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A Captain Decision

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Chapter 2

I was standing there trying to decide what to do. I had taken all the weapons to the ship.

“You’ve returned awfully soon,” I heard Rommie say. “Is anything the matter?”

I held out all three of the weapons. “Yeah, you might say that. These cannot be here; the technology alone could throw this world into chaos. Never mind that they are also not in phase with this reality or universe.”

Rommie only looked at me as I started to pace the deck for a few moments. “Logically, the only thing I can suggest, is that you return all to their rightful owner.”

I turned to stare at Rommie, “just how in the hell am I expected to do that? Not only do I not know how they got here if I brought them, I also, have no idea how I can go to their realities.”

Rommie was silent again for a few minutes, then made a throat clearing sound. I turned to look at her. “ I think I have a possible answer. After analyzing all data up to this moment, it is obvious that you can do almost what you want to with a thought.”

I could only stare at her as I tried to take in just what she had said. “I’m not so sure Rommie, I mean I tried not too long ago.”

“Captain Thomas, everything indicates that you can do this. Readings also indicate that the more you use them, the stronger they get,” Rommie said.

I thought about it, it sounded like something I had read in a story somewhere. I had used the thought shift as I was starting to call it what? Twice, three many four times? So, it had gained a little strength.

“Ok, not sure I can do this,” I said as I thought of the ship high in orbit. I was shocked when a mere two seconds later we were high above the earth.

“Well,” Rommie said with a smile. “That was sure a time saver.”

I stared at Rommie incredulously, “here I thought that you weren’t a smart ass.”

Again, Rommie smiled, “I was always told while they were programming me that I had unique, memory algorithms. Many said that I almost had synapses.”

“You mean more like a human brain or ... whatever the ones that created you were,” I said.

“Well,” she started “they were humanoid not too dissimilar than you. Though many things within were different.”

“Yeah, so not really human, I can also assume that Dylon wasn’t human either?” I asked.

“Actually, his physiology was very much like yours,” Rommie said.

I started to shake my head; I forgot that unlike most A.I.s Rommie had an infuriating personality at times. I stopped a moment, just where in the hell had that thought come from?

Searching through my memories I tried to think of something that might help. “Tell me Rommie, what is your primary function?”

Rommie’s eyes blinked a few times as if he were human and trying to pick her words, interesting. “I am the main operator of this small ship. I was created to aid you in all your missions that you have.”

I narrowed my eyes at her with this answer, “uh huh, answer the question, what is your primary function?”

“Sir?” She said, “I am not...”

“Can it Rommie, answer the question what is your primary function!’ I almost shouted.

I expected a reaction though not the one I got, Rommie lowered her head, and I could swear that her lip trembled. “Sir, I am to aid you in anything you need. I was created for you and you only. I am highly advanced beyond the Rommie that you remember.” Her she stepped toward me, then her image solidified! She continued toward me, kissed me, the faded to a holo-gram again.

For A moment I could only stare at her, touching my lips my eyes went wide. “Ok, I never remember you being able to do that.”

Rommie bowed her head, “as I said I am far more advanced beyond the Rommie you remember.”

I was still a little shocked, as I started to go through everything that had happened up to this point. “So, you have no idea just who created you?”

Rommie’s head slowly raised as she looked at me with a curious look. “Sir? You don’t know?”

“Rommie, do I look like I freakin know?” I almost shouted, regretting it a moment later.

I watched as Rommie shrank back, trying to make herself as small as possible. Damn I thought, I also don’t remember her being this sensitive. Great now I was feeling like a first-class heel.

I took a deep breath as I looked at Rommie, “I’m sorry Rommie, I am more frustrated than I have ever been in my life. Can you do a scan of me,” I said as I moved to an input panel. I then started to enter data though it was in simple language, “use these parameters.”

I swear Rommie let out a breath of relief as she assimilated what I was typing. “I will as soon as you are finished. Ah! I see I will have to manipulate a few scanners so that I can accomplish this,” Rommie then vanished.

I started to input data faster then stopped as I realized that in was going a hell of a lot faster than I had ever done. I shrugged as I thought a moment then started back up.

Behind the wall of instruments in front of me, there was a surge of power, then I heard machinery working back there. As soon as I finished, there was a pause of the machinery, then another minute it worked again.

A few moments after they stopped Rommie reappeared. “I believe that we are ready,” Rommie said with a smile.

I nodded as a small scanner came out of the wall passing down me, up me, down then up again. “With the parameters you have provided, it appears that ninety eight percent of the adjustments are finished. The last two show no sign of movement or improvement. I am sorry, the chemical that you outlined I do not have three components to finish.”

“So, I take it without these three, it would prove to be fatal to me. The problem is without it, I am afraid that I might revert back to what I was,” I told Rommie.

“I cannot allow that to happen, if you revert, it will mean to end of me. I do not wish to return to being nothing,” A saddened Rommie said.

“So, I just have to figure out where the three components are, then get there,” I said.

I walked to the table I had put the three, I did a double take noticing that now? There were five weapons instead of three. Three different types of Phasers, a Guass gun from Hunt’s universe and a Liberty Hammer from Reynolds reality.

I shook my head the whole damn universe seemed to be against me. I reached to touch the Liberty Hammer, which looked much like an earth pistol. I should have known that something odd was going to happen. Did I listen? Hell no!

The instant I touched it I felt a slight shock run through me. Then I was opening my eyes as I was on the deck against the bulkhead.

“Captain Thomas are you alright?” I heard Rommie ask.

“Not sure what the hell happened?” I asked shaking my head to clear it.

“When you touched the weapon from Captain Reynolds reality, you were blown across the room. Some type of portal opened, drawing us in. That was a minute ago,” Rommie told me.

I tried stand up immediately, bad mistake, I immediately went back down to the deck, not gently. A few moments later I saw that we were starting to slow down, then we shot out of the corridor or tunnel or whatever we were in.

This time I got to my feet slowly, “where are we? I asked as I looked at the readings, might as well be another language I thought then it suddenly made sense. “Is this right?”

“Yes sir, we appear to be out past Pluto,” Rommie said then several alarms started to go off. “Sir, I am detecting several heavily armed ships approaching at a slow speed.”

I was about to say something, when an authoritative voice came on the radio. “This is the Alliance ship Hammer, come to prepare to be boarded. If we find no counter band, you will be allowed to continue on.”

I growled I remember this from the series, they wouldn’t find anything though they’d take the ship. A moment later an explosion near our ship pissed me off.

I was really pissed, then remembered, I had stealth, plus I could destroy all of them in a few minutes. A huge smile slowly spread across my face.

“Target the largest ship, full power energy weapons,” I told Rommie. “Open a channel, I do not recognize your Alliance. Therefore, I do not recognize your authority to stop nor board my ship. Any attempt to do so will be met with deadly, powerful force. Your toys that you call ships, are no match for me.”

The same voice came back on, “I am now authorized to seize you ship, placing you under arrest.”

“As soon as the lead ship is destroyed, go to stealth, move us behind them,” I told Rommie.

“Understood,” Rommie answered.

“This is your last chance, come to,” The voice stated.

“Fine, this is my answer, fire!” I said.

I watched with a smile of satisfaction as one moment the ship was there, mine fired, then there was a huge explosion. I felt Rommie moving the ship as there was chaos behind me. Damn I thought, did they even have shields?

It was then that I noticed that more ships were moving out a little faster to where the other ten were. Less than a minute later at least forty ships fired upon where we had been.

Ok this was more than a little over kill. “I want you to target their three largest ships, no make it four, I am tired of messing with them. Also, did you find out if that ass that was demanding we surrender was on the first ship?”

“Sir, he is on the very last ship, it appears that he hasn’t any confidence in his fleet,” Rommie advised me.

“Open another channel, Alliance ships, unless you want to lose more ships you should break off,” I told them.

“We are the mighty Alliance fleet we...” The voice was saying.

“Just shut him up,” I told Rommie.

There was a brief energy weapon flash, then the very last ship vanished. “Should I take then other four?” Rommie asked. I only nodded then there were four less ships out there.

“Now, do I have to destroy more or are you going to go?” I asked what was left of the fleet.

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