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Bad Seed

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Chapter 11

Wren was working with Trigon on the trans-warp, they had already managed to reduce the time to activation an hour. Though this was good Wren wanted to make sure they could jump if they needed to.

She kept tabs on her brother’s ship and the small horde that was with him. After an hour they had almost half the trans-warp functioning, though not enough to jump.

Wren shifted several energy levels yelling to Trigon, “has that started the self-repair?”

“I have it at half power now though not enough to...” Trigon started then Wren was blown out of the conduit.

“Oh shit!” Wren yelled as a massive amount of energy was flowing through her.

“Master Wren!” Trigon shouted with almost the sound of concern in its voice. Quickly the A.I. was scanning Wren for lifesigns. “Master Wren? How is this possible? The extreme amount of current should have canceled your lifesigns.”

Wren shook her head as she tried to rise from the floor. It wasn’t ‘til she looked ather arms and legs seeing the glow that she actually got worried.

“Uh, Trigon what the hell is this?” She asked indicating the glow.

“Master Wren, from what little I can see, your body absorbed the trans-warp energy. From everything I have seen this, should not be possible with a living entity. I will have to study it much more before i can give you an answer,” A baffled Trigon said.

Wren’s eyes were wide at this, “how ... how much?” Wren asked.

“All readings indicate almost a half hours’ worth,” Trigon said.

A half hours’ worth! My God Wren thought, I should have been dead as soon as I got hit. Sitting there a few more moments Wren felt inside, something else that surprised her. To her shock not only was she ok, her body had no ill effects from it.

Wren ran the scannings three times to try and convince herself. “Trigon, I’m not understanding, a mere thrty seconds dissolves humanoid tissue.”

“I am at a loss at the moment, master Wren. Perhaps it has something to do with your near conversion to energy recently,” Trigon proposed.

Wren could only shake her head as she stepped to the input console. She immediately started to enter data at a frightening speed. “That’s all the data I have on the effect of Tran-warp energy upon living tissue, and most types of energy.”

“Correlating all data now,” Trigon said.

“How badly did I screw up the Trans-warp?” Wren asked.

“Up until you were hit by the energy, it was at only fifty percent. Now, analysis shows that it is at eighty percent,” Trigon said.

“Do we have enough control to move?” Wren asked. “If we can is it safe for a sustained amount of time?”

“Calculating now,” Trigon said then was silent a minute. “We can move though I am afraid that, we can’t sustain it for more than a minute. That should gain us almost an hour and a half. The trip will be rather shaky as the internal dampeners are partly offline. Perhaps you should strap in, gravity feed is also weak at the moment.”

“Damnit!” Wren growled. “Wish I could just open a portal and go.”

“Master! I am detecting a Trans-Warp conduit in front of us, but how?” Trigon said.

Wren looked out seeing the glowing ring as it opened. What the hell she thought as the color and shape were completely wrong. Suddenly they were moving into it, smoother than any time she’d ever gone in to a conduit.

“Are you detecting where the energy came from to open it?” Wren asked.

“Not as of yet, I am tracing the energy now,” Trigon said as beeping tone sounded.

Wren looked at the tunnel they were in, damn she thought, they are moving really fast. Hell, it appeared that they were going a hell of a lot faster than she ever gone.

Less than a minute later they came out of the conduit not too far from Ceti-5. Wren’s mouth dropped open. What in the hell was going on? It usually took five or six minutes to cover this distance.

Wren scanned the area almost a parsec in front of her. Again, she thought, almost half the fleet her family had built up was gone. Then she saw that the fleet had decoded the first of the seven shields. She nodded she knew who was at the front of that besides her stepmom.

The bad thing was as fast as they changed the frequency, the fleet caught on moments later. An almost evil smile came to her lips, if she could d what she just did, perhaps.

Onboard the flag ship Esmeralda was smiling a rare thing lately. Well, she was ‘til several alarms started to go off. “What the hell is going on?” Esmeralda demanded.

“Mam, the make-up and energy of the first three shields has completely changed. I do not recognize the energy that is powering it,” a shaking technician said.

“WHAT!!?” Esmeralda shouted as she was beside the Tech in a second.

