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For the Love of Lana

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Chapter 6

As Jonathan walked into the meeting hall he looked into the eyes of the Mage council, wise men he’d known for centuries. Ha! He thought a bunch of ridiculous fools! This was a complete waste of time plus the fact that the two most powerful keeps were under attack right now. Jonathan tried to hold back his power, damn it! The f•©king Crystal was more active than it should be what the hell was going on?

If he lost control in here a lot of good people were going to die, though they were mostly old damn fools! Walking to the questioning box he felt the power dampening field they had set up, Ha! What a joke they were all dead! Jonathan shook his head, this was bad a personality was starting to emerge from the crystal, shit it was strong!

With clenched teeth Jonathan warned the council to clear the building, alarmed they stared at Jonathon seeing the sweat start to collect on his forehead. As quickly as they could everyone left the room except Tom Timmins, Ben, Tom’s aid, Pompoff, his son Reginald, and the leader of the Craig Clan. His father’s aide joined the other’s, leaving Tom, Ben and Jonathan alone that is ‘til Vidon stepped in.

“Ah good! we can kill all of you bastard’s here it will make taking your wives and potential wife that so much sweeter.” The aide shouted. “Rinora to me,” he shouted, amazed when the crystal refused to move. “Rinora! Come to your master!” Still, it refused to move.

Then a strange eerie echoing voice spoke from the crystal, “Silly man! No one is the master of Rinora, had you realized this you could have ruled the world with my aid. NO MORE!” A strange light blasted the aide into the wall.

Standing, he again tried to call and control the crystal.

“Go away little boy,” the voice cried once again smashing the aide into the wall then began to beat him on the floor like a rag doll.

Ben and Tom had backed to the door, “Jonathan, release it all, it’s time!” Ben shouted.

“NO! Damn it if I do everyone could die!” Jonathan cried.

“You have to, your power if far above the Rinora!” Ben replied.

“What this pup? I admit his mind is strong, far stronger than I’ve ever felt, but his power is barely above the fool there. Come pup you think you have the power to defeat me?” The voice said as it reached out and grabbed Lana!

“NO! Release her now! Before I destroy you! I cannot control it if you bring it out!” Jonathan was straining to maintain control.

Laughing the spirit in the crystal began to squeeze Lana causing her to scream. Finally, the anger building to a point he no longer cared, the wild magic began to slip from Jonathan. At first the spirit only laughed then it actually began to get worried as more and more magic slipped from the locks Jonathan had erected.

“I SAID RELEASE HER!” Jonathan screamed, causing Lana to drop from its grasp, the force blew the spirit and the crystal through the wall.

Jonathan rose, floating after the spirit they heard him say to take care of Lana, as he might not be back.

In the building Lana opened her eyes seeing her father holding her, tears started to fall from her eyes, “Jonathan you’d better return,” she whispered, “you have to finish teaching me to be a proper lady of my standing.”

Jonathan could feel the strain on his body, the wild magic wanted to do as it wanted, years of holding it back had prepared him for this day, but he knew he was finished when this was through, the council, hell his father wouldn’t stand for him being alive.

Landing, Rinora had finally emerged from the crystal though not fully solid yet. Smiling Jonathan thought well, we’ll just have to kill you before that happens. Relaxing he felt more and more power flow through him, good a little more and he will be nothing to me.

Rinora was looking around with huge eyes, where had that bastard Mage gotten that much power. Then he saw Jonathan floating toward him, he had harnessed the wild magic? Ah! This would be so much sweeter when he killed the pup and took the knowledge from him. Rising Rinora tried to send several attacks at Jonathan, who merely swept them away as easily as a towel. Rinora’s eyes grew large; there was no way that the magic had made him that strong!

Smiling Rinora feigned an attack then cut Jonathan’s arm.

Jonathan advanced, “is that the best you can do? I admit it was a good try,” as Rinora watched the cut healed far faster than it should have.

Smiling Rinora started to slash at Jonathan, after a few minutes Jonathan was covered with deep cuts, slashes. and gashes which healed almost as fast as he was cut.

Pissed now Rinora began to gather in energy building his power he’d show this pup of a mage what power was!

“You know, I’d not been able to control the wild magic had it not been for you, so I guess I have you to thank for that,” Jonathan smiled. “Though you do realize that I have to destroy you, you touched Lana and though I know that she and I can never be, you did give me more time with her. So, I’ve decided to destroy you as quickly as I can. The thing is though the more you fight me? The much more painful it will be.” Jonathan sighed.

“NO! I am the all-powerful Rinora! Neither you nor any other power can destroy me!” Rinora screamed at Jonathan.

Again, Jonathan sighed, snapping his fingers the crystal cracked, the spirit began to scream. “You see I told you; your power is much lower than me now, goodbye though I may join you soon.”

Jonathan began to crush the crystal, the spirit slashing at Jonathan’s throat, chest anywhere it could till there was a crushing crack, the spirit screamed one last time then burst into flame, then was gone.

Appearing in the meeting building he saw that Pompoff was destroyed, his adopted son impaled on several pieces of glass, his father’s aide was alive, but with a broken back and legs he wasn’t going anywhere (considering Jonathan had broken his arms centuries ago) plus the leader of the Craig Clan looked more like a jig saw puzzle.

Jonathan wrote a message for each person then left, though where he could go he didn’t know, I could truly go underground he thought, no she’d still find me he thought. Snapping his fingers, he was back in the keep. There had to be at least fifteen clans left coming through his wards.

At the edge of the keep all the clans grew quiet when Jonathan neared them. “I suggest you go home while you still have a clan, you may remember the Mage that destroyed two clans thousands of years ago. That was my grandfather, he wasn’t mad he was only protecting, I on the other hand AM mad, I have harnessed the wild magic. You may attack if you wish but when this is over all of you will be dead. Any that wish to leave I will spare, other than that you are all dead for having attacked this keep.”

“You have no wild magic! If you had then the council would have destroyed you years ago!” A Craig Clan member said.

“As I said, I have harnessed the power of the wild magic, this is your last chance I will not let a single Mage or vampire leave here alive.” Jonathan calmly told them.

Each and every being there laughed at Jonathan, moving to attack. Sighing Jonathan released the power letting the locks slip, he felt the power start to grow, suddenly there was screaming as most of those at the boundary tried to escape, Jonathan let them run, he felt each and every one of the dead men. Finally satisfied he released the power rolling, the magic spread and a thousand died in the first two minutes, then more.

People estimated that well over two hundred thousand beings died in that place that night. Jonathan’s eyes were trying to hold back the tears, he’d warned them why the hell did no one listen to him? It was about that time he heard the clan members moving his way, vanishing he thought, wouldn’t do killing family.

Miles away Jonathan appeared at the edge of Vidon’s keep, here they had already broken through. Again, Jonathan appeared in front of them. Though there were only thirteen clans, they were of a number that was substantial. Again, Jonathan warned them, describing the fate of the fifteen clans that were now dead, many were thinking it over, they had heard horrible screaming. Five clans decided they believed Jonathan and turned to leave smiling Jonathan decided to give the last eight another chance, when they started to laugh at him he just shook his head.

Opening the locks, the power began to flow; building already, with screams of terror at the on rush of power those left had turned to flee. Jonathan felt the magic reaching to grasp all that had refused. Then the screaming started, all around the five clans that had left thousands were dying. All five clans watched as the magic chased, then caught and incinerated each and every one of the other clans. Finally, the keeps are safe, Jonathan thought waving his hand he vanished as Vidon’s clan topped the rise.

Back in the town Lana was just starting to wake up, everything rushed to her mind. A scream escaped her lips NO! Jonathan! NO! Looking into her mother’s and father’s eyes she looked away she couldn’t face them or her brother OMG! She thought how Gregor must hate her as well as Trina! Unashamedly more tears fell from her eyes; I am so sorry Trina I am so sorry I wasn’t able to help.

Suddenly it drew quiet in the room, and then she felt a tug at her shirt sleeve. “Please not now, leave me, leave me to grieve for my friend and myself.” Lana said between tears.

“I am so tired of people apologizing to me,” Lana’s head snapped up, Trina?

Lana stared at the almost transparent apparition, “Trina?” Lana whispered shocked to see her friend, though it appeared she’d seen better days.

Sighing Trina said, “Yes Lana it’s me, things are about to get interesting,” she giggled then waved her hands.

In front of Trina Jonathan appeared, “What the hell?” he shouted.

“It’s time little brother,” Trina said. Reaching out Jonathan began to pull in as much wild magic as he could, NO! He shook his head pulling in more, Trina’s form began to glow faster and brighter, “That’s it a little more!” Jonathan reached as far as he could pulling every ounce of the wild magic in. “Finally, it’s about time!” Stepping from the circle of light Trina looked at her hands then down her shirt, finally turning away from the others looked up her dress. “Phew it’s all here.” There was a sigh then Jonathan was gone.

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