Papa and the Wrecked Angles

by Greg Vanno

Copyright© 2021 by Greg Vanno

Kids Story: Johnny does real good in school cause his Papa helps him. Papa knows everything there is to know. Even matmaticle stuff.

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HOMEWORK Septmber Spetember 17 pg 1

by Johnny S#### Grade 3 Mrs. N#### Mt. O### Elem#### Sch#### pg1

Papa knows everything there is to know.

Yeh, that’s why I do so good in school.

Even matmaticle math stuff.

Of course he knows histry, he was there helping it along. Just aks him.

Course, nobody knows how much histry he knew. Cept him cause his name never got wrote down when Lady Luck wrote histry, unfair as it is, sez he.

That his line, “sez he”. Or, in the case of Mrs. Nowt, my teacher, “sez her”.

And Science!!! Mrs. Nowt teaches science, too. But science is easy. Papa says science is easy – it’s real and right there in front of you, nothing made up: either it works or it don’t. Cept when it blows up.


But math that’s where he shines. And I don’t.

I get numbers but this year math is about lines. I been drawing lines since I could get hold of a crayon. Or a Pencil. Or a Sharpie. Sharpies are the best.

And everbody knows circles. Some is good and round and some aint. Papa says the flat ones just need more air inside them. I was gonna fix that but didja ever try to blow air thru a pencil? Then Papa tells me the air hadda be there when you first drawed it, that’s when the air got out.

And triangles? Yep. Three sides. Triangle. And Mrs. Nowt is so particular all the corners is closed. I bet she’s afraid the air will leak out and the triangle will go flat.

And squares. Did you know a square is two triangles back to back? Ha, Papa showed me: draw a line across the square from any corner to the other corner. Get it? Maybe you got to step back some. But there it is! Two triangles, both the same.

But I come home today full of trouble cause Mrs. Nowt wants us to draw wreckt angles and even Papa scratched his head at that.

Then he sez, “Oh, I knows all about wrecked angles – you got to watch your spelling, kid” sez he. He held his wrists together clapping and flapping and showed how to make an angle with his hands.

But that’s only good for talking about wreckt angles. We hadda draw them for homework.

Turns out wrecking the angle is real simple. You can squash em or leave out a line so’s nobody knows how big the angle is.

Him and me got to laughing when we pretended to wreck angles.

Look sez I

Sez I??? Now he’s got me doing it.

Anyways start with this angle n push the lines together! Til they overlap. And theys only the one line left.

Cept they aint!!! It’s one line on top the other. It just looks like one line. I wreckt it! But nobody can see it!!!

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