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Bad Seed

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Chapter 2

Wren stepped from the sonic shower feeling completely refreshed. “I hope that the offers are still coming in Trigon.” She spoke to her ship’s A.I.

“At present there have been no new offers.” Trigon replied.

Wren sighed as she sat to eat. Opening up her comp she nodded approvingly at the eight hundred thousand credits she had siphoned from the Grontec, Baroton’s account. Skipping to the next page she again nodded at the two million she had drawn from the Grontec government’s coffers.

“Master Wren?” Her A.I. interrupted her thoughts. “Agent X, has again sent a message. I believe she was angry that you haven’t answered her in due time.”

Wren let out a frustrated sigh. Damnit! She didn’t have the time to argue with her mother. Hell, the last time she had all but disappeared for a few years to train with the Death Bringers. Shit she thought the training had been very hard, hell finding Ceti-5 had been hard enough.

Ah Wren thought, the Death Bringers, they were as deadly to the cosmos as the legends of the ninjas of earth prime. Though she had been born on earth she had few memories.

Had the Earth have, had a little more time things would have turned far differently.

Wren Activated a special com. entering a very complex code. “Agent X, this is Agent 1. What the hell are you bothering me about mother?”

“Damnit girl!” Came the rather gruff female voice. “That’s no way to talk to your mother, let alone the galactic Empress!”

“Look mother, I am still gathering funds to aid us, that is unless you wish me to vanish again.” Wren spit out irritated.

“Vanish? Please I knew where you were almost the whole time. You think I wouldn’t keep tabs on you? Plus, Master Flugret owed me several favors.” Wren’s mother replied.

“How in the hell did you know? I covered my tracks better than any other time. How do you know Master Flugret?” A shocked Wren replied.

“What? You think you are the only royal that has learned the Death Bringer way? Please, I am a level three Master, you father was a level four the only human one ever. He made the both of us together seem like amateurs, though I heard you achieved level two faster than anyone. That and you were on the verge of three also.” Wren’s mother said.

Wren’s hands clenched into fists, damn nosey bitch Wren thought. Rapidly typing several commands, she smiled. “So, going back to the first of this what the hell do you want?”

“Your marriage is ready; I need you to return. We need a new heir; I can no longer produce children. This leaves it on you, now come in NOW!” Wren’s mother said forcefully.

“I told you before I will not be bossed around like this nor will I marry a pissant, piece of flotsam. Nor will I submit to said pissant to be bred like I am nothing!” Wren snapped.

“Don’t make me override your ship, it...” Wren’s mother started.

“HA! Like you ever could, I built Trigon with several thousands of override blocks. Plus, the fact that he has several brain cells of mine. So no, I foresee you NOT taking him over. Bye mother!” Wren sneered as she cut communication.

Almost immediately the ship accelerated into hyper space. A quick look showed she should be there in about three hours. Just enough time to limber up, not good to meet her Master stiff as a board.

Three hours later, Wren entered another complex code as she approached the Ceti system.

“Control, pupa one coming into the cocoon.” Wren said.

A moment later a harsh voice replied, “why should we not blow you out of existence?”

“I made a pledge and promise to my Master that I would return, that I would continue.” Wren said.

“Who is this supposed master, that allowed you to break with tradition?” The harsh voice snarled at her.

“Master Flugret was this unworthy worm’s Master.” Wren said.

There was a moment of silence, then a different voice came on. “Ah! My little Wren has returned. Follow the guide system, do not deviate, you know what will happen.”

“Yes, Master it is good to back.” Wren said her head lowered in respect.

Wren’s ship landed a few minutes later, a soul figure stood waiting at the space port. Bending on one knee Wren bowed to the old appearing humanoid. “Master” Wren said.

The older male seemed not to move as Wren dodged an apparent attack. “Ah! It is good to see that you have not been ignoring your art. We need to test you, to see if you have regressed in any of your training.”

With that the older male launched into a rapid fire of attacks that Wren, easily avoided. A minute later the male nodded then started to move far faster, Wren, still avoiding all the attacks.

