Space Born - a New Realm - Cover


Space Born - a New Realm

by Ernest Bywater

Copyright© 2022 by Ernest Bywater

Science Fiction Story: Space is huge and governments control as much of the space around and between their systems as they can, but there are still a very small parts of space not claimed by any government. Very few people are born on the ships travelling between the stars, and even fewer are born in the unclaimed areas of space, but that one thousandth of one percent who are so born are called Space Born and have some very odd citizenship rights and duties.

Tags: Politics   War   Science Fiction   Space  

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Cover Art

The background image is NGC 1999 by NASA & STScI, and in the public domain - NASA MP Photo Guidelines, 12.05.08. The cropping, size adjustment, and text are by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover images are reserved by the copyright owners.

29 April 2022 version

Note: Due to the author being an Australian and the characters having no declared nationality affected by a specific version of English this story is written in UK English to make life easier for me.

The source of this story is Finestories

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