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Bad Seed

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Chapter 8

Wren looked in shock at the two visions she was seeing. She was on her ship and she was on Ceti-5 staring at all the masters. At first she could only see, as all of them were surprised and gasping at her.

It was a few moments later that she started to hear them. Not only could she hear them, she could also see them clearer.

“So, they have developed Phasic weapons. This is an unexpected development,” Flugret said. “Though slightly effective against us, there are a great many counter measures.”

A startled Wren could only stare for a few moments at her masters. “I thought that this type of communication was impossible, especially at this distance,” Wren said.

“In almost all instances, that is true, though with the use of Phasic weapons? Many of the laws of the universe can be twisted, almost redefined. It is somewhat like your trans-warp,” here the first master paused at the shocked look on Wren’s face. “Yes little one, we know of it, so, like the trans-warp it opens a short path, though for thoughts or projections.”

Wren’s face was screwed up in concentration a moment, then understanding crossed her features. “If that is true, then I assume that it doesn’t last that long?”

The first master shook his head, “it is actually dependent upon the amount of energy that your ship, shielding and you yourself, absorbed. Apparently, you received quite a bit as strong as this is.”

Wren could only shake her head. This could be useful if she could actually do more. A small smile came to her lips as she concentrated, then reached out to Flugret. To her and the other masters there, surprise came to their faces when her hand actually appeared. Wren smiled more as she removed whatever it was that Flugret was holding.

With a turn, Flugret asked the first Master, “how is this possible? Physical manifestation has always been impossible.”

The first Master was deep in thought, then reached his hands toward Wren’s visage. A nod of his head had them all waiting for a possible explanation.

“We all knew that she would differ from us greatly. It appears that she has a further reaching ability. I am assuming that the phasic energy has unlocked an ability within her.” Turning back toward Wren, he said, “I suggest that you not use this often, ‘til you are used to using the extra energy that this does.”

Wren was nodding, suddenly feeling weak, her legs shaking. “Master Wren,” Trigon said as she started to sink toward the deck. Luckily, Trigon had several soft items to catch her.

“She should be fine.” The first Master said as the vision of Wren and the ship started to fade.

Wren could barely move as she tried to nod her head, clutching the tool that she’d taken from Flugret’s hand.

The first master turned to the others, “she has more control than she did when she left. The parts of ourselves that are in her, have suggested merging with her. I think that this would be very bad. It would dilute greatly that which makes her unique. Plus, I am afraid that she would no longer be able to help us.”

There were several gasps as many of the masters said, “We hope that you were able to dissuade our parts with her.”

The first Master nodded as he spoke, “I believe that I was able to convey just why that would be a bad decision. Bad not only for her but all of us.” Here the first Master turned to Flugret, “all of the counter-measures are in place? Are active? I have felt for some time that the Empress’s state of mind has been deteriorating.”

A shocked Flugret slowly nodded. The first Master was far more highly sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other races. “First Master, do you believe that she thinks she can take our planet?”

Several gasps escaped the other Master’s lips, “I have felt some of this, though never thought that she would act upon it,” the second Master said.

“I believe we have sufficient counter-measures that we won’t have to use the full spectrum.” Here the First Master turned to Flugret, “monitor their progress. It never hurts to watch. This new Empire is quite powerful, has advanced far faster than most in the past, and they warrant caution.”

Flugret nodded as he turned back to the controls, flipping several more switches. Half the control board lit up. A small smile came to his lips, the human Empire was about to find out about taking hasty actions against the masters.

On board the lead ship, Empress Esmeralda was smiling at the results that she was getting from her lead scientist. The Phasic missiles that her son had used against her husband’s demon spawn were a lucky break.

She had hoped that the man could produce them faster, then again she needed him. It was good that he was as safe as he was. Strange she thought the man wasn’t afraid of her at all, no matter how much she threatened.

Strolling back on the bridge she said, “open a channel to my lead scientist.”

“Channel open Empress,” the shaking crewman said.

“I was hoping for a progress report, though, I know you are trying not to destroy yourself, the lab or the surrounding area,” Esmeralda said.

The face of an older man appeared in a hologram, “you know me so well. We have produced a million so far. I am sure that you wish for more. They should arrive within the hour.”

A sigh escaped Esmeralda’s lips, “if only all my subjects were as you are. So damn good at anticipating my wishes. A million should do for now. We only have a hundred thousand ships here, it will have to suffice.”

The older man bowed, “we are continuing to make them, no sense in not having more to back up the first batch.”

Esmeralda nodded, “good hopefully we can rid the universe of these repugnant masters. The Empire has had to cower before them for far too long.”

The connection was shut down as Esmeralda smiled. If this worked as she hoped it would, today would shine. It would see the end of Ceti-5 and its occupants. With more luck, her son would end the demon spawn, little bitch of her husband’s. With those things done, she could finally rule as she saw fit with no one to interfere.

Ah! She could also have that dull useless husband of hers killed. Not the best man she’d ever seen, though the bastard could plan in advance. Somehow he’d seen much of what she had planned to do, setting safeguards in place she was still trying to break.

A flash of light from a hyper-space arriving ship drew her attention. That would be the first of the ships carrying the Phasic missiles. The end was near. Esmeralda felt her heart quicken at the thought of the coming destruction.

A very broad smile graced her features while she watched the first ship unloading all its cargo onto the lead ship. Less than a few hours to go she thought excitedly, ah, a perfect universe without those on Ceti-5!

Hmmm, she thought, it might be good to boast to that prick of a son of hers. Escaping the bridge, she made her way to her quarters.

Once everything was set, she called, “Thomas! I need a report.”

A moment later, the irritated holo-gram of her son appeared. “What in the hell are you bothering me about now! I am improving my shields and weapons before I meet that little bitch again,” Thomas snarled.

“I was going to let you know, I am going to use a hell of a lot of your Phasic missiles against Ceti-5,” Esmeralda said.

Thomas was about to make another snide remark when he stopped. Then he started to chuckle, then laugh ‘til he was leaning against a panel hardly able to stand laughing so hard.

“What the hell do you find so damn funny!?” Esmeralda shouted.

Thomas suddenly stopped looking directly into his mother’s eyes. “The master of Ceti-5 have been there for well over ten centuries. Don’t you think they have seen weapons like this before? That, they aren’t well prepared? I suggest that you not be anywhere near the planet when you fire off the missiles.”

“WHAT!? You really think that they have a defense against this?” Esmeralda asked.

“Think? No, I am more than sure that they do. As I said, they have been there a long time, they have seen a great deal. I have never been wrong about things like this, you may be a pain in the ass, YOU are family.” Thomas spit out.

Esmeralda thought about the many times he’d warned her. True, as he said, he’d never really been wrong when it involved military tactics or weapons.

She decided as she turned back toward Thomas’s visage, “alright I will maintain a great distance from the planet. Any idea what measures they have against the missiles?”

Thomas was deep in thought, then shook his head, “no, not really though, I can assure you. From what I have seen in the past? It will be highly effective and deadly. Tell you what, IF you survive? Send me a video of your failure.” Here Thomas started to laugh again.

This in turn made Esmeralda’s temper start to flare up. “I should kill you when I see you again. You disrespect me and the Empire for...”

“Ha!” Thomas said, cutting her off. “If it wasn’t for me, you’d be nothing, have nothing! Remember who put you where you are, helped you stay there! Call me when it is over one way or the other.” As suddenly as he was there, he was gone as fast.

Esmeralda had to sit there for almost an hour to get her temper to subside. She’d been certain that had she left, well over half the ship would have been dead.

Finally calm, she thought about what her son had said. Sadly, she had to acknowledge Thomas was mostly correct. The many manipulations that he’d done, had her with the power now. She also had to start remembering that, unlike almost everyone else, he wasn’t afraid of her.

Her attention was diverted as, several flashes of ships exiting hyper-space appeared. Soon, she thought, she was hoping that Thomas was wrong about the missiles. She then sighed, Thomas was seldom wrong, damnit! Here she thought it would be a perfect way to end the masters. Now she might lose most of the ships here.

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