The Elevator - Cover

The Elevator

by alinasstories

Copyright© 2023 by alinasstories

Horror Story: This story is about a girl losing consciousness in the elevator. After waking up, she found herself in a very familiar place...

Tags: Horror  

I woke up in a cold sweat, all shabby, craving to eat something. It was 3PM. I went to sleep very late because I had to finish the house chores my parents gave me before they left for a vacation. I reluctantly got out of bed, already regretting waking up, and put on an old t-shirt I haven’t washed for two weeks.

Later, I decided to go to a supermarket to buy some food. Usually, I would’ve used the stairs, however, the sharp pain in my stomach didn’t let go, so I had to use the old rusty elevator. I used to be afraid of that elevator, because I heard that the one who used it never returned, or something similar to these types of stupid scary stories. The elevator itself didn’t look as reliable, it was rusty and shaky. One step would make the elevator slowly tremble up and down, making a squeaking sound. I got up and got ready, luckily the elevator was nearby, so I didn’t have to go far. I entered the elevator and pressed the close the door button. The elevator was illuminated by sluggish low lights that didn’t even light up the elevator entirely. The elevator began to move.

Suddenly I could feel goosebumps crawling up my back and the pain in my stomach getting sharper and sharper. As I struggled to stay awake, I felt the nausea and a sudden migraine slowly making my vision blurry. Slowly and slowly, step by step, I started to lose my balance. I tried staying still, but I couldn’t control my own body. I was paralysed. My legs felt numb, and then finally I fell down on the elevator’s metallic floor crying for help, not being able to move. I could feel the elevator speeding up and starting to shake even more. And then, I lost consciousness.

A blinding bright light woke me up. I didn’t want to open my eyes. The pain in my stomach was gone, however I had a very bad migraine and I couldn’t think straight. I slightly opened my eyes and found myself being tied up to a mattress in a padded white room. I carefully examined the surrounding environment.

‘Where am I?’ I thought to myself, I still had no idea what was going on.

No matter how strange it may seem, the room had no door handles and the walls were made of sheets of smooth padded white material. I felt uneasy, because it was almost like I had been here before. Like déjà vu.

I tried to move, but I immediately fell down with an agonizing pain spreading throughout my body. And then, I remembered that I had passed out in the elevator. I wondered when I passed out. It felt like it’s been 30 minutes, however I can’t be sure because the suspicious room didn’t even have windows, so I couldn’t even check what time of the day it was. Surprisingly, I was still paralysed and all I could do was barely tilt my head or move my face muscles.

It’s been about 20 minutes. The pain started to go off. Now I could move my body a little. I noticed that I had some weird bumps on my wrists, I was already guessing that I got into some sort of asylum and these bumps were actually the remannings of injections.

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