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Bad Seed

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Chapter 13

“Stealth Trigon,” Wren almost growled.

“Stealth achieved, I believe that his ship detected our presence, though I am not sure,” Trigon said as he started to run system checks.

“Fire a few missiles at his ship, standard pack, let’s see if they can really see us or not,” Wren ordered.

“Compliance master Wren, now firing standard missile pack, impact twenty seconds,” Trigon reported.

Twenty seconds layer four missiles detonated on her brother’s shields.

“That all you got Wren, please,” Thomas said, then started to yell.

Four missiles behind the first four, winked out then appeared inside Thomas’ ship’s shields. This second set, hit the hull in almost the same spot, effectively putting a good size hole in the ship.

Thomas was cursing as he watched his own missiles sped toward Wren’s ship.

Alarms started to go off, “approaching weapons have extensive explosive power, suggest protective cover,” Trigon was warning.

“Execute dash and crash at a thousand meters,” Wren ordered.

“Warning, warning maneuver could cause damage to this ship,” Trigon warned.

“Shields at full,” Wren ordered as the ship slipped into a trans-warp portal. The missiles went with them, then the portal opened up a thousand meters from Thomas’ ship.

Trigon had the ship banking as hard as he could, along with the engines at full.

Thomas eyes grew wide as his own missiles hit his already weakened shields. The resulting explosions knocked almost all his systems offline. Even pulling away as hard as they were, their ship still caught the edge of the explosive force.

Wren pulled herself off the floor, cursing when she saw that half her own systems were offline.

“Now affecting repairs to power systems,” Trigon informed Wren.

“Damage,” Wren shouted above the alarms that were going off.

“Power generators are damaged, power now at half as are shields. Propulsion is also damaged, Trans-warp is off-line for a few hours, as is warp drive. Both systems are slowly repairing, we do have sub-space, though weapons are also off-line for a few hours,” Trigon said.

Wren nodded at each thing that Trigon said. Though she was mad at her brother, she was far madder at herself for him getting to her like this.

“Estimated time for my brother’s ship to get to a more operative state,” Wren asked.

“Unknown, with a full crew that is capable, I would estimate no less than three days. That, is why an approximate estimate is not possible,” Trigon said.

Wren nodded her head as she grabbed what she could heading to the back. A door slid aside as she entered her engineering section. “Seems like I was just in here,” Wren said.

Esmerelda was cursing even harder, there were about ten bodies scattered on the floor behind her. Most of the bridge crew had already evacuated the bridge.

She smashed her fist into the console when she saw no one else to kill. “Chief engineer, get this ship operative in an hour or you’ll be the next to take a spacewalk without a suit,” Esmerelda snarled into the com.

A look at the floor behind her eyebrows rose. She’d not even remembered killing the bastards, well, she was getting better.

She continued to stand still where she was, she was afraid she might kill one, she really needed. At almost an hour, several systems started to come back online.

A beeping light caught her attention, “bridge,” she growled.

“Empress,” came the chief engineer’s voice. “I have well over fifty percent of the ships systems back online. Though we still cannot move much, hull integrity has been restored. Well, everywhere the hull is still whole. We can dock with other ships to take on supplies, that is if you wish to.”

“Yes,” Esmerelda hissed, “dock with the others of the fleet. To the fleet I am transferring to another ship, prepare for my arrival. I want all advanced tech transferred to the new ship, keep working on improving it.”

Less than a half hour later, the Empress was on another ship, all teach including her secure room was transferred. A smile finally on her lips, she left the bridge entering the room.

She sat in the throne chair opening her com. “Have you transferred all the advanced tech?” Esmerelda asked the chief engineer.

“Yes Empress,” came the man’s voice. “Everything has been moved to your present ship. As ordered, I am continuing to advance your shields and weapons. I have managed to go up another twenty percent.”

“Just how much more powerful than our shields, was the attack that hit us?” Esmerelda asked.

“From what I saw of the readings, they had almost twice the power we did. It appears she was prepared for us,” the man said.

“I could tell that from the damage they caused. Get to work, get me better protected. Know that I will enjoy killing you very slowly if you don’t produce better results,” Esmerelda growled.

The man was nodding as the Empress broke contact. He was making great headway now, though matching the princess’ power, was still a way off.

