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A Captain Decision

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Chapter 5

I could feel the weak leader of all the goverment mind people gasp. How the hell are you so strong?

OH? Now you are interested. Here’s a suggestion, leave me alone before I render all of you empty minded.

You wouldn’t dare! We are the first and last ... the man started.

First line of defence? Shit you and they are nothing. I just took out all of your people, I am far above all of you. I AM THE FIRST AND LAST LINE OF DEFENCE. Now, leave me alone, allow me to finish before this world is destroyed.

I then pushed possibly a little harder than I wanted to. It was suddenly quiet, not even the weak minds were making noise. AH! I thought blessed silence!

“There that should help for a while. Perhaps we should leak a bit of the info to them, what dom you think, Rommie?” I asked.

“Do you think that would help? I mean can the scientists here really understand what you give them?” Rommie asked.

I thought about it for a few minutes then sighed. She was right afterall, they really didn’t have enough knowledge to understand.

I started to look through the scientists within the mind group. I found the first easily, though the second was alluding me. Finally, I found one with all the qualities I needed though, he wasn’t part of the group. Shit I thought, theyb wouild make is life hell unless...

An hour later I smiled, let them mess with him now. His mental defences were at the top. I laughed, let them try to control him.

It was about that time that I felt several of the agents start to wake up. I waited ‘til I felt all the strongest, then I sent my message.

“So, I suggest that none of you try that again. I am a herll of a lot stronger than you. I have a world to save so, just stay out of my way. Good glad you understand,” I said the shut them out.

A moment later I was in orbit, tyhen the messages started. Thankfully Rommie blocked most of them.

A wave of my hand had a multi-colored portal open in front of the ship. There were suddenly a massive barrage of alarmed messages that were directed toward us.

I just shook my head as the ship shot forward, then we were moving through a tunnel of colored lights. Less than two minutes ater we departed, near what appeared to be a major battle.

“Stealth Rommie! I need information!” I shouted.

“It appears that two Federation ships, a Constitution and a heavily armed freighter are under Klingon attack. I am counting at least five battle cruisers. All are K’Vort-class, light cruisers. I also have two cloaked K’t’inga-class battlecruisers,” Rommie reported.

I nodded my head as I flashed through the information. “How far into Federation space are we?” I asked.

“At least four parsecs, shall I aid ther Federation ships?? One is NCC 1701 the Enterprise,” Rommie said.

“Fire a few shots between them, make them closer to the Kligon ships, lets see if they break off,” I said.

“Firing now,” Rommie said as several energy blasts hit near the Klingon ships. “It appears to have no effect.”

In sighed then nodded, “Warn the ships. If they don’t break off destrot the first two. I am afraid that will get the two battlercrusiers involved.”

When the five ships didn’t stop, Rommie hit the nearest two, both vanishing within seconds. This of course had them breaking off the attack momentarily.

“Unknown ship, you are interfering in Klingon Empire business,” a voice suddenly said.

“Okay, they obviously aren’t taking us seriously. Target both battlecrusiers, disable them only, you might have to use half power,” I told Rommie.

Four energy beams left the ship striking unseen targets, then the battlecrusiers were visible.

“Now, unless you wish to be destroyed I suggest you leave Federation space,” I told them.

The three remaining light crusiers quickly moved to the disabled ships. Several tractor beams reached out, then they slowly, headed for klingon space.

I nodded then turned to the Enterprise and the transport. My mouth dropped open as they suddenly warped out. I growled, this was starting to irratate the hell, out of me.

“Damnit, follow...” I started, then he ship was rocked. “What the hell was that?!”

“It appears thart the three light crusiers returned,” Rommie told me.

Growling I pulled up the position of ther three, then the two disabled ships.

Suddenly a gruff voice came over the com. “Mah mi’ nagh for the quvmoh of the tlhingan wo’!” (We die for the honor of the Kligon Empire)

I was pissed as I answered, “Tlhih mi’ nagh for pagh! Pa’ will qu’ qo’ quvmoh jajvam!” (You die for nothing! There will be no honor today!)

I grabbed my throat, when had I leared Klingon?

“Not bad, though your Klion accent could use work,” Rommie said.

I just shook my head, I reached in seeing that I knew a hell of a lot more than I thought.

“Well,” I said, “that’s a surprise, I have far more knowledge than I thought.”

“I could have told you that,” Rommie said somewhat smuggly.