“I started analyzing the moment it changed. It almost appears to be a type of psychic energy,” the tech said. Might as well give her all that I got he thought it would save many of the others.

Esmeralda was starting to growl when the ship was hit, rocking to the side as the gravity flickered.

Righting the ship everyone looked terrified. “What in the hell,...” Esmeralda was shouting when she was cut off.

“Hello bitch Queen, usurper, fake ruler. You are not the legal ruler; father is still alive. I will enjoy watching you head leave your boy,” Wren said as she started another run.

“Where is that traitress bitch!” Esmeralda was almost screaming, when Wren hit them again, knocking out the power.

“I hope you enjoy the present I left, have fun getting through the shields now, Ha, Ha, Ha.” Wren laughed as her ship appeared then entered a portal and was gone.

A second later the ship appeared above the planet, just beyond the shields. “Ceti-5 I have returned I need the help of the masters,” Wren said.

“Land where you always do little Wren,” A shocked Flugret said.

Flugret was waiting when Wren opened the hatch. “Master I am afraid to approach you. There was an accident, I absorbed a half an hour of Trans-Warp energy. Though it has not affected me, I am afraid that it might destroy you and the others.”

Within a minute all the masters were standing before her. They were all scanning her then all their mouths were dropping open.

“Can these readings really be trusted,” the third master asked.

“I will see, nothing can fool the Kobieton scan,” The first master said. A strange, flat, round device appeared in his hand. As it activated, there was an odd warbling sound, then blue, green then red light came out of it bathing Wren in the lights.

The more the first master passed it over her, the larger his eyes got. “This is almost unbelievable. I have never in over ten centuries, seen any pass this many levels and survive. Brothers! According to this she has passed through ten levels.”

“What?! We must see proof of this!” Several of the lower masters said as they attacked in mass.

Wren wondered what the hell was going on as she saw several masters move toward her. That’s when the weird thing happened, all of them seemed to be moving slow. Shrugging Wren walked to each on punching them in the chest. She was shocked when they not only didn’t stop her, they were propelled back. Then, just as suddenly everything was moving at regular speed.

Flugret and the first master only shook their heads as fifteen of the masters hit the wall none too gently.

All of them had a look of complete shock on their faces. Wren of course was looking at her hands.

Those that hit the wall were preparing to attack again when the first master held up a hand.

“Litte Wren, please describe to me what you saw and did,” the first master said.

“Yes master, I saw them start toward me, suddenly they were barely moving at all. I walked to each, knowing that they were attacking me. I hit each in the chest moving to the next. After the last, I stood still then time moved normal again,” Wren explained.

The first master nodded, “You have achieved the master fleetness.”

The first master was about to say more when, a soft ball of energy floated from the hall. It ignored all, floating to right in front of Wren. For a moment Wren only looked at it, then started to nod. “I am not sure if I can, but I will try since you asked so nicely.”

The energy ball backed up; all the master’s mouths were hanging open. They stared even more when, Wren, started to glow an aquamarine blue. There was a moment when nothing happened, then the ball started to elongate. They could see that Wren was starting to sweat a little though she kept going.

“Almost there,” Wren said through clenched teeth. All the masters were holding their breath as the ball, now was appearing to be a person.

A slight scream came from the person that was becoming clearer and clearer. Wren was gritting her teeth as the glow from here grew brighter.

Wren grunted one last time pushing power to the now female appearing shape. The glow around the female and Wren finally started to fade. The female at up looking at Wren with startled eyes.

Wren nodded to her then dropped to the floor, “I think I did too m...,” Wren said as she started to topple to the floor. The female was across the room in a flash lowering Wren to the floor.

“We need to get her to a bed, if we lose her, we lose for good,” The female demanded making all the males in the room moving far faster than they had been.

It was a few hours later that Wren awoke with the largest headache she’d ever had. A soft hand bathed her head, “thank you Mama,” Wren said, then shot up in the bed, a mistake her head felt as if it was being splint in two. “Mama? Is that you?”

“I am sorry little Wren; I am a poor excuse for the brave female that born you. I am Rena, the mate of the First master,” Rena said. Wren, started to nod her head then fell back as the pain started to shoot through her head again. “You might want to refrain from doing that for a bit.”

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