The Writer's Princess Muse - Cover

The Writer's Princess Muse

Copyright© 2023 by George H. McVey

Chapter 9

The next day was perfect. Aurora woke up to Rob ordering room service for breakfast. She updated her Facebook relationship status to in a relationship and tagged R.G. Donovan. Then she quickly showered and brushed her teeth. She made herself presentable, and by the time she was walking into the sitting room, their breakfast had arrived. As they were kissing each other good morning, Rob’s phone rang with a distinct ringtone; Tom Cruise shouting, “Show me the money” put a damper on their rising passion. “It’s my agent, Angie. I better take this.”

Aurora nodded and sat down to eat while Rob answered his phone. “Hey Angie, what’s up?” The woman was yelling so loud that Aurora thought she’d burst Rob’s eardrum. “Yes, that post was serious.” There was more yelling. “I know what you’ve said, Angie, but I made the decision. There will be no more kissing with anyone I’m not in a personal, romantic relationship with.” There was more fussing.

Aurora could see Rob getting angry. “Angie, you seem to have forgotten that you work for me. I pay you to get my books in front of publishers, and booksellers, and to arrange public appearances for me. You don’t tell me what to do to sell books. You sure as hell don’t dictate to me about what I will or will not do. There are other agents out there besides you. Maybe I should start looking for someone who understands what their job is.” There were a few minutes of one sided conversation from Angie. “No, I will not come meet with you Monday. I’m taking the weekend off and I’m showing my new assistant the ropes on Monday. We can meet on Tuesday if you insist, but I have made my mind up on this. I won’t be kissing anyone but my Princess from now on.”

Again, there was a screech from the woman on the other end of the phone. “Yes, I hired an assistant.” A pause, as the woman screeched some more. “I’m sorry if you had one lined up. You’ll have to let them know the position is filled.” More fussing. “I don’t care if you think she was perfect. I hired someone with a degree in office administration. She is fully qualified, and she was amazing at last night’s appearance.”

Aurora could hear the questioning tone from the woman on the other end of Rob’s call. “Yes, you’ll get to meet her. Tuesday when you come by. Her name is Aurora.” Again, a screech. “That’s enough Angie. I’ll see you Tuesday and if you haven’t remembered your place in my organization, I will start seeking other representation.” A questioning tone again. “No, that isn’t a threat. It’s a warning. Goodbye.” Then he hung up and turned his phone off. “Sorry about that. I turned the phone off. She won’t bother us again today.”

Aurora reached over and took his hand. “I’m sorry I’m causing you problems.”

Rob pulled her by the hand and settled her on his lap. “Princess, you aren’t causing me any problems, except the problem of wanting to take you into the bedroom and show you how I really feel. If Lynn didn’t tell you last night, Angie is kind of possessive of me. Lynn thinks she has a thing for me, but I don’t think so. I think she just wants to make sure I’m taken care of and my career is growing.”

Aurora snuggled up against his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning in for a kiss. All too soon, their bodies were blazing with the passion they both were trying to keep under control. “I just don’t want to cause you any problems. You’ve been so good, helping me with getting my books published, and then giving me this job. Not to mention your kisses set me on fire. I feel like I’m causing you more trouble than help.”

Rob kissed her again, then looked deep into her wonderfully different colored eyes. He let everything he felt for her show in his own, even the words he wasn’t prepared to say just yet. The words that had been in the back of his mind since she asked him to watch her stuff. The words that wanted to escape his lips. Three little words that would change everything if he let them.

Instead of uttering them, he let her see them in his eyes. “Aurora, you haven’t caused me any trouble. You’ve brought more into my life than you realize. I’m thrilled that you allowed me to get to know you and to claim you as my very own princess. I’m looking forward to seeing you become the author I know you can be, and working alongside you on my career and yours, too. That’s no trouble, Princess. That’s what a relationship should be.”

She sighed and started kissing his neck, working her way back up to the earlobe that had caused him so much trouble last night. He caught her face in his hands and pulled her lips toward his. “Oh, no you don’t, you little temptress. We don’t have time to get carried away this morning.” He gave her several quick yet potent kisses. “Go see if Lynn and Kelli are ready to leave. Oh, and knock on Paul’s door and tell him to get the car ready. We need to leave in the next half hour to get things set up.”

She kissed him one more time and played with the hair right behind that ear. “Yes, boss. But later I plan to see just how much self-control you have.” She shimmied on his lap before jumping up, leaving him in no condition to appear in public. She laughed as he growled at her. Then she headed down the hall to do what he asked.


It surprised Rob at how little of an issue his new no-kissing policy was. The first woman who asked hadn’t seen his Facebook post yet, and when she found out that Aurora was his girl, she changed her tune. “Well R.G., Honey, if you won’t give us a kiss, can we at least see you lay one on your lady there? We’ll just live vicariously through her.”

Rob glanced at Aurora, who smiled through her blush. “Well, that would be up to the Princess, darlin’, but I never have a problem pressing my lips against hers.”

Aurora giggled and walked over to him as he stood and took her in his arms. He smiled at her and whispered. “If this catches on, I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy my new policy.”

She whispered back. “Me, too.”

Then he claimed her lips, kissing her with more passion than any of the fans had ever gotten kissed. He knew they were doing the readers right when sighs and cheers erupted around them. Reluctantly, he released her and turned back to the table and sat down. “There you go, darlin’. Hope that satisfied you. Who can I make this out to?”

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