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Under the Boardwalk

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Chapter 9: Surprise, Surprise!

Just as I had reconciled myself to get out of the car, my cellphone started to ring. I plopped back down on the seat and tried to take my phone out of what I was wearing. Number one, Mei-Shek, gave me a look, shook her head and thoughtfully reached over and pulled, unsnapping the gown to where I could reach an inside pocket on the right side. Lucky I wasn’t going for a gun, I would be the ‘slowest’ gun in the West.

I answered the call, it was Aimee telling me Eileen was in casts but Eileen was coming home next week, the Hotel being home. Everything was ready they redid the suite next to mine and left the second bedroom for the guards. The big question was, ‘When was I coming Home?’ There was a bang, clang then silence on the line as the next voice was Ashley. “Hi!” She was a shy girl apparently that was all she said before Elle came in on an extension phone.

“Sorry about that, the ‘kid’ was so nervous the phone dropped. I just wanted to tell you your ‘ almost loving’ wife asked if you had moved out and to where and what was happening to the suite. I smiled, as you know how sweetly I can smile, and told her about Eileen. She was pissed and started to complain. I told her ‘you’ had requested it. Vito had placed all the Hotels under you so unless I heard from Vito I just do what ‘The Boss Man’ orders. Gina, what can I say, sounded on the phone like the song, ‘Can’t get no satisfaction’ and I don’t think Vito can be bothered with this right now, not if what Sandy told me is true.”

“What, are you all on this call? Don’t get in trouble for me, Hon!”

“Ugh huh!” came in Dolby.

“Whatever happened between you two, methinks Vito was not party to it!” From Elle.

“Thanks ‘buddy’, all of you are my buddies. I love you all.”

I heard some noises, like ‘sniffles’ as another call came in. Another call, got to go too but I’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as I can speak ‘in-private’ with you, which I can’t do at the moment.”

Man, I think I must have had a start on a harem, these girls were something else. I ended the first call, saw it was Sandy and answered. “Hi beautiful! How is the trip going?”

“Tired, beat, sleepy and now that we see land again I’m not sure the crew will board any more. I got your message about ‘Hong Kong’ but had a ‘mutiny’ on my hands. I’m stuck in Milan, something about the crew needing non-fly time. I think they just wanted to shop here. What do you want me to do?”

“As always, I don’t know what I would do without you Sandy. Don’t the airlines change crew out as needed?”

“Well, I sort of, well ... took the 650 when I left Vegas. It is neat, until the mutiny happened. I got the hint something was wrong when Helen only brought me water and a package of nuts, subtle hint to fly commercial; Ehh. Until then though, ‘WOW’ love it, now I know how royalty feels when they travel.”

“Just keep doing what you think best, if you need to send the 650 back then get another plane or fly a commercial airline like a peon, Queen Sandy? By the way what did you tell Elle about Vito and how do you know about him, you are the new girl?”

“First, the plane is ‘ours’, I called ‘Billie’ in Cleveland before I took it. He said since no wedding took place, his ‘gift’ was automatically returned. I have it now and we are not giving it to the ‘Demon Witch’ (Gina); Vito said, and I quote: ‘Go for it’. As far as experience goes, I’m older than I look, no 16 year-old you child molester. Second I’m not a newbie, just ‘well seasoned’. I’ll ask my ‘old’ Master if he can arrange a new crew for me and I’ll sleep in the wonderful bed on the plane on my way to you ASAP. Third, as far as Vito and me, that’s for me to know and you to find out! Hint, I wouldn’t worry too much about Vito, he thinks of you as the son he never had or was that ... no never mind. No worry, be happy!”

“I’m going to warn you I may spank you, we have a great Hotel, ‘The Mandarin Oriental’, when you land call me or the Hotel to pick you up. Unless I can change suites, unlike the suite at Home, we only have one bedroom and one bed, so my dear...”

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