased to the point that we were only releasing Sixty-Two percent of the required energy needs of the area. This led to brown and rolling blackouts in the service area.

The sun was up and the air temperature rising, all Forty-Two teams were out to their assigned areas and preliminary reports on restoring power were promising. I sent a crew to start cleaning snow off the Solar Collection Cells and they found a crew from the local power company ready to do the same. When asked why they were not doing wire work the supervisor replied that snow has buried their trucks and equipment, and they had no way to get them out.

Our supervisor on learning the location of the utilities Two local yards directed the Two nearest Patrols to change their rout and clear the yards equipment. He turned to the utility supervisor and said, “Twenty minutes and your yard will be accessible to you. The utility supervisor said thank-you as he headed his wire people to the maintenance yards so they could start on the wire work.

On his way to the main maintenance yard, he saw and noted The Wappinger Nation crews working on the utilities. At the maintenance yard the Maintenance Supervisor was thanking the Patrol from freeing up his vehicles.

The Maintenance Supervisor on hearing that The Wappinger Nation crews were working on the utility lines. He called The Wappinger Nation crew dispatcher and turned over his Thirty-Four crews. He contacted his supervisor, for us to dispatch them as he had no place to set up as the roof of his dispatch area had collapsed.

The Wappinger Nation dispatcher invited the utility dispatcher to come to our facility and run his operation in coordination with ours from our facility. The Wappinger Nation dispatcher authorized One of the Patrols Bradlees to immediately bring the utility dispatcher and his family to The Wappinger Nation for shelter. The Wappinger Nation Facility at Wolverine Field would integrate the Two operations. The Wappinger Nation ended up controlling another Thirty-Six utility crews from outside utilities and they augmented them with Marines to clear debris and do manual labor and Bob Cats to remove snow. We received information that we would receive an additional Thirty-Two crews from other outside utilities.

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