Identified Ufo's

by Wendell Jackson

Copyright© 2021 by Wendell Jackson

True Story: True event of sightings over the years and some of the out comes.

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My first sighting of a UFO was in Portland Oregon, around 1953. A red glowing object in the sky passed over the city one night, going rather slow. It came from the south and headed North. I was coming back from the store, and watched it go over. Now back then, planes could be heard, as most were prop driven. There wasn’t a sound from this red glowing object, which looked to be the size of a quarter from where I was standing.

It happened again, though I forget if it was the next night or later. The news papers were full of the event, and verified my report to the family of what I saw. So that was my first sighting of a UFO. It wasn’t until twenty or more years later, that I read a U2 pilots’ story in readers digest that I found out the truth about it. Seems that for fun to escape the boredom of flying that spy plane, he would turn on the arc lights and the read all the reports in the newspapers. So that one was explained.

The second experience was while I was serving aboard an air craft carrier. My ship was headed for the Tonkin Gulf, when in the middle of the night, general quarters was announced and the ship began making extreme turns back and forth. Then after awhile we were secured from General Quarters and went back to our bunks. Nothing was ever said officially about the event, but as sailors we got the scuttlebutt of what took place. Somehow a UFO was spotted high in the sky, following the ship. When we went to general quarters and began the maneuvering, the UFO matched the ships moves. Every Plane was launched that night, and I was told they formed an umbrella over the ship. Nothing we had on board could fly as high as the UFO was. This was told to us by other sailors, nothing was officially explained. Our course changes that night was recorded and laid out in the ship’s newspaper. It was printing out our daily progress on our journey across the Pacific.

Years later, I read where some satellites could be maneuvered in orbit. The article didn’t explain why, nor claim to have been what was flying in the sky over the ship that night. It was how ever an explanation of the UFO that had shadowed us.

How ever my last sighting of a UFO, was right over my house. I was inside, doing what, I don’t remember. My wife and kids were outside, when she came to the door and asked me to come out and look at something in the sky. Stepping out side and looking in the direction she indicated, and there was a huge round ball, less than a hundred feet above us. It had a diameter of about forty feet, and was slowly moving from north to south.

It was a dull grey metallic object, with what looked like panels spaced around its side. I didn’t see portholes or anything like that, but I knew it was something other than a balloon. It continued moving from North to South, which the wind never blew that direction. In the Canyon where I live, the wind can blow from the east, or come from the west. Even from the south west, but never has it ever blown from the North.

As the object passed over my neighbor’s house, I could see a fuzzy bit of air surrounding it. It never picked up speed, and continued to move slow. I studied it, trying to take in every detail. If I looked to the side, away from it. I couldn’t see it. So, I looked back, straight at it, and it was visible. I glanced to the side several times and then back again. The result was the same. If I wasn’t looking straight at it, it was invisible to my eyes. Each time it got harder to spot again as it moved further away. Finally, I couldn’t locate it again, and I was left with a very eerie feeling about the whole thing. I wondered what kind of being was piloting the craft, and why it had passed over my house. I wonder how often an object like that passes over head, and no one notices.

My wife and kids asked me, what was that thing? Thinking that I didn’t want my family branded as nut cases when they told their friends and school mates about it, I just said it was a big balloon. At that time all sightings were put down by the government and the media. I wasn’t about to let my family be ridiculed by a bunch of Dissenters.

I swear to the best of my knowledge that all the above is true.

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