Thomas smiled for a few moments when he saw that his missiles had indeed detonated not Far from Wren’s ship. A smile that faded quickly, his own ship was indeed in pretty bad shape.

“I want all personnel out of areas that the growth system has to work on. You have twenty seconds, go!” Thomas said.

A sadistic smile twisted on his lips when ten seconds later the doors closed. Then the delicious screams of those caught in the areas started.

He sat back as the screams grew louder and louder. He watched as those caught were crushed and slowly absorbed into the growth pods. Hmmmm he thought, the extra bio-matter was actually helping the pods to go faster.

A movement on the barely operating screen brought him out of his reverie. A look of pure hatred crossed his face while he watched Wren’s ship move away. He failed to notice that she was moving at impulse, so great was his anger.

Thomas also failed to notice for a few minutes that he had a communication from his mother. When he did, he hit the com. “What the hell are you bothering me about mother? That bitch got away..., so it appears she got you too. At least I managed to damage her ship,” Thomas sneered at his mother.

“You take furthermore liberties than...,” Esmerelda started.

“As I have said before, can it mother. I have enough to do without your continuous bickering. I have the full growth going on board, I should be up in a few hours. I’ll get her if it kills me, at least I know she isn’t unbeatable,” Thomas said with another sneer.

Esmerelda blinked; Thomas had damaged her ship? Good! She could forgive him then for this.

A truly evil smile came to her lips, “good work son, if the growth works as well as I know it does? You should have that little bitch in no time,” Esmerelda said.

“We’ll see, I just need to be left alone,” Thomas said.

“Shields now at fifty percent, sub-light engines at twenty-five percent,” the computer interjected.

“Our own is working on the last ship. Get that bitch, then we can deal with that ass. I hope you have him well hidden,” Esmerelda said.

“Oh yeah, no one’s gonna find him that’s for sure,” Thomas said with confidence.

“Alright, you’re the only one that has never disappointed me. Keep it that way,” Esmerelda said.

Thomas sneered, “you remember mother, I am no push over. I have my guarantees and safeguards in place. Don’t think you can just waltz in and take over, that, would be a grave mistake.”

A slight smile came to her lips, if he wasn’t her son, she’d make a quick union with him. “Alright, get that bitch so we can finish this up.”

“Oh, I plan on it mother now, leave me the hell alone!” Thomas shouted as he cut the com.

The first master looked at his mate and that of the second master. His life energy had already stabilized, as had the second masters.

He was wishing that Wren had managed a few more. True that the two females’ energy had already started the life cycles again. They needed more as the life cycles were only near the building.

He was heading to meet with the other masters. If they could Wren to bring another back, things would definitely improve. The thing was that it weakened her so badly, they needed her out there as well as here.

The first master looked at the readings for the defenses, plus weapons. He nodded as he saw that their defense was indeed further than it had ever been.

“So, Wren increased our defenses before she left?” The first Master asked.

Flugret, turned from the consoles, “yes she did first master. We have been reading a twenty percent increase of the shields since she departed,” Flugret said.

“The strongest that they have ever been,” the first said.

“Indeed sir,” Flugret said. “The thing is? The additions that she made are still there hours later. It appears that she had developed the part shift technique, I don’t think that it will fade.”

“Astounding, I thought that only those at level twenty could accomplish this” the first master said. “It appears that we have seriously underestimated our little Wren. Perhaps...”

A round area of light almost six feet tall appeared, the two masters looked at each other, now what?

Wren had been at it for almost an hour, sub-light was up as well as over seventy percent of warp-drive. At least now they were putting a lot more distance from her brother for repairs. The thing was she hadn’t noticed that whatever she touched was working an hour later.

A sigh escaped her lips as she watched the power gain again. “Well, that ought to help,” she said. “At least now we are better defended. I just wish I knew how I was able to open those portals.” Wren waited a moment as she thought the answer would come to her.

“Warp drive now rising to ninety, ninety-one. Full warp drive within moments,” Trigon said.

“Good,” Wren said slightly distracted. She had the two female Cetians on her mind. She just wished that could bring out more than one at a time. It might speed thing up if she could, then again, she’d have to be ... she then gasped. The same portal she had opened before to go to Ceti-5 was in front of her. “Is this stable,” she asked.

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