The End of the World - Cover

The End of the World

by Oleg Roschin

Copyright© 2018 by Oleg Roschin

Science Fiction Story: A young girl living on the planet Proxima Centauri b posts a short story online that touches upon controversial history and provokes a heated discussion.

Tags: Spiritual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalyptic   Aliens   Futuristic  

Short Story by: psychocatlovr51

Genre: Science Fiction

Submitted: May 21, 2666

This was the end.

A huge shadow hovered over the entire planet, black like the heart of a child murderer, distorted like the scream of a demon. It was as if Big Mama’s wrath had fallen upon an unfortunate abode of sinners. There was no escape. Sylvana knew that, but nothing could extinguish the burning hope in her heart.

“Quick!” Rhaymond cried out, clasping her gentle, delicate hand. His grip was masculine and reassuring. As always, it made Sylvana feel safe – even now, before the impending doom.

They leapt over a crevice and onto a larger rock towering over the desolate craggy coastline. From there, they could clearly see the outlines of a gigantic malevolent face, gazing upon them like an incarnated nightmare. They stood there, terror-stricken, awaiting their imminent death, saying goodbye to everything they had loved, prepared to be smitten by the horrifying hands of the enormous alien creature.

“Sylvana...” Rhaymond said, turning to her and gently placing his strong hands on her shoulders. “I’m so sorry...”

“Don’t be,” she spoke softly, caressing his handsome face. “We’ve done what we could. We’ve warned everyone. We’ve fulfilled our duty in the eyes of Big Mama. She shall welcome us in Her heavenly kingdom. And most importantly, we’ll stay together...”

“But this...” Rhaymond desperately pointed at the once proud City down in the valley, now lying in ruins, heavy smoke concealing its desecrated splendor. “They haven’t deserved that! There were little babies...”

“The Nsheos had babies as well,” she whispered, tears welling in her beautiful eyes.

Rhaymond was silent. He thought of the horrible destruction wrought by those who had claimed this planet as their own over five hundred years ago. He thought of the well-planned, flawlessly executed total extermination that had befallen the local inhabitants. And he knew that, for the sake of Big Mama and all of Her creation, for the sake of the entire cosmos, there had to be retribution and justice.

They embraced one final time, before the menacing beast raised its colossal foot and stamped on the ground, squashing the rocky surface and extinguishing the lives of the young lovers.


Mike D: This was a pretty good story. I like the atmosphere, and there are almost no grammatical errors (I think?) Good read, thanks for the invite.

Author Reply: Thank you very much for your kind comment, Mike! Your feedback means a lot to me.

BeautyDarlingPrincess: OMG, that was like AWESOME! Ur so talented girl, keep on writing. Kisses xxx xxx xxx

Author Reply: Thank you so much, Nancy! And don’t be sad, Dennis wasn’t worth it, plenty of other fish in the sea :-))

Zhao Xiaorang: So that’s what we’ve come to. Sucking up to dead Nsheos. You bitch, sucking up to their filthy Big Mama makes you feel good, right, you traitor? You should’ve rotten with those accursed sorcerers, you alien-loving whore. You’re not worthy of your race. We don’t want such scum on this website!

Author Reply: I’m speechless ... What have I done to deserve such hatred?

BeautyDarlingPrincess: Don’t pay attention sweetheart, he’s just a troll.

Author Reply: :-((

Obtuse_Serendipity: Undeniably, your talent is evident, albeit fragmentary. Your propensity to mythological hyperbole divulges your inclination towards expressionist decadence. As Forsythe R. Gainsborough put it, “The bacchanal of carnal lust is but the mirror of a decaying psyche”. Be well.

Author Reply: Thank you...

jcqwzxgrf: Hi can u pls read my new story, its called “Vampiric Super Bikini Fighter Girl Ayatollah”, i really need feedback, thx a lot

Author Reply: Sure, I’ll get to it as soon as I’m done replying to the comments!

Yaniv Horshan: Psychocatlovr, I understand and respect your point of view, but I have to say that it is very biased in favor of Nsheos. Virtually all modern historians agree that there was no “genocide” to speak of. It is true that some Nsheos were wrongly accused of sorcery, but one cannot deny that in many cases their telepathic abilities were used to harm humans. As in most wars, atrocities were perpetrated on both sides. Please take that into consideration before you decide to falsify history. Greetings, Yaniv.

Author Reply: Hi Yaniv, I’m grateful for your insightful comment. However, I must ask you a simple question. You mention modern historians, and I ask you – whose historians? All our historians are human because there are no more Nsheos on the planet. Do you know why? Because we’ve killed them all. There is just no way around it, Yaniv. We have to confess to what we’ve done before it’s too late. Sometimes I wonder, what has happened to us? The first humans on Toliman were heroes. People like Jack and Harmony Lewis, Virginia Addams, Eli Horshan – I’m guessing you are his descendant, you must be so proud of him. And I’m sure he would’ve been horrified by what happened in those five hundred years if he were alive today. He was a friend of Nsheos and himself a master of telepathy. How come everyone keeps forgetting that?

smellydude: Rhaymond and Sylvana? This is so gay lol.

Goth_Despair~12^78: What’s with the Big Mama thing, are you promoting a cult? Such things shouldn’t even be allowed on this website. Religious propaganda should be banned from everywhere, I’m sick and tired of people like you who want to take away our liberty and force us to worship some non-existing entities worshipped in backwards societies.

Author Reply: There is no religious propaganda. I’m not forcing anyone to believe in Big Mama ... I believe in Her because the holy books of Nsheos that describe Her are filled with kindness I haven’t seen among my fellow humans. They teach that Big Mama loves us and will save us if we love each other. Sorry if I sound harsh, but what do you have to offer that is better than that?

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