It was at that moment that the three light crusiers decided to open fire on us. “The three light crusiers have opened fire, full strength disruptors,” Rommie said.

“Cripple the nearest,” I ordered Rommie.

A single energy blast hit the first light crusier, the Klingon ship shook then went dark.

“batlh ghaHvaD pagh quv tu’lu’,” (there is no honor dying like this) I said.

“jejHa’wI’ HutlhwI’ lughajbe’,” (There is always honor to die in battle) The Klingon voice said.

I just sighed as I ordered the other two disabled. A moment later we heard “P’takh qImQo’! (insult destroy us!)

“Qo’! QI’tu’ jay’!” (NO! live with the shame!) I said as I disconnected.

“They should be able to make repairs in a day,” Rommie said. “Well three of them anyway.”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say that you enjoyed that,” I said.

“That did stimulate my sensors a great amount,” Rommie said, then I could swear that I heard her giggle a bit.

I just shook my herd as I started to look for the Enterprise. Moments later Rommie was also involved. Unfortunately, the business with the Kligons had allowed it to get away.

“Check for any energy signature that matches the Enterprise,” I told Rommie.

“I am already checking them all now. As of yet, I am not detecting anything,” Rommie advised.

Onboard the Enterprise, the crew was doing all they could to rid the ship of evidence. Not many really knew what the mission was just, that what they were doing was very important.

Kirk was looking over the rest of the mission, “sir,” his science officer said. “Before we warped out, I was detecting a strangely configured ship. I believe it was it that sent the high energy beams that destroyed the two Klingon ships.”

“Strange configuration, let me see,” Kirk said as he looked at all the inormation. He looked up staring at the wall, now where in the hell had he seen it before. “Have you run it through the data base?”

“Yes sir, I started on it as soon as we warped out. As of yet nothing has come up in first half of it,” the science officer said.

“Good,” Kirk said, “what was you estimate of th firepower of the strange ship?”

“Sir, from the readings we got, I can only esimate that it was several hundred times the power of this starship. I would say to quote a saying from your planet, we were indeed lucky,” the science said.

Kirk again thought over all this new information. “Keep sensors attuned for it, if it as powerful as you said, we may have a ig problem. A problem that I am afraid, even the full power of the federation might pale against.”

“Another thing I noticed? When the cloaked it was nothing like the klingon or Romulan cloaks. Do you believe that this might have been a precurser to an invasion,” the science officer asked.

Kirk was silent a moment then said, “if it is we need to try an set a peace betweeen us. As we saw, they obviously have no love for the Klingons. I am thinking, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

“Another ancient human saying sir?” The science officer asked.

“Something like that, lets just hope that its true this time,” Kirk said. Still, Kirk had a nagging vision at the back of his mind.

Right now they were too concerned with the life saving mission that they had. They had barely gotten to the freightor in time, then they were seriously outgunned. Kirk was also sure that they had a couple of heavier ships cloaked.

Yeah he thought, let’s hope that this new threat? Was on their side though, Kirk thought When had his or the federation’s luck been that good.

It was at least an hour anmd a haf before Rommie got anythiny. “Captain, I believe I have a trai on both ships. They have a good jump on us even with trans-warp, it wll take a few minutes,” Rommie said.

“I see,” I said as I look at what Rommie had. “Shit keep an eye on them, when they drop out of warp take us there.”

As was always with my luck, the Kligons decided to show up with a major force. Damnit! I wasn’t really in the mood for their or really anyones shit right now.

“What do we have out there?” I asked Rommie

“At least ten birds of prey, ten D-5’s. I am reading at least four battle crusiers, I am also seeing five small raptors,” Rommie reported.

We both watched as they started to tracker beam the five that were disabled.

A moment later I heard a Klingon voice come over the com. “maQmIghtaHvIS, tugh vay’ wIqelchu’pu’,” (to the ship that destroyed our ships, we wish an alliance)

“yab’ chot’a’?” I said. (An Alliance?) “Qatlh would jih do ‘e’? (Why would I do that?) Tlhih ‘iv ghaj qo’ quvmoh.” (You who have no honor.)

“Perhaps it is better we speak your language, you Klingon is good though, not that much,” the Kligon voice said.

“Ah I see, you are still trying to find me. Your cloaks are noting to pierce, shall I demonstrate?” I said as I nodded to Rommie. Immediately, two battle crusiers, three Raptors, five D-5’s and five birds of prey vanished.

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