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Bad Seed

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Chapter 5

Esmeralda was still pacing, there had to be a way through the Ceti-5 defenses. She had never seen any system, especially one as old as the master’s on the planet were.

For the umpteenth time she called her techs. Snapping at them he growled, “I suggest that you get something done. I am of a mind to start removing body parts.”

“Empress, we are doing all we can, we have managed to get through the first. The second is appearing to be on a shifting frequency. At present, we are reading well over five thousand codes, with more it appears well behind those.” A voice came from the com.

Those that were on the bridge were trying to shrink too as small as they could. All of them could swear that the Empress eyes were glowing an evil red color.

In a voice that bellied her anger, she stated in an unusually calm voice. “I advise all of you right now, if we do not break through and retrieve my daughter? None of you will be alive in the next few days.”

Smacking her hand down on the com she cut the signal. Turning abruptly, she stormed out to her private quarters. Upon entering the room, r she growled at the number of guards and attendants there. “Out!” She shouted scaring all there to rush out immediately.

Esmeralda dropped angerly into her throne like seat. Thumbing a separate com she’d hidden in the seat, she nearly shouted, “Thomas!”

Less than a minute later the voice of Thomas came through the speakers. “What’s crawled in you underwear?”

“Don’t push me Thomas I will...” Esmeralda started.

“You’ll do what? I am the one with the firepower, I am the one that carried out all the plans. I was the one that managed to get all six races united to destroy the earth. Without me you’d have nothing, so I don’t want to hear your blustering. So, what the hell do you want?” Thomas Tygoron said.

“Why I ought...” Esmeralda started again.

“Can it mother, we both know you have nothing without me. What do you want I am busy.” Thomas said.

“Yes I heard,” Esmeralda stated coolly. “disabled, unable to fire, against such a small ship.”

The look on Thomas face went from a sneer to sheer, enraged, anger. “Look Mother! She has advanced that piece of shit, of a ship far more, than we BOTH thought. Believe me it will NOT happen again.”

Esmeralda sniffed a moment then said, “see that it doesn’t, she is all that stands between us and the galaxy. She has to die before she finds out what we have been up to since her poor daddy, disappeared.”

Both of them started to laugh hard at Esmeralda’s pun before Thomas disconnected.

Thomas was far more pissed than he had showed his mother. Slamming his fist into the bulk head several were backing away from him. All looked at the indentation he’d left there.

Thomas took a deep breath Thomas whirled stomping off the bridge. Though the only human on the ship ALL were afraid of him. Many had attacked him when he first came on board. That had ended with over three hundred dead, another three hundred severely injured.

With his anger still high, Thomas only killed twenty, when they got in his way while he went to his quarters. The walls in his quarters were already full of holes and dents.

He was going to have to kill that little bitch of a, here Thomas growled, sister. Never in his life, had he ever wanted to kill a creature or person, as much as he wanted to strangle the life from her.

Esmeralda sat back with a sigh. At least she had HER son on her side, remembering back she felt her anger stir. “YOUR son will never be emperor, he hasn’t the royal blood in him. He is therefore, by the rules set down by all the previous emperors, unqualified to rule. Nor, do I feel that he has the intelligence to rule.”

The last had felt as if her husband had gut punched her as hard as he could.

“As long as I, Wren and the earth are still alive, he will NEVER be emperor!” She remembered her husband said to her between clenched teeth.

A small smile crept to her lips. The first and last were gone now. She just had to get rid of Wren, then it was all hers! well, she guessed she’d give her son a little though, not much.

An even wider, eviler smile spread across Esmeralda’s face. Yes, she needed to rid the universe of the pest that Wren was. Ah! What a wonderful day that would be, to be rid of three of the most irritating things.

Wren was doing the best to keep her anger in check. When she had heard that her mother was trying to break through it became more difficult.

Thankfully, she had the help of several masters as they seemed to come, in an unending stream each day. There were several there right now along with Flugret. Flugret was worried as he could feel the building tension and stress within Wren. True, it was slowly starting to strengthen her, it also taxed her faster with more than one master present.

A look at her showed that she was starting to sweat with the stress. Flugret knew that Wren was finally starting to gain control, though starting was the operative word.

He was reaching out, feeling the small fleet that was at their border. As of yet they had only pierced the seventh layer of the shields, though as he’d seen before that might change. There was one race that had broken all but the last, they were far more intelligent than the present invaders.

Flugret was receiving messages from almost all the masters, they were indeed finding it easier to hold their solid forms. The only thing was that they were increasing though not as much as they needed.

It also appeared that Wren was trying far harder than she should be. He had expressed this to her many times, seeing her grow. Then, too many of the masters had crowded in causing her stress to grow.

Flugret’s head snapped back to Wren as she was growing far too aggravated. Now, all the masters were starting to bombard him with their worry.

My brothers came Flugret’s thoughts, I believe that she may need to leave here for a time. As we can see, her progress has seemed to have stalled, this may be from her stress.

Flugret listened as the masters seemed to argue back and forth. Finally, it was the thoughts of the first master, who had been silent, that quieted them.

Brothers, the first master started, I am in agreement with master Flugret. He was after all the last master, he can feel the solid form much more than any of us. It has been after all, several centuries since we held the form for more than an hour. Perhaps what master Flugret has suggested has merit.

All were quiet as Flugret, felt all of the masters turn toward him. Flugret nodded as he bowed to the first master.

My brothers, Flugret started, Wren seems to have reached an even area. I remember this when I was starting to become what we are now. Not many knew that I struggled mightily with the transformation. So as the first master has suggested, I feel closer to what Wren is experiencing.

If that is true, came the thoughts of another older master, you think that letting her go will assist her?

I know that many of you have felt the unresolved thoughts she has. That and many situations with her family. Might I suggest that we assist her to resolve these situations? It might also help her to resolve many of the troubling thoughts she has.

How can we do that? Came another masters thoughts. Not a one of us can exist away from here for more than an hour. You as I remember almost ceased after a day, it was fortunate that you were as close as you were.

Flugret was nodding his head in agreement. Though as he found out later; he was able to hold his solid form for almost a day now. A look at the rest of the masters, gave him a little hope. Almost all of them, could hold a solid form for an hour, something that was unheard of.

Another quick look at Wren, showed that this whole time she has been struggling. Now as he could see, she was starting to struggle even more. Flugret immediately reached out to Wren placing a hand on her shoulder.

Startled a moment Wren looked at the hand on her shoulder and growled. “Master, it is becoming difficult again to control what is within me. Had it not been for the training I have received; I might be beyond help now.”

Flugret nodded to her, feeling the massive buildup of energy within her. “I am afraid that you have to release the energy my little Wren.”

A look of confusion came to her face. “Release my energy? You and the first master told me that it was a bad thing.”

“In most instances it is, though as a corporeal entity, the buildup can destroy you.” Flugret told her.

“You have told me that I am many times stronger when it builds up. I do not wish to harm my masters.” Wren told him.

A slight smile slipped on Flugret’s lips, “we are far stronger than you think little one.” He then stopped a moment then started to nod his head. “I believe that it is time that you knew the truth. Please come with me.”

Wren’s face held a look of confusion as she followed Flugret into the hallway outside her room. When they stopped in front of a blank wall, she was even more confused. She watched as Flugret started to concentrate then a part of the wall slid away.

Wren was still staring at the wall, when Flugret left her, moving into the room. This is starting to become a weird day she thought still unmoving.

Flugret’s head popped back out the doorway, a smile on his face. “Come little one I realize you are searching for answers many of which are about to be answered. Though I am afraid in the mean time many, many more may come to you.”

Wren nodded looking at Flugret’s extended hand before she tentatively took it. They started into a rather large room to a doorway in the back. They both had entered the room when Wren stopped, staring a huge ball of energy almost 11 meters across. The thing that caught her by surprise was that it was pulsing like it was alive.

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