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Under the Boardwalk

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Chapter 2

There was something in her eyes that made we want to look away. It wasn’t Dixie but I knew, just knew one might get lost in them. The greeting at the same time made us both laugh.

“I should say you are looking better but nope you have the most black and blue I have ever seen on a body. How are you though Eileen?”

“Right now I might want to jump out of this bed to thank you for saving my life. On second thought maybe I should pull you in here to thank you properly.”

“El, no thanks needed. Patrick, one of the FBI guys at the door said you were kidnapped?”

“A random one at that. Two strung-out druggies. They did not know who my father is. They hit my driver, freaked out when the saw the blood from his head and grabbed me.”

I nodded for her to go on.

“They had an old junker, drove me out to the beach and started wailing on me when all they could find was $20 and some change. I go to college and never have much spending money. My dad may be wealthy but he makes me work for what I have, and it is not much.”

I re-thought my mental decision not to meet her father. This girl was being raised the right way. Her dad seemed to be raising her well.

“You know when we were waiting for help, I told you I would assist you financially until you recovered. I’m not super-rich but I recently have had two jobs that put a few extra dollars in the bank. Whatever you need you can have. You said you did not have insurance so I can help with that also.”

“I’m in school, I thought insurance stopped at 18, dad’s still covers me while I went to school though. Hopefully I will heal enough to go back in the Fall. Why are you doing this? I’m no raving beauty, just a college kid.”

“A long time ago I heard the phrase, ‘Pay it Forward’. It made little sense then, a lot more now as I got older. I told you, I got lucky recently and made it easier for me to try to help someone else. That’s the only reason. Actually I hate to see or hear a girl cry and my Karma needed a boost.”

That drew a laugh. The next few minutes were silent. The tears started again, I came closer and tried to brush them away.

“Hey no tears, ‘Teddy’ hates to see a girl cry too, besides he is wearing his best clothes and you’ll get them all wet.

That got a giggle.

The door opened, Patrick whispered, “Heads up Tommy, Daddy is on his way up, try to look decent, or at least innocent, both of you.”

What did Patrick know that I didn’t?”

El and I had to smile at that comment. She couldn’t move if she wanted to and there was not more than a foot or so of the small bed that didn’t have tubes, wires or casts on it.

We heard through the door. “You are more than welcome to go in to see your daughter, however these two gentlemen are not allowed in.”

“Why not, they are my bodyguard!”

Sorry sir, but I don’t know that for certain. They could be forcing you to get to your daughter. She was kidnapped a few days ago, remember?”

A scowl.

“I might add, if these gentlemen are armed, and I don’t mean a right and left arm, they need to very slowly hand over their weapons then display a CCW permit. When you enter tell the man inside your story and to okay your guards.”

While Patrick was talking, two orderlies were standing by to back him up, their hands under linens on a cart.

When the door opened a fuming ‘Daddy’ came in. Seeing the men outside made me think Patrick did do more than drink coffee and eat doughnuts.

Things seemed to go South from then on. First Daddy lit into his daughter about ‘Why he was not immediately notified she was hurt’, like that was all she should be concerned with. Next was my turn for an ‘Inquisition’ moment.

“Your partner wanted me to tell you those men are my guard, now tell him to let them in before I have your badge and his.”

I started to laugh, really laugh. “That act may work on a rookie cop but that’s not me. The FBI men out front are just doing their job, trying to protect Eileen from further trouble.”

I took a deep breathe now.

“Patrick knows me so it was convenient to get you clear of any undue influence. As for me, I just came to see how Eileen was doing. You did a splendid job raising her but I wonder why you are such a prick now.”

“Oh, I see, you found her so now are trying to get some kind of a reward, is that it. Well it won’t work, I’ve seen gold diggers like you before. You won’t get a penny from me!”

“El, I hope you get well soon. Don’t worry about anything just your health. The head nurse has my number if you need anything.”

Turning back to Daddy.

“Mr. Scythe it has been ‘real’ meeting you. I’m certain to remember this.”

I waved to Eileen and walked out.

My parting comment to Patrick was. “See, told you I would get even”.

I made a call, not allowed though before I saw that nurse. “Gino, need to have a plane and a stay at Vegas or Jersey for a nurse here.” Pause while he responded. “Thanks Uncle, I’ll have her call to set it up. I owe you one.”

“Nurse ‘Ratchet’ I presume?”

That got me a smile at least.

“I wanted to thank you for doing a bit extra for the girl in Room 1114. My friend told me you tracked down some help. Call this number, use my name and a plane will pick your party up for a little all expense paid vacation whenever you want to go, I will add to the snack jar if Patrick at the door nibbles like I think he does. Thanks again.”

After handing her my card with Gino’s number written in, I walked away before she could away say anything. I felt good, ‘my Karma must be up a lot’, I thought.

I left the hospital in about the same mood I was in going there. I still felt meeting ‘Daddy’ was not on my ‘to do’ list. The little reward for the nurse though seemed the right thing to do. Connections! Yes, ‘family’ even when you’re no longer real family is a wonderful thing.

I decided to go home from the hospital rather than try to contact my ‘no show’ again. Home was a bit of a misnomer, I lived on the 14th floor of a hotel, the private, secure floor, in a small suite. Another Uncle owned a few of them and said he always had space for me at one of them. Naturally I always had time for his requests and did any odd-jobs for him and his brother, ‘One hand washes the other’, remember.

Patrick was wrong, the message waiting light on the room phone was lit, checking though there were two for me. The second asking for me to come back, the girl in 1114 remembered some things and she would only speak with the FBI if I was there too. How convenient, it sounded like a ‘set-up’. Well I’ll be damned, I should call Patrick a matchmaker maybe.

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