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Another New Life

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Chapter 5

From Russia with Nadia. It’s time for Katya and her role now to expand.

Nadia really knows her stuff; she takes over in Russia and does a good job. Putting the Russian Mafia at bay too.

How can a young, very novice girl even begin to work in let alone head a crime organization? Not knowing she can’t perform her first day on the job she just begins to do the job.

The only thing that any leader needs to command a large organization is trust and power. Nadia it seems had both, she had total and complete trust in her father and family and they in turn had the same for her(at least most, she would make certain they all did shortly). On the very first day of her taking over the Eastern and Baltic organizations she was besieged with dozens of pencil pushers vying to get her to notice them and take up one of their causes.

She calmly raised her hand, softly saying, “Hush! Go there”, pointing to a conference room door in her office. After they went in, Nadia spoke to her security chief. “Karl I think those in that room need a lesson, have people remove them to someplace where they will not bother me again; Siberia perhaps”!

Everyone in the conference room stared with blank looks when huge men escorted them out, they were never seen again and no one who was not summoned to her ever tried to approach her again. Karl spoke; “I believe you have made Boris very proud Nadia; here is a list of those who normally report to your father and all have been informed that you have taken over for him. There was some, shall we say, issues one of them raised so you will need to select a replacement, he has met with an unfortunate accident”. “Karl, thank you, since you have been here would you be able to suggest 2 or 3 names that I might consider as, what you call, a replacement? I would also like to have you and several of my family meet with all the heads of the companies one at a time over the next few days. Until then place one of your staff at each unit and have the accountants review the last 3 years for them; let me know what, of any interest, they find”.

“Karl, that scene here earlier, it is/was not welcome, would you please have that leader escorted here; take him to the conference room, guard him well and at 6 pm this evening you, my family and I shall discover why such a disgrace was allowed to happen? At 7 pm have the top 5 people, man or women ready to see me there, and I do think a change will be in order.”

More than a dozen of Nadia’s extended family entered the conference room where a single man sat before 6 very burly guards. He wore a smirk on his face and as Nadia sat gown he rose up and began to shout, “Do You...?” Nadia raised a hand, while 2 of the guards grabbed the man and firmly pushed him back down. Nadia continued, “Comrade Petrakov she said, I was amused at your little game earlier, and to answer your unfinished question yes, I know who and also what you are, you and now those you brought to this building are all to have new positions. I have to thank you for making finding them so easy”. She waved her hand and one of the burly men placed a cord around the former director’s neck until he was dead then carried him away. “My family, she said, trust is all we really have, this dog had lost mine; I hope no one else will do so or I may have to really become displeased”.

“Remember, I am my father’s daughter, he has taught me well how to treat a traitor. Thank you, my family for making my first day here so smooth. As you may imagine, my father has known for some time that there were traitors here, he has allowed me the privilege and pleasure to correct this situation. I hope now we can move forward, however; we have one very sad thing left to do, it seems, for whatever reason, one of you felt they should have been chosen to run this business rather than me”.

“My family it is one of the hardest things left for me to do, things like this should only be corrected in private. Will he or she who feels that a wrong was done please follow me to the office next door, perhaps this may yet be resolved?” Nadia arose and started through the door. A man rose up and followed her. The stupid cow he thought, she will make a good whore maybe nothing else. If Boris had not been her father the bitch would already be dead, maybe he would kill her now rather than later, he followed and closed the door behind them.

Nadia asked him why he had betrayed the family. “You will never know how long I have waited to rule here, now Boris just gives it all to you, a stupid bitch”. He began to lunge for her, Nadia calmly reached down, pointed a pistol and shot him in the forehead three times. She returned to the conference room nodded to Karl who left the room and she then addressed the family, “we have several candidates for a recently opened position, now 2 actually; they will begin arriving in a few minutes”.

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