The male again nodded as Wren concentrated. The male took one swing at Wren, when she felt something almost shift inside her. To her amazement she avoided the attack that her master had always hit her with.

A smile came to his lips as he nodded then started in with several far faster attacks. Almost all, Wren blocked the last few she avoided actually getting a hand on her master.

“So, you took to heart all the things I told you when you left.” Turning Master Flugret looked behind him. “What say you all?”

“I see that she has passed through almost all of the third level. So, say we all, she is only the third human to achieve this. Also, she has done this in much less than half the time, than the other two.” The voice said.

“We should test her to the fourth level.” Came another voice.

Master Flugret nodded as he stepped toward Wren, seeming to vanish. Wren concentrated again then also seemed to vanish.

There was the sound of several harsh sounding blows, the Master and Wren appeared. Both were flowing backwards; both had a piece of cloth from the other.

Master Flugret look at the area above his heart seeing the piece of cloth that was missing. Wren was doing the exact same thing, then noticed that almost half her chest was exposed.

Both landed bowing to each other. “It is good, she has entered the fourth level. Master Flugret you should assist her.”

Master Flugret, was beside Wren immediately as her legs started to tremble then buckle. Catching her as she started to sink to the floor the Master nodded.

“Master?” Wren asked as she was lowered to the floor of the space port.

“Ah little one. Have you forgotten that, new higher levels require more energy? You may have conquered the third level, though the fourth is something altogether different. I’m also afraid as hard as you pushed you might be asleep a few days.” Flugret explained.

“Yes Master, I apologize for forgetting.” Wren’s eyes closed almost immediately, the darkness claiming her quickly.

It was almost two days later when Wren’s eyes opened. A quick look around her let her know she was not in her normal quarters. A moment later the door opened to reveal her Master and several other men.

“Ah! So, the Wren is awake. You may have noticed that you are in different quarters. They are yours; you are beginning the fourth level; they are to fit your new status.” A male older than her Master said.

Wren bowed low, “I will try to prove myself worthy.”

“Ha! You have done that; you just need to move on. I am afraid though, that your royal status can take president over training. As we have discussed before, it is the only thing that can.” Master Flugret said.

Wren sighed as she tried to rise slowly, almost making it to her feet. Erect a moment she suddenly, ungraciously, tumbled to the floor on her face. Well, she thought she was as she stopped, mere millimeters from the floor.

Wren sat back down seeing the smile on her Master’s face. “Patience little one you need to train to use your energy more sparingly. I am afraid that, we only have a week, then you mother has sent for you. I, do not like the idea she has stated about you marrying for duty. We are far more civilized than that.”

“Master? Mother has said that it is my duty, this is not a duty to me it is anything but. Master? I am afraid that I may execute this supposed groom. If I am as high as you said I am, am I not allowed to do this? Master, I am higher than a great many have ever been.” A frustrated Wren said.

“I will speak to the others of this. With you beginning training in the fourth level, it makes you eligible for full clan status. If you are granted this, then yes, it may be possible.” Master Flugret said.

It was a week later; Wren had pushed herself as hard and far as she could. She’d gained half way through level four. Everything was going good ‘til her mother showed up.

“Master Flugret, I am here to collect my daughter.” Wren’s mother said with a bow. “I wish to thank you for keeping her here ‘til I arrived.”

“Empress Esmeralda, I am afraid that I cannot allow that.” The Master said.

“WHAT!? I though the clan had an agreement with the empire, well such as it is.” Esmeralda said.

“We do your highness; it is tradition for a full clan member to not be forced to leave.” Flugret said a slight smile on his lips.

“Oh my god! She has actually achieved level four? Huh, like father, like daughter. Master Flugret, please express to her that she is needed to strengthen our present position.” Esmeralda stated.

“I realize this your highness, though you have to realize that she is right now the most dangerous human alive. Also, she told me that if she had to suffer even a moment of her time with the pompous prick? I am repeating her words though I am unsure of them. That she would, in no uncertain terms, kill the twit. Again, she used words I do not know.” Flugret said.

Esmeralda sighed, her daughter was definitely serious about this, if she was threatening death. “Tell her that we need to talk, this heir she is to produce has to happen soon.”

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