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Another New Life

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Chapter 7: Katya turns 18

Boris tells the truth ... that Katya’s parents were not dead but had to disappear since they were targets from a hit gone bad and a rogue agency.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, not really, Rob and Frankie and now begin their new tasks. Serge leaves.

Nadia knew this day was coming, Boris had long ago told her the truth about Katya, next week, after her 18th birthday he would finally tell Katya and the family the truth. Boris, Nadia, Jim, Frankie, Rob, Serge, Baron de’ Medici and a very important guest would be there to hear the story. Nadia already knew what Katya’s reaction would be and prepared for it. It would cause terror, bloodshed and polarize the world into 2 camps. Hers though would be the same decision that Nadia or Frankie would have made if they were in her shoes, so a response was prepared.

Nadia had prepared for these next 2 phone calls for a very long time and now the time was here and to begin the war she knew would start. She made the calls. Both were to people she had never been friendly with, but they were with men, and she always knew how to handle men. It would be very costly, but whatever the sacrifice or the costs the family meant more than anything to her. Time passed.

It was Katya’s 18th Birthday, the date would become more meaningful now, Frankie and Rob announced their engagement and wedding plans the same day. Serge looked at Nadia and shrugged his shoulders, looking at her like a lost puppy. Baron de’ Medici looked at her with a mouthed “Thank You”. He would soon have his waited for grandchildren. They had returned to St. Petersburg to the same palace Rob, Frankie, Serge and her had visited for the party. She asked them, a first for her, to follow to a private room. As they entered, Karl and several of his security teams made certain they were not to be disturbed. Nadia started, “my family, Papa has something he needs to say to you all, then I too have things to say and someone to introduce”.

Boris began, “for several years now I have been living a lie, by whatever God you believe in, trust that what I tell you now is the truth. Katya, I owe you this and I had only wished to tell you the entire truth long ago. That night when I took you away and brought you to my home I told you that your parents were dead. That was not the truth, both were badly injured, I had them receive the best care money could buy, doctors, nurses, medical treatment until they finally both died, never awakening from that night. There was nothing that I was able to do to make them well again but I could make them comfortable and gather information for you to use when you reached this age. If I have done you wrong, I am sorry, your mother was my sister and for the last four years my life has been spent to find those responsible and for you or I to have our revenge.”

“It was Nadia who over those years reminded me that this was now for the family, and that revenge was to be a total and complete action not a few quick deaths.”

Katya began to cry, “Why did Boris not tell me this? If I could have but seen Mama and Papa it would have been everything to me.” Nadia and Frankie both took her in their arms. Boris hung his head in shame. Silence filled the room. Jim stood up, “it is not my place I know this is Katya’s burden but I know I can not stand by and see such injustice. If Katya will allow it, I shall do anything in my power to help her avenge her family.” Nadia had never been prouder of him that she would be that night, for the words he spoke were shared by everyone in that room. She said, “Jim speaks for all of us Katya, you are not alone. I would like to destroy all those responsible, and I know that Boris would have had them all dead by now if he had not wanted you to have that revenge. This is a war we all must have a part in, it will not be easy and all of use will be in danger. Before Boris identifies all that he has learned these past 4 years, I would like to have you meet someone and tell you what has already begun.” Nadia motioned and someone already in room stepped out of the shadows, he had been there the whole time and no one had seen him. This is Kiro, he joins with us, he and 500 other Ninja will always protect the family. With the help of Baron de’ Medici; I have also reached some understanding with another group, as this unfolds, this too I will explain.”

Nadia had made a trip to Japan to meet with several men, both old and young. After some very formal introductions she began to speak. “ If I may be allowed to speak?” she said. One of the old men nodded. “I am Nadia Voston and my family has been greatly wronged, I need your help. But first I would offer you gifts to show you my appreciation.” Her guards brought in chests and an ornate scroll and a large bundle wrapped in a gold spun cloth. “ First, expense money of $50 million should you choose to help us, second, as she raised and opened the bundle, these 3 swords, fashioned long ago and owned by the greatest Samurai warrior; and thirdly, as she picked up the scroll, contained within this scroll are the instructions and listing of how the great swords of old were made. This secret had been lost for a thousand years but I offer it to you in the hope my cause will be worthy of your help.” The old man cried, took the swords and the scroll. One of the young men spoke,” my grandfather cannot speak, however, what you have given us has nothing near the value that we might return to you. We therefore offer you our love, our swords and our lives, to protect you and your family; forever. You do us great honour. We the men of the shadows are yours to command.” The scroll and swords had cost Nadia much, more than just money; they were priceless, but she must protect her family at any price.

The next trip, she knew may cost her most of all. She was taken; blindfolded, to meet someone spoke of only in legends. The Baron had arranged this, for one of the first times in her life she had relied on someone other than her father or family. She was to meet the Old Man Of The Mountain. The Baron had told her to only speak what was in her heart and soul. She would do so now.

She spoke, I do not know what it will cost nor what I may be asked to do, but I want only for you, not to do something. My family is in a war, a war started when we were greatly wronged. I am afraid some people will seek out your services to eliminate me or one of my family. They will be willing to pay you anything you would ask. One friend, has asked me only to tell you what is in my heart, it shall be so, I will offer you all that I have, I will be your slave all that I posses will I give to you if your assassins will never harm my family.” The Old Man, stroked his chin, “this you would do? He asked. “Yes.” I said. “Then I would ask something else from you, since the Baron and his family long ago, has already paid for our co-operation in this. I would ask for your friendship, as we have had such, from the de’ Medici’s for many years.” I now learned something that not all men were so easily made a friend, that friendship had no price and would be earned over many years.

So it began, a war that could only last when our enemies were no more. My family listened to Boris, Kiro explained how all of us would never be alone, not even when we slept and although Karl and Jim would increase our protection there would always be Ninja nearby to ensure our safety. Katya, Jim, Rob and even Frankie now would began a systematic effort to eliminate this enemy